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Question?: Autistic Symptoms

Paul asks…

What are the dos and dont’s to do with autistic children?

Where could I find the dos and dont’s to do with autistic children? Where in the internet? Which books?

admin answers:

Well, being an autistic person, I should know. It honestly depends on the type of autism they have. Are they severely Autistic, high-functioning, asperger’s? You need to first do a little bit of research on a child’s particular condition, as well as their history at home. Every autistic is different.

There are a few symptoms that are almost across the board though. One of them is social dysfunction. Interacting with other children is not as easy as is it for “normal’ kids. You must be mindful of this, and not scold them or force them into doing social interaction. Another thing is sensory overload. For example, high-pitched sounds like certain people’s voices send me batty. Strong smells like perfume are also not appreciated by autistics. These are things that the parents should tell you about so you don’t use them in class. One more; autistics will wig out eventually, no matter what. Let them. Don’t be upset or scream at them because it will make things worse. Most also don’t like to be touched (again, sensory). For times like these, prepare a plan. Explain to other classmates that this is normal for him/her and you should be patient and respect them. Also, set up a “haven” for them. This could be anything from a special chair, teddy bear, or even a tent. Anything that will let them get away for a moment and calm down is a good thing.

The most important things are education and patience. No book or movie will help you anticipate the do’s and don’ts- it’s all trial and error. I’ll give you this site, which is a community of autistics and parents/spouses/friends of autistics who can answer any of your questions.

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Some Important Facts Of Autism

The interaction and community skills of the person is affected life long by this disease. Comparing with other children the children with autism behave differently. Mostly the children have problem in speaking, as a result the child is not able to express his feelings in proper words.

The parent of an autistic child could understand this easily, rather than the people to know the real fact. Reality is unknown for them. So some important things that will give them a clear understanding is given here.

There are many theories which gives the possible cause of autism. Some think this is caused by the mercury which are in the vaccines given to infants. Whilst few states that it is due to parent’s age. But the more appropriate theory is that autism is because of genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is also called as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Because few are non-verbal and mentally retarded whilst few are verbal and bright. There are varied range of symptoms in different children with autism. Social communication is the main symptom seen in most of the patients. They fail to maintain good eye contact, converse properly with others, or have one’s perspective etc.


Autism and Asperger Syndrome have some similarities. Both cases have problems which are mostly common. In Autism, child’s speech is delayed while in Asperger Syndrome the speech develops at appropriate age and time. In other words, the child with Asperger Syndrome is verbal and bright.

It is a common fact that every individual is different from another. Similarly, each autism child differs from other. Some may speak well while other may be silent. Some may be affected physically with GIT problems, sensory problems, difficulty in sleep, etc, whereas some have problem in social communication. Even if the disease is the same, the symptoms they have varies in each individual.

Yet autism remains without proper cure though the medical field has great advancement. Though there a different ways by which their skills can be improved they still cannot remain as normal children. Some treatments for autism are behavioral, biomedical, sensory, developmental or even arts-based. Depending upon the child, certain treatments will be more successful than others.

It is a common fact that autism is a life long disease. The symptoms may become mild with proper timely interventions. Without depending others, they can try to do their activities of daily living. The communication skill can also be increased.

If one gets autism, the whole family seems to be in a stressed situation. They have to withstand many adverse conditions. So at this time, the support of relatives and friends is important. By this way they can overcome this situation. By this they can be motivated to overcome this disease.
Also gather more details on autism symptoms and causes of autism.
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Teaching Autistic Children Effectively – Some Simple Rules You Can Follow.

Teaching children is always a challenge, but it can be especially difficult when trying to effectively reach an autistic child with a learning disability. But while it is hard, teaching autistic children effectively is not impossible if you follow a few simple tips. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent who home schools your child or a teacher with an autistic student in class – the following article will offer some helpful tips that you may be able to implement in your next lesson.

One of the most important things to remember is that children who suffer from autism are usually unwilling to accept change in their lives. They tend to fight change vigorously, and so for that reason it is important to have a well-established routine regarding your teaching methods.

If you are a teacher in a classroom, then you undoubtedly already have an established routine. But for a parent who is home schooling, the routine can be harder to establish and keep. Do not modify the schedule if at all possible, whether for convenience or other reasons. Sticking to a set schedule will help meet the expectations of your child, and will help keep an effective learning environment.


Speaking of learning environments, the one in which you teach an autistic child should be straightforward and simple. Avoid having distracting visual images in the teaching area unless they are relevant to the lesson at hand. As autistic children are easily over-stimulated, these distracting elements will compete with the lesson being taught for the child’s attention.

It also may be a good idea to incorporate multiple modes of delivery into your teaching lessons. It is no secret that some children respond better to certain mediums than others. This is also the case with autistic children, except that these disparities are accentuated. Because of this, it is important to find a mode of delivery that works best of your child. Don’t be surprised if this mode is visual. Sometimes, offering simple illustrations or representative symbols tied to a learning concept can be a great way to reach an autistic child.

You should also give an autistic child enough time and space to process the information you are trying to teach them. This is especially important if they appeared to be frustrated or on the verge of losing patience. Move away from the subject, either by moving to a new one or taking a break. When the child has had ample time to process the information, then you can return to the lesson, likely with much better results. Pushing an autistic child when they become frustrated will simply not work, and should be avoided.

Offering choices is also a good way to stimulate an interactive learning environment with the child. Don’t simply present an answer and ask the child if it is right or wrong. Present a group of answers and ask the child to pick the one they think is best. This will also keep the child feeling in control, and reduce frustration blowouts.

While teaching autistic children can be very difficult, it is not impossible. Employing the aforementioned tips will give you a great start to a successful lesson.
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