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Question?: Schizophrenia Definition

George asks…

Can someone explain Schizophrenia to me, in depth?

Can someone explain Schizophrenia to me, in depth?
i know the basic definition of Schizophrenia, but i would like to know what really goes on in the heads of people who have this illness. Anyway i really want to understand what is the thought process. Do nightmares occur, and how bad can they get? Thank you for time.

admin answers:

There are a number of different types of schizophrenia. About one third of schizophrenics have paranoid schizophrenia, like me. In this type, the intellectual functioning and affect (whether your face looks animated or not) are not really affected. Short term memory is apparently something which is commonly affected by schizophrenia, but I never found that this was the case.

I had busy thoughts. My delusions came to me as if they were repressed memories, and I thought that the voices were memories of conversations past as well. However, it was all false. I didn’t realise it at the time though. I believed in it all.

I was very concerned with what words meant exactly (including the derivation as found in the dictionary). I would draw connections between various ideas in quite an imaginative fashion, to put it politely. I think that this is what they call “concrete thinking.” It means that you can’t interpret a proverb properly, because you can’t handle abstract thinking. You interpret everything literally.

My delusions and voices were relatively benign. I didn’t really get scared from most of them. I didn’t experience nightmares.

It would be different for everybody though. A lot of people wouldn’t have enough insight into their illness to be able to look back and see what their symptoms had been.

Some people suffer from what they call negative symptoms as well. These are ones that stop you living life so well, such as apathy and avolition. I only experienced these after I was on medication. I’ve switched to a medication that doesn’t have these side effects.

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Question?: Schizophrenia

James asks…

What is the difference between schizophrenia and severe depression with psychotic features?

It appears to me that the two diagnoses are very similar..could it be that severe depression with psychotic episodes is a more conservative diagnisis than schizophrenia? Maybe the first step of diagnosis for schizophrenia? Insight please, and try to explain your answers as in depth as possible.

admin answers:

Depression is not part of the diagnositic criteria for schizophrenia, although many schizophrenics do have depression. You might find this description helpfull:


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Question?: Pdd-nos

Sandy asks…

Should my oldest child with Aspergers or baby have their own room?

My seven year old son has Aspergers and my five year old son has PDD-NOS. They have been sharing a room for the past few years but my oldest has started to ask for his own room. The problem is, I have a one year old daughter and we live in a three bedroom house. I don’t know if I should give the boys their own room and put her in our bedroom. If anyone has any insight or suggestions I would really appreciate it!

admin answers:

Nobody knows your kids like you. Nobody knows the specific issues your Aspergers and PDD-NOS kids have like you do. Nobody knows how often your 1 yr old climbs in with you anyway or how well she does in your room. So nobody here can come close to saying what *you* should do.

That said… We have a *tiny* three bedroom house with four kids (13, 6, 4.5, and 3yrs) and are expecting our fifth. My oldest has Aspergers and we suspect the 3 yr old may as well. So far the 6 yr old is the only girl.

One bedroom is so small we just used it as a ‘computer room’ for years and put all the kids in the biggest bedroom… But the youngest actually slept with us. But with the oldest being so much older we finally moved him into that room alone last year. Now the others still have the big room and the new baby will be sharing with us.

With your boys being so close in age… I personally like the idea of giving them the big room and ‘splitting’ it for them. However… I don’t have a clue what sort of Aspie issues you are having between the two of them. That would be the deciding factor to me. If they really *need* their space and the little girl likes sharing your room… That would simply make more sense for you. But if they are only asking for their own room and not really showing signs of *needing* it… I think I’d leave them.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Test

Ken asks…

I did a schizophrenia test and my score came back as 30 and it said contact a doctor immediately if +15.?

But im only 14. I think there might be something wrong with the test. Should I trust it.

admin answers:

Generally you shouldn’t trust online tests of anything.

Schizophrenia doesn’t usually set in that young unless you have a small deletion or duplication in DNA in one of a few select genes that code for regulation of things like neuronal migration. Those are extremely rare, and you’d usually have a family history of crazy/depressed people. Really, the main hallmark of the disease is hearing voices. People with schizophrenia usually don’t have insight into their problem and never seek help; ironically, that could mean that just having the wherewithal to take an online test for schizophrenia makes it more likely that you don’t have it.

You may have something else though, if your cognition has changed, and it wouldn’t hurt to see your doctor.

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Question?: Adhd Symptoms

Thomas asks…

Question for parents that have a child with ADHD or ADD?

