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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Donald asks…

Is there a link between Clomid and autism in kids?

Does Clomid effect the baby any? I am so worried. I am suppose to start today and don’t want to cause of me worrying. Please help me to know the answer.

admin answers:

This may come as a surprise, but recently, a large research study out of Scandinavia has shown that children born from fertility treatment actually have a LOWER incidence of autism than children conceived naturally. The reason is not clear.


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Closing the Door on the Autism Epidemic – Early Prediction and Successful Intervention Now Possible

Closing the Door on the Autism Epidemic

In order to rid this nation and the world of autism we must first know the cause for these neurological disorders. With the cause understood, we can predict which individuals will be at the highest risk for developing the symptoms of autism. This test covers the entire age range as individuals have been known to incur these risk factors at any age. The prediction of autism is now possible by completing a simple survey. This survey is based upon fifteen environmental and dietary markers for autism that have been shown to be accurate more than 95% of the time in a study involving more than a thousand individuals. It is believed this test, with early intervention for those found to be at high risk, will allow us to close the door on the autism epidemic thus stopping the development of more children with autism.

Early Prediction
The recently developed screening test has been shown to identify the greatest risk factors for developing autism and it is now being implemented on a limited basis. The symptoms of autism are simply an expression of the various nutritional deficiencies associated with picky eaters or those who fail to eat an adequate diet for good health. The expressions of autism are many and include any or several of the following: toe walking, rocking, tantrums, meltdowns, repetitive speech, lack of eye contact, tics, speech impairment or non-verbal, etc. that pose social problems plus many other symptoms. Some individuals express amazing abilities in math, art, or music but the cause for these talents are not well understood.

The incidence of autism in the U.S. is about 1% of the population or 1 in 88 children and is reported to be increasing at the rate of 10-17% per year. This survey is appropriate in all cases to predict the risk of developing autism. The survey will identify if the individual is in a high risk category even though symptoms are not yet present.

Successful Intervention
Once the survey is completed and the level of risk has been identified, the type and extent of early intervention will depend upon the analysis of the survey results. The appropriate intervention will totally eliminate the risks identified in most cases and at a fraction of the cost associated with searching for a medical solution. The primary treatments generally employed by the medical professions for autism, are for the treatment of medical problems. Autism is not a medical problem but having autism can lead to numerous medical problems.

Dr. Rongey is a Food Scientist & Nutritionist. His niche is in identifying the cause of chronic disorders. The cause of chronic disorders has been researched for the past sixteen years and autism for almost five years. Several books concerning the cause of chronic disorders are available in ebook or paperback format. His recently developed screening test is being implemented on a limited basis so that the success of the various interventions can be more accurately confirmed. For more information on this research or the availability of the books on autism or healthy living, you can contact him as follows:
Harold Rongey, Ph.D. email: hrongey@gmail.com Phone: 858-740-7272 or his web site at http://www.whostolemyfood.com/

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How to Determine Autism

When the problem comes in the form of difficulty in communication and interaction with others although the child who develops autism develops this even till their adulthood more emphasis is given to boys because they are likely to have autism than girls.

Autism is an ubiquitous disorder. The rate of incidence of autism is increasing 10-17% per year in the U.S. The classical type of autism are: classic autism, asperger syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome. The causes of autism are given to the genetic origin, although social factors and surrounding environment appears to play a major role in developing autistic behavior in children.

Some symptoms of autism in child may include the following: like to stay/play alone, frequent behavioral out bursts, does not like to have eye-to-eye contact self-inflicting tendency, exaggerated movements, may seem unresponsiveness to others. The way an autistic child behaves depends on his surroundings as well. A precise diagnose of autism is hard to give. Early signs of autism may include decrease in activity level, abnormal pattern of speech, sleeplessness.


The child with autism may show little intellectual level than children of his age. The signs of autism are the following: withdrawn difficulty in social interaction, exaggerated behavior and movements, flat facial expression, voice and language disability, self-inflicting tendency, aggressive behavior, sleeplessness. No drugs are available to treat autism. Autism and asperger syndrome are similar as language and behavior skills. People with asperger syndrome have a normal intellectual level and may also exhibit exceptional skills as well. They do not have learning disabilities, but they have difficulty in social interaction, perceiving facial expressions.

Even children with autism present disabilities in their behavior they are treated like everybody.

More informations about autism causes or about child autism can be found by visiting http://www.autism-info-center.com/
More informations about autism causes or about child autism can be found by visiting http://www.autism-info-center.com/
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A Marketplace for Those with Special Needs

How great would it be if you could develop a garage sale where not only could you sell all your no longer needed special needs equipment, but also find new and used equipment for your child at a greatly reduced price? Bid4AllNeeds.com has come to the rescue. Bid4AllNeeds.com is a brand new auction site providing an online auctioning experience specifically targeted to the special needs community.  Whatever you might be looking for, whether it be communication aids, verbal skills tools, sensory integration aids, or mobility devices, Bid4AllNeeds.com is committed to developing a marketplace where the special needs community can meet, buy and sell online.

By introducing a marketplace for those with special needs, Bid4AllNeeds.com has been informed by the increase of the numbers of people, especially children, being diagnosed with special needs, especially incidences of autism spectrum disorder.  All over the world, the incidence of autism and it’s possibly related developmental disabilities including Asperger’s Syndrome and ADD/ADHD are rising dramatically. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the frequency of autism had gone up to one in every one hundred children, and every one in ninety-four boys. In the UK one in every six children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder, with one in every 166 children are challenged with autism.

