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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Laura asks…

How early are the signs of autism?

And are they linked to vaccines

admin answers:

For some autism they are born with and signs are immediate. A child may not like to be held and squirm to be put down, they don’t smile or sustain eyecontact.

For those that develop autism the signs can start showing before 12 months. I have a son that was dx at 9 months. He did not answer to his name, and repetitively played with the same toy, he was a picky eater, and avoided eyecontact. He is not vaccinated. He has a dx of PDD.NOS

My oldest son developed autism later he also is PDD.NOS and was typical through 15 months. He was vaccinated through age 2.

Is autism linked to vaccines? Autism is an autoimmune disorder, and autoimmune disorders in general are on the rise epidemically especially allergies. I believe that vaccines contribute. The overload of toxins on an immature dysfunctional immune system can manifest in all kinds of ways like autism, allergies, bipolar, ADD/HD ect. Genetics are an integral component. So my answer would be yes indirectly autism can be linked to vaccines in some cases. So can a virus, oxygen deprivation during birth resulting in TBI traumatic brain injury, there seems to be an Rh connection in mothers of autistic children, also many moms fail the triple screen when pregnant who go on to have autistic children. There are so many correlations, its very complex.

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo

Sandra asks…

Are there any cases of a child developing Autism, who has not taken vaccines?

I am doing some research on potential links of Autism, and I can’t find any information about Autism cases in children who have not received vaccines in their lifetime.
You did not answer my question. Are there any reported cases of children who have not received vaccinations developing Autism? I don’t need to be lectured.

admin answers:

There are parents who said their children were not vaccinated who got autism, but most then realized their children did get vaccines without them knowing about it. For example, the first day of birth, children are given the Hep B vaccine. The consent for this is signed with the intake paperwork, and with all that paperwork, most of it doesn’t get read, so this is how they consented without realizing it. There was a study done in California that stated that those who got vaccines were about 4 times more likely to get autism then those who didn’t. I didn’t look at the study to see if I felt the kids truly were not vaccinated. But, two birthing clinics have come forward and stated that in their thousands of births, no child has developed autism. I imagine you can easily Google to find it, “birthing clinic thousands autism” ought to bring it up. I think one’s in Illinois. What makes the birthing clinics different from hospital-born children? Pitocin to induce labor which is known to effect the immune system, and those with autism have a faulty immune system; then there are the eye drops put into all newborns, and also a Vit. K shot, and then the epidural. Not sure what else is different, but something is very amiss. Children recovered from autism are doing so by receiving treatments for pathogens and toxins due to a faulty immune system. There are so many things effecting their immune systems, that is really is difficult to blame one thing. If you go to the autism forums, most will say that their vaccinated children are more ill than their non-vaccinated, but some say the opposite. So, it’s not an easy answer. Most of the highly successful doctors who are recovering children from autism say that vaccines are a big part, but more so because the children were already subjected to immune stressors, and the vaccines were the tipping point. I think what is best is to go to the governmental websites, like the CDC and learn all about the vaccine ingredients, risk of getting the disease, possible fatalities from each disease, etc. Also look into homeopathy to raise the same antibodies as the vaccines are suppose to. Many get blood tests after homeopathy to show they have antibodies to vaccinated illnesses so they can show their children don’t need them. This would be the best route, for many who get vaccinated either don’t get enough antibodies to ward off the illness or get too high of antibodies. This is what I have learned by researching daily for 4 years. My children are recovered from autism, but it’s much better to prevent it because my kids are still dependent upon diet and treatments to keep symptoms away. You can go to Yahoo Groups on autism recovery and ask the parents there as well. They can also tell you where to find research on it. There are websites that have collections of this research readily available. You can Google “autism monkey primates vaccines” for a couple of new studies done on monkeys given vaccines. They are pretty shocking. Because I am over 40, I have seen children years ago and can compare them to today. The difference is very unbelievable. I am glad I am old enough to have seen kids before all this autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, etc. Came along. When you see it in real time, then you really know.

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Question?: Autism Signs And Symptoms

Ruth asks…

Do you think that the increase in autism in the 90’s was because of the increase in immunizations?

In the 80’s baby’s were given 12 injections their first year of life.
The number of injections increased almost tripled in the 90’s.
Do you think its more environmental causes for autism or from the immunizations?

admin answers:

In my opinion, vaccines aren’t the only thing that is going on with children and autism. We didn’t “have” autism years ago, because no one really new about it. It is the same as depression or ADD years ago. As people change, so do the things that effect them. Science is constantly looking at things and finding new things that we never new about.
I also think that vaccines are something that sets off a reaction in the body. If you have an understanding on how vaccines work and also how your immune system works, you will understand how everything down to cancer starts and stops in your body. Whenever you add a foreign body into the blood (or any type of barrier), you will have an effect. Immunizations are helpful, but the way that they are done and the amount that is required is horrendous. Lets me ask you all something…..if you were immunized as a child, do you get your booster shots? Alot of them need to be re administered or they aren’t effective…what’s the point? Also, do you know what is in those shots? Formaldyde is used as a cross link for some to the chemicals……would you even put that on your SKIN for any reason?

