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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Michael asks…

I would like to know the symptoms of schizophrenia what causes it and the treament they have available?

admin answers:

Hi, symptoms of schizophrenia can be from mild to very extreme, depending on how bad the individual is afflicted with this disease. Mild symtoms include, talking to ones self a LOT, feeling somebody is watching them, feeling somebody is after them in some way. More severe symptoms are magnifications of the mild symptoms: Hearing voices, answering the voices either outloud or to one’s self, feeling extreamly paronoid ie: people are outside where the suffering person is located and watching them, trying to gain entrance to where the person is at, feeling very confused in thought process, feeling that people in the room in looking at and judging very negitively and purhaps even actively looking for ways to harm the person with this disease, inability to perform well in society, in very severe cases not even being able to dress one’s self without assistance due to scambled brain waves. A person with severe schizophrenia is a very ill person who needs immediant assistance. There are tests which can easily diagnose this illness as brain scans of those with the diseasse are not at all the same as those without it. Medicines can help with symtoms and life coaches, and caretakers can assist with daily life. Not all schizophrenia sufferers paranoid symptoms. However, with or without the paranoia, this can and does effect an individuals life in serious ways and treatment should be sought for diagnoses and treatment. Proper diagnoses is important so this is not mistaken for some other condition.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Test

Ken asks…

I did a schizophrenia test and my score came back as 30 and it said contact a doctor immediately if +15.?

But im only 14. I think there might be something wrong with the test. Should I trust it.

admin answers:

Generally you shouldn’t trust online tests of anything.

Schizophrenia doesn’t usually set in that young unless you have a small deletion or duplication in DNA in one of a few select genes that code for regulation of things like neuronal migration. Those are extremely rare, and you’d usually have a family history of crazy/depressed people. Really, the main hallmark of the disease is hearing voices. People with schizophrenia usually don’t have insight into their problem and never seek help; ironically, that could mean that just having the wherewithal to take an online test for schizophrenia makes it more likely that you don’t have it.

You may have something else though, if your cognition has changed, and it wouldn’t hurt to see your doctor.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Definition

David asks…

Did anyone else notice that religious people fit the definition for schizophrenia remarkably well?

How about some serious discussion on this,mixed with opinions from some of the faithful (just for laughs)…
Please make use of the dictionary before you respond…and don’t let the name get your chemistry going before you look at this with a little logic.
Think of me as neutral for just this one time.This is a serious question.
Angry little flockers,aren’t you?
Oh well,I tried.
Perhaps I will again,with a little more effort.Sometime when I am a little less tired.
Straight from your response;
“Delusions – false beliefs of persecution, guilt or grandeur or being under outside control.
Hallucinations – most commonly involving hearing voices. Other less common experiences can include seeing, feeling, tasting or smelling things which to the person are real but which are not actually there.”

admin answers:

Your user names is Satan
So you seem to be attaching yourself into a religious group as well. At least I can say I’m neutral and in spirit so to say. So tell me what force drove you to ask this question? How could the common public actually give a true diagnosis for schizophrenia through the thought process brought on by your question?? Bla Bla Bla I’m not about to not answer this! Yes religious people of any religion I think would be categorized as so. It is cool our world has all these names for different disorders we carry among us! I would possess many if I diagnosed myself.

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Question?: Schizophrenia

Thomas asks…

How bad is schizophrenia? How bad is it to live with schizophrenia in reality?

I am having trouble sleeping all through the night and I’m afraid that schizophrenia may be setting in…I assume the worst (schizophrenia) instead of anxiety, depression or just plain old insomnia, because I have a family history of severe mental illness…please let me now what onset schizophrenia is or is like, especially if you or a loved one has schizophrenia. thank you.

admin answers:

I’ve known a few people who have had schizophrenia. It is truly a frightening disease. I admit to hearing voices almost every day, which tell things that I don’t want to hear sometimes. They’ll tell me to do things, insult me, and just talk to me sometimes. It happens especially when I am alone. At night it is horrid, especially if I sleep on a floor (goes with a demon I think is taunting me). My pillow and blanket would literally play music. It’s like, if I think about a song, I can hear it. My brother doesn’t think I have it, but I know what I’m going through, not him. But whatever, you know? If you believe you need help for it, go get some if you can. You begin to confuse fantasy and reality, which is very confusing when you’re trying to think back to what happened when people tell you otherwise.

If you are unable to get support from family like I was at first, I can give you a think for support. It’s a wonderful community– the people seem to understand you, even if they don’t have the same disease.

I hope things don’t get worse for you. It’s no fun. Best of luck.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Stories

Susan asks…

stories about schizophrenia?yourself or relatives?

Any stories on how it first started developing in relatives or yourself?So my dad suffers from schizophrenia and so does my aunt and they hear voices and are very isolated,I’m very scared I may develop it as well.I have a therapist appointment in a few weeks but I would love to hear your personal stories to make note of early warning symptoms.I went from being a really hard worker to after having a panic attack from snorting adderall once to being apathetic,anxious,having sleep disturbances and being able to hyper focus on stuff(weird symptom)like certain books on mental health.I have been doing better this last week after reading a couple of self help books and applying techniques I’ve been sleeping a bit better too and have a job interview tmr.it may jus be anxiety but I want to hear stories on how it first developed in people too,like where they jus in denial at first.like for instance where they hearing voices at first and thought it was jus them and then they became more persistent . I don’t need jus the symptoms posted because those are already online and I’m aware of them but I wanna hear personal stories from real people like was it sudden?gradual?and how did it happen?life changes,drugs etc Also very important what kind of personality traits did they posess?artsy creative as opposed to logical and grounded I always considered myself to be the latter,I wonder if that will be a contributing factor too.not to say all artsy ppl are schizophrenic or anything jus saying they tend to dwell alot more in fantasy and seem to be more imaginative than practical jus wondering if thats relevant.
And no I am not doing any drugs or drinking,haven’t touched either for 8 months.I’m living a healthy lifestyle with excersise and alot of omegas also

admin answers:

I work in a hospital and I recently worked with a schizophrenic patient. She was not logical or creative either. She was pretty much dependent on her room mate (who abused her) and from the stories she told her’s seemed to have derived from being abused and drugs. She had a rough life and her voices told her to blow her heart up on crack. And she had nearly went crazy when it first started because it was so sudden and she checked herself into a facility until they