For families of children with special needs, the cost of providing the care and educational opportunities of such a child can be staggering, both economically and emotionally. The Autism Society has estimated that the cost of taking care of a child dealing with autism can run from $3.5 to $5 million over a lifetime, and the cost to the overall economy, for education, medical needs, employment and therapeutic needs is estimated to be over $90 billion in the U.S.  In the UK, raising a child with autism is expected to cost £1.2 million over a lifetime.

Not only has Bid4AllNeeds.com created a marketplace for those with special needs where good deals may be found, but those who are buying and selling special needs tools, aids, toys and education materials also benefit. Auctioning no-longer-needed items is good for the economy and the environment. Along with the economic benefit to families and businesses using the website, Bid4AllNeeds has committed to donate a percentage of all profits to a chosen charity each month.  So in addition to giving a special targeted community an opportunity to save money and earn cash by buying and selling on the auction site, this company is also contributing to the community as well.


I’m a full time care worker for Autistic people and work for a company called Spectrum, who in my opinion has the best approach to looking after people with an ASD.
I also have a step son Joshua Who was diagnosed with Autism & ADHD when he was 3, he is now 8 and a lovely boy and generally very happy although this is not always the case!
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Meaning Autism – What Are the True Causes of Autism?

Meaning Autism

The causes of autism are not yet known with certainty. Recent inspection leads to a link between genetic susceptibility and environmental agents. Indeed, there is evidence that no one factor means autism and the current perhaps there remains a synergy amid various agents. Meaning Autism

This view is based upon the duration of symptoms and severity among those who are diagnosed as autistic. There has been an apparent rise in the occurrence of autism since about 1980, but the root cause has not been found. There is speculation that better diagnostic techniques have uncovered cases that would otherwise have gone unrecognized. Research indicates tentatively that 90% of the autism cases have a genetic link. A specific gene of interest is the Engrailed 2 (EN2) gene, which may account for 40% of autism cases. It is significant in normal neural development.

If the gene’s expression is disrupted in some way, it is believed that EN2 could impact significantly on normal brain development. However, autism may be causes by the interaction and malfunction of more than one gene. The research is on-going. Additionally, in a study conducted in 2007, three common factors were found to be of interest: older maternal age, older paternal age, and birthplace of the mother outside Europe or North America. The higher parental age may suggest an issue with genetic material integrity. Meaning Autism

Alternatively, some rare cases of autism appear to be related to environmental factors. In the past several years, there has been a great deal of controversy over the incidence of autism with relation to childhood immunizations. To-date, there is no strong statistical correlation to support this proposal.

The prenatal environment has come into focus as a possible origin, especially events taking place within the first eight weeks of gestation of the fetus. Although most infectious diseases appear not to be significant contributors to autism, the rubella virus may be a suspect. Exposure to pesticides may have some effect, but the research is inconclusive. Maternal folic acid levels may have some bearing, as folic acid is directly involved in neural tube development in the fetus and has a direct effect on gene expression. Meaning Autism

Perhaps the most promising research finding recently has been the association of maternal infection early in pregnancy with the child’s later autism. The cause of autism is most likely over determined, meaning that more than one factor is involved. Given the range of symptoms and severity of autism, this could well be so. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Meaning Autism program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Meaning Autism is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Regressive Autism – The Signs of Autism Spectrun Disorders Must Be Spotted in Time

Regressive Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders are neurological conditions too effect the mental, physical development and the behaviors, communication skills and social interactions of purchasers who have based on the a disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorders span based on milder forms of neurological disturbances to serious conditions, these as autism. Lots of children are diagnosed amid forms of Autism Spectrum Disorders at birth, while others reveal the symptoms of such disorders in the first decades of life. Regressive Autism

The incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders with children is so great, that it exceeds other conditions like diabetes, meningitis and Down syndrome. Due to the large numbers of children that develop forms of Autism Spectrum Disorders, it is very important to quickly spot the signs of such conditions. Children with neurological disorders need special attention and sometimes they require permanent monitoring, as in the case of children with severe autism. Also, speed is vital, as children with Autism Spectrum Disorders need specific medical treatment in order to minimize undesirable effects. A disturbing fact is the lack of attention paid to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Poor information and lack of experience determine most parents, caretakers, teachers, physicians and even pediatricians to ignore the first symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders. They sometimes believe that children with such disorders only experience difficulties in growth and therefore fail to correctly diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders at early ages. Despite the fact that prompt intervention greatly minimizes the symptoms and the malign effects of Autism Spectrum Disorders, increasing the child’s chances to grow normally, more than 50% of children aren’t properly diagnosed with a neurological disorder until they reach ages of three to five years. Regressive Autism

Children diagnosed with a form of Autism Spectrum Disorders have poor social interaction skills, deficits in verbal and non-verbal communication and stereotype, routine oriented behaviors. Furthermore, children with such disorders experience difficulties in the way they perceive external stimuli. According to the gravity of the disorder, the child will tend to be more or less affected by certain symptoms. People that suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders have several common traits.

However, each individual experiences the disorder in a different way and it is a mistake to try to generalize the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders to all patients. Children with forms of Autism spectrum Disorders develop differently from normal children. Sometimes, the first signs of neurological disorders are revealed right after birth. In other cases, behavioral abnormalities are revealed later, at different stages in childhood. Sometimes, autistic children seem to grow normally and have good communication and social interaction skills until they reach a certain age.

Then, they suddenly begin to show the signs of the disorder, as their behaviors tend to change and their skills considerably deteriorate. This disorder is called regressive autism and it is considered to be a very serious form of Autism Spectrum Disorders, determining dramatic changes at behavioral levels. Although the actual causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders haven’t yet been clarified, many severe, malign effects of neurological disorders can be kept under control and if they are discovered in time. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Regressive Autism program now!

Regressive Autism is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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