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Question?: Autistic Kids

Donna asksā€¦

I have an interview to work with autistic kids, I totally dont know what2 expect, any ideas?

The interview is for 3 hours!! I don’t like not knowing what will happen in the interview. I would also appreciate any info on how to act around autistic kids, i have researched on the net but would appreciate first hand advice.
Thanks in advance! šŸ™‚

admin answers:

I’ve done a similar interview and was given the job. I was a behavioural therapist for autistic children.

Ok so this is what happened to me.
My interview took the best part of a day. (actually it was a 2 part interview, with people who passed the first part called back for the second)

The preliminaries were covered.

They’ll ask you about your educational qualifications, previous work experience, why applied for the position. That was the easy bit.

Then in the afternoon, it was much harder. More practical based. We had to do play skills in front of the other applicants. For example we were given a simple toy (like a ball or spinning top), and told to make it appealing to the child. With the parents permission, autistic students at the school assisted in the application process so don’t be surprised if you are asked to do some real life one-on-one therapy in front others.

Goodluck xxxxxxxx

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Question?: Autistic Angry Outbursts

David asksā€¦

what should i do about my autistic boyfriend..?

Well, before you try and tell me I’m limiting myself don’t even bother I don’t care what you say to me i’m not leaving him! If your going to be mean then get off this question because if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

I’m 15, turning 16 soon and my boyfriend is 17. He has a job, and I love him. He’s good looking, hes the whole package but he does have a few problems due to mild autism i guess? you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s slightly autistic by looking at him, but mentally there are a few flaws i wanted to talk about today…

if he says something or breaks something or does something i’m not happy with i might get a bit angry and/or annoyed like any other girlfriend would right? but he gets all scared and he crawls in a corner and won’t come near me unless i offer a cuddle or a kiss.. or if i just stand there he grabbed my leg and cuddles my leg… at first i thought this was adorable but now it’s starting to worry me slightly… i know i don’t get or look to angry so why does he get so scared? i’ve tried talking to him but it doesn’t help…

i mean, there are so many things i love about him, but there are also a few problems like this which are unusual…

any advice..?

heather? – don’t try and make it sound like i’m bothered. i’m “WORRIED”
kimmi, your missing the point that i am worried there is a deeper problem somewhere… for god sake i’m only 16 stop making me feel so guilty i’ve been there for him

admin answers:

Amy Rose, can I commend you, as another poster has also done so, in that you have been mature enough at this age to see past what some might see as an obstacle.

It seems like you have genuine feelings for this guy, you love him, and more importantly, you are smart enough to recognise an issue that needs attention, and you want to figure out how to work at it.

People with autism have problems with social interactions, and have difficulties controlling/reading emotions in the natural way that say you or I do. What that means, is that even the slightest bit of anger, may seem very scary to your boyfriend. He cannot pick up that you’re not being very angry, he just knows that something bad happened.

There could be an underlying issue from his past that could be causing him to behave in this way and maybe that is something that you could talk to him about.

I think the best advice I can give you, is to be completely 100 per cent direct with your boyfriend. If you are annoyed about something he does, stop and think if it is within his control or not. If it is something that you genuinely think he can prevent himself from doing, then it is worth discussing. But sometimes these outbursts can be a cause of lack of control in difficult situations so you do need to be very tactful. Speak to him directly about your concerns, what it is that annoys you, but just do your best to try not to be too negative, as that may affect his self esteem.

Good luck I really hope you work things out.

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Question?: Autistic Kids

David asksā€¦

Is it possible to become a special education teacher and work only with autistic kids?

I would like to become a special ed teacher. But the thing is that i really want to work specifically with autistic kids. Is it possible to get a degree or a job like this?

admin answers:

It is possible to work with only children who have autism. You’ll want to try and work at a hospital or a center where they only work with those children who have autism. As for a college education what I recommend is that you get your bachelors of education in special education and then get your masters degree in special education with a focus in Autism. There are a lot of organizations that are specifically geared to helping children and adults who have autism. If you do some research into these types of companies you will be able to find a job working for one of them.


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Question?: Rett Syndrome

James asksā€¦

Im doing a paper on Rett Syndrome and would like to ask some questions.?

1.) How does the problem with the DNA affect the function of the cell?
2.) How is protein synthesis affected?
3.) What symptoms do the victims of the disorder experience?