So …..do they CAUSE autism….probably not. Do they do things to the body to set off the signs and symptoms, yup! As we increase what you inject into a tiny immune system, the mutations show readily. Just as we have been adding growth hormones to our meat, now our children are developing faster and sooner.

To above, thimerosal is still in vaccines (check your flu vaccine), they took it out of a couple because of the pressure behind what has been brought forward.

I’m not pushing my beliefs. I am a nursing student and I can tell you first hand that we all need to question our what is going on in the health care field. It almost all revolves around money here in the states….thanks for reading my rant!

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Question?: Ppd Test

Donald asks…

How is the ppd skin test being measured?

My son got a negative x-ray but his PPD tested positive, doctor measured the rash that appeared on his forearm and it says 12mm.

A doctor friend told us the raised/elevated portion should be measured, but in my son’s case, the diameter of the rash was measured and not the elevated portion.

What is the correct way of measuring the rash to say it’s positive?

Forgot to note, he tested positive for Primary Complex TB.

admin answers:

They test it differently – but that stupid test is miss-read so much. The best way to test for TB is a quantiferon blood test. However, they aren’t free.

Good news is he most likely has latent TB if he tested positive to the skin test and has no signs in the chest X-ray. Latent TB is not contagious, has no symptoms, and he will otherwise be 100% normal. Latent TB means he came in contact with the bacteria but his body walled off the attack; did not kill it. That is why he tested positive in the skin test. There is medication to kill the bacteria, but it is a pill, daily, for 9 months.

Something like 1/4 people have latent TB and only 1/10 turn into active TB from there. People who have latent TB are at a higher risk than people who don’t, but still very low.

Latent TB isn’t dangerous unless the patient has some kind of disorder that lowers their immune system, such as the HIV infection.

But back to your question – people read the blister, not the rash.

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Question?: What Is Autism Caused By

Laura asks…

Do you think autism is caused by vaccines?

I’ve heard a lot of rumors that autism is caused by vaccines. Do you think this is true? What do you think is or may be some of the reasons for the rising numbers of people with autism?

admin answers:

Vaccines definitely cause autism.
Many of the posters here have no idea what they are talking about and please don’t take my word for anything. I will provide a few links to get you started if you really want to research it.
Maybe its the mmr,maybe the hep b or maybe the flu vaccine. Go here for some inf on the vaccine story.
Each vaccine examined alone is quite a different thing than having 6-9 different injected into an infant bypassing their immune system is quite another.

The vaccine schedule in currently in place is insane.

They are full of mercury,(this despite the idiotic attempt to say vaccines no longer have mercury in them) Sidebar: why lie about removing it if its so safe?

They contain aluminum(a known neurotoxin)

Aborted human fetal tissue-yea that’s right,
formaldehyde and a host of other stuff you don’t even want to know about. Go the the science section here for the complete list. Http://www.vaclib.org/

Studies dismissing this are produced/funded by the manufactures of the vaccines to hide this fact.
Ignorant people buy it because they want to believe vaccines are safe.
The parents and doctors of thousands of vaccine injured children beg to differ.

Merck funded the last one. Don’t believe a word of it. It’s propaganda to cover there sorry asses from another costly VIOX type of disaster.
The most recent attempt to explain away the rise of autism is a complete joke. It isn’t funny though when the press just regurgatates any crap they are fed without even bothering to read it or fact check it. It’s shameful


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Question?: What Is Autism For Kids

George asks…

What is the reason for a a lot of young kids being diagnosed with autism?

I think its because of the all the druggies in the 60s and 70s them having kids and because of all the drugs in their system its causing their kids to have autism. Kids around 10-15 it seems i never see older people with austism but I’m not sure and I wanted to know really badly what other people know and think.

admin answers:

Your observation is absolutely correct, older people are healthier than younger ones nowadays. This did not use to be the case. I am quite perplexed by this as well. The only real difference between older and younger that I can think of is either the extra vaccines or the permanent under-development of the blood brain barrier while pregnant. These are the only two things that I can think of that separates the younger from the older. Things like electrosmog could permanently effect blood brain barrier, or maybe the extra toxins while pregnant somehow does this.

I know that autism is being reversed by ridding pathogens and toxins (my children no longer have autism as well), but I don’t understand why older people can eat things and do things and not get adversely effected like the younger generation. They don’t have as many allergies, chemical sensitivities, or as many diagnoses. Its not like gmo food came along and made everyone very ill. Although many claim it does, it definitely is effecting the young more than the old. Some of these savvy docs are saying the viruses form the vaccines are imbedding into DNA, breaking the immune system. I would like to know the answer to your question myself. I know it has something to do with pathogens and toxins, but not the specifics.

As far as how do drugs play into all this. To tell you the truth, I don’t think it has much to do with it. What I have noticed is that people who use drugs to an addiction are more likely self-treating an illness, like Bipolar. Their children are more likely to have Bipolar more from the passing of pathogens than from the drug effects. This is what I have noticed. I use to think, like many, that doing drugs would cause the problems, and it likely adds to the problem, but I found one is more likely to do drugs i

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