My 5yo son has ADHD, he has been taking concerta since August. Parents what steps have you taken to reduce the ADHD symptoms? Id like insight on what other parents are doing. I’m changing his diet and we are going to get out of the house more. What are you doing? I pray this disorder would disappear!
The concerta works fine. I don’t want him on meds forever. I wanted some insight on what other parents are doing. I could always use new ideas.

admin answers:

Who diagnosed him? Is the concerta working?
There are a lot of factors that contribute to adhd type behaviors.

Edit – it depends on what behaviors you want to change. Structure, choosing your battles, consistency (mean what you say and say what you mean, think real hard before you threaten a consequence because you have to follow through and you can’t follow through with certain threats, let’s be honest.) also – don’t go over the top with consequences. Some parents can get so frustrated that they end up giving so many punishments or consequences that the whole point is lost on the child. Like taking away ALL privileges for a month…make the consequence follow the misbehavior as soon as possible. Remember too that a child with adhd can learn to have some measure of control over his behaviors. It just takes a little more time and patience than it would for another child. Good luck.
Oh, and the diet is important – i think anyway in my experience. NO red dye. A lot of people might think that’s a bunch of nonsense, but i’ve seen it – artificial dyes and preservatives do exacerbate adhd behaviors (as well as mood disorders).

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Susan asks…

What’s the difference between a character disorder and a personality disorder?

Twelve years ago the labeled me with Paranoid Schizophrenia, then several years later the mentioned the term Character Disorder. Now three years ago, they are 100 % sure I have the Asperger Syndrome Disorder. Is it common that they are so confused with putting a correct Asperger diagosis on somebody?

admin answers:

A character disordered person is differentiated from everyone else by their “baseline” behavior – meaning that they return to the deviant behavior over time. All of us have bad days – those are called “transient situational disturbances.” They’re normal in most of us. So if you see yourself or others on this checklist, don’t worry. Problems occur only when the preponderance of behavior is present and repetitive over time.

A person with a character disorder is unlikely to change. They’re not good candidates for therapy in that they lack insight and stop therapy once confronted. The condition is deeply rooted in the person and usually in spite of their best intentions; they tend to return in 3-6 months to their ‘baseline”, or core behavior.

Don’t confuse character disorders with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) These are mostly teenagers who act out, are contrary and reactive. The good news is that 90-95% of them outgrows ODD and become wonderful adults.

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Question?: Adhd Test

Helen asks…

Does anyone have a gifted child misdiagnosed with ADHD first?

My son was first diagnosed with ADHD, he passed the ADHD test with perfectly, now they’re saying he could possibly be gifted. Just wanting a little insight.

admin answers:

My daughter is gifted and it was suggested by one teacher to assess her need for medication. This teacher would not identify why exactly she thought that, and my dr had no concerns. In 2nd grade she was tested and has a fairly high iq of 135 and is in gifted class. Since she has been challenged she is much happier in school.

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Sharon asks…

My 15 month old son hits himself in the face when he is mad and frustrated.?

Is anyone else’s child expressing their selves like this? I’ve never see anything like it personally and its very disturbing. Hopefully its a phase.

admin answers:

Bring it up at the next pediatrician visit, but honestly, I wouldn’t be too terribly concerned. At that age when they can’t verbalize their frustration or they are tired some children will resort to little comfort techniques like that. My daughter used to pull a piece of her hair when she was tired or angry. She stopped by the time she was two. As long as he is interacting with you and other people, interested in toys, and isn’t showing any signs of autism I wouldn’t worry. Def. Bring it up to your doctor, but it’s probably just a phase. Your doctor may be able to offer some more insight or ways to distract him when he does it.

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Nancy asks…

How often should blood work be done on children taking ADHD medications?

I put my son on ADHD medications after years of refusing to. He has been taking htem for roughly 3 months and she has not done any blood work on him. From what I understand it shoudl have been before he started and again in a few months. Any insight would be great, he has been going to her for 8 years but I am debating changing dr’s.
He was presrcibed Vyvanse which is a new ADHD medication.

admin answers:

Depends on what type and/or what medication he is on that your son’s ped gave to him. At any rate, I would ask her why she hasn’t done any labs on him or yes, maybe a change in a doctor is warranted. Good Luck!

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Question?: Autistic Savant

Jenny asks…

Are autistic savants examples of the human brain working at a higher capacity?

Ok, when an autistic savant uses his or her amazing mental ability, is this a sneak preview of how the brain would be if we could use it at a higher capacity?

admin answers:

I believe that this is an insight to the possibilities of the mind and the brain when it is not overcrowded with other thoughts that 99% worry about on a day to day basis. Whene the brain is freed up to take in & absorb new information we often clutter it up like the M25 with other rubbish . When the brain is truly given the freedom to think at a much more deeper level I believe we have the ability to go beyond our own understanding. Savants don’t have the intrusions of daily living & relationships to get in the way of their ability and thoughts !

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