I am looking to interview someone that knows someone with Rett Syndrome.

Thank you.

admin answers:

1) The MeCP2 gene essentially “shuts off” the cell, after it has done it’s job. With RS, the mutation doesn’t allow this to happen.

2) I started to type this out, but it’s much more informative here:


This will explain it in great detail.

3) Girls with Rett Syndrome often present with repetitive hand movements, which is often called the “hallmark” of RS. My daughter repeatedly “knocks” on one hand with the other.

Most develop normally for the first 6-18 months of life, then begin regressing. Many of them have seizures, and are unable to walk (though, some can). They lose the ability to purposely use their hands, and require care in all areas of life.

I’m going to link my daughter’s video. It gives information about RS. At the end, is our email address. If you still need to interview someone, feel free to send an email.

They changed the music on her video šŸ™ However, it’s still useful.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Symptoms

Laura asksā€¦

I was currently diagnosed with aspergers syndrome.What could i do to minimize it?

Im 19 years old and need a job but with my condition its impossible.I live near hillside,Illinois and want to know where could i find a job to work where they could accept me with aspergers syndrome.

admin answers:

Are you on medication for it? That could help minimise the symtoms, have a look on the internet, there is thousands of sites with information on this syndrome, it would be better for you to research it yourself because you know your signs and symptoms better than anyone.
Good Luck

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Question?: Autism Signs In Adults

Linda asksā€¦

Do you think autistic adults can get jobs involving social skills?

I was thinking of completing an autism behavioural program so that I can teach kids with autism. Or do a blind/deaf intervention or sign language course as I would like to help others. But I have aspergers myself so I doubt I would get hired to do this, or anything social. What do you think?

admin answers:

You might get hired and do OK for awhile, but my guess is the stress of a job with social skills would be very high. Best to work toward success where your long term success is more likely.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Treatment

Paul asksā€¦

Should I tell my employer they can get a tax break because I have a disability?

I work at a small plant that produces food products. I have been there for 4 years. I also have Asperger Syndrome but haven’t disclosed this to my employer.

I am encountering some problems on the job and am worried about getting fired.

Would it be prudent for me to tell them, “If I disclose my disability to you, you might get a tax break.” Or would that be stupid?

What do you advise?

admin answers:

Address those problems!!! If they are related to the Asperger’s, see Human Relations first, and mention tax breaks incidentally, later, (if at all) before leaving.

Asperger’s syndrome is addressed in section 21, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris and has some tips, info, and weblinks which, as an Aspie, may help, but I advise you to seek out a treatment program for it.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Adults

Mark asksā€¦

Can autistic children lead normal lives as adults?

My 3 y/o cousin was recently diagnosed with autism. He is high functioning, but not enough to be considered Asperger’s. He’s already getting treatment. How likely is it that he will be able to live a normal life as an adult? Like have a job and a family, and his behaviors and delays won’t be as much of a problem?
Lida – Even I know that’s not true. People with autism are PEOPLE, not monsters.

admin answers:

That’s hard to say because it really does depend on how high he is up on the spectrum, but one thing is for sure, it gets better as you get older. I have Asperger’s and now that I’m older no one would ever guess I have it, while when I was a kid I would be freaking out over my shoes not being put on correctly, crying in class, and had almost no friends. But I learned to cope with changes and emotions better and I’m WAY better at talking with people. Everyone is different though, his life may never be totally normal, but that’s not a bad thing, he can still have a fun and interesting life, best thing to do is help him with talking to people and making friends.

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Question?: Autistic Symptoms

Maria asksā€¦

Anyone heard of the PALS Program for autistic children?

My son who is autistic will be evaluated and referred for preschool (somewhere.) Anyone heard of the PALS program, or any other preschool program? I am dead set on my son NOT attending a program where there is strictly just autistic children.

admin answers:

There is a program in the UK (from what I read) that is a social skills program for preschool students. This type of program might benefit your son since it helps with some of the skills he might have difficulty with with his autism diagnosis.

If this is in Baltimore City (Maryland) that is a whole different program — which I would not recommend from just any school.

What you decide to do depends on the level of autistic symptoms you son has. Many public schools do a great job – some have very serious problems and the classroom becomes a babysitting room that is not adventageous to the child.

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