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Question?: Schizophrenia Types

Jenny asks…

What distinguishes schizophrenia from other types of mental illness?

admin answers:

Schizophrenia like Bi-Polar or Uni-Polar are diseases just like diabetes or heart disease. They are caused by disruptions of the brain chemicals and the neurotransmitters. Schizophrenia is different because it causes one to have hallucinations, hear voices in their heads and sometimes paranoia that has to be treated.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Adults

Thomas asks…

How do we stop junk food to save our new generation?

Junk food are sweet poisions. Children as well as adults too prefer it because of taste, avaibility, low price etc.causing non curable deseases, hyper tention. We have to go seriously for prevention prior to cure.

admin answers:

This is a very excellent question and is not easy to answer. The biggest problem we face is big business is being supported by our government in a very destructive way. Money doesn’t talk, it screams!

Junk food is just the tip of the iceberg. As a nation, we have been fooled by marketing hype that has created a belief that modern medicine is going to save us from all diseases if we could just put enough money into it to develop the magic pill that will cure cancer. Imagine what could be done if the same billions of dollars that have been wasted could have been spent on developing high quality organic food and a distribution system of getting this food to people that have learned how to prepare it for health.

The so called health care system is a joke. It dictates to doctors what they can charge and what treatments they can use, doctors are nothing more than pimps now for drug companies that are receiving billions from our tax dollars for drugs they are making billions on.

The CDC put out a report in 2005 that states that 53% of all Americans are chronically ill. That should create a wake up call, but no one seems to care. 30% of all Americans are OBESE and by 2015 it is estimated that 42% – 50% will be OBESE. 70% are over weight. 75% of all Americans die of heart disease. 1 in 2 men are getting cancer. 79% of all male children are getting autism. 1 in 7 women now get breast cancer. Our life expectancy is going down, not up. We now rank 24th in the world for life expectancy. 23 countries in the world have people that live longer than Americans. Europeans come here to get drugs because they are made stronger here in America.

Our food supply now has 50% less nutrients in our food than we did just 25 years ago. Thanks to Monsanto and other large corporations that bought up most of the seed companies in the world, they are genetically engineering over 40% of all food sold in grocery stores now and thanks to the FDA, they are not being labeled. This means that there is no way to trace the problems and we have now lost the ability to determine what diseases and maladies are being caused by this genetic engineered garbage. The head of the FDA is an ex-Monsanto executive. Is that a surprise? NOT.

Why has our government allowed our medical health follow the allopathic way of medicine? Doctors have no clue of how the body works and I have seen so many people being damaged by the drugs being prescribed, hospitals making big mistakes and simple procedures that used to be followed in regard to just being sterile are not being followed. So many people are getting bacterial infections in hospitals today that it is almost epidemic.

To change all this is not going to be easy. If people demand quality food and stop buying insecticide laden, genetically engineered, poor quality foods, that would be a start.

Education is also important. Many people are starting to speak out on this and I believe it is going to really challenge the medical profession to make some changes. I only hope it will be not too little, too late. Our children are the ones that are going to suffer.

I believe we need to demand that good nutrition be taught in schools and parents need to be brought into these discussions and not just teaching the children.

***** Humorist for you —- you are ignorant and have chosen to buy into the marketing hype being jammed down American’s throat. You need to look at the statistics, examine the escalating health problems that are directly related to corporations, like Monsanto, that is destroying our food supply. Go to the web site: www.thefutureoffood.com Spend $20 and buy the DVD and watch it. This DVD shows how 4 companies have bought all the seed companies in the world and are altering them for profit, not health. You will see why the European Union, Japan, Mexico, and many, many other countries are refusing to buy American food now. Why the American farmer can only make a go of it, if subsidized by our government. This is not some waco documentary, but an extremely well put together one that will change your ideas of what is happening. Did you know, for instance, that the U.S. Patent office is now allowing the patenting of life! Wherever the gene goes, the company can sue for patent infringement. Farmers all across Canada, many states in the U.S. Are being sued now for patent infringement. It is simply incredible.

Good luck to all of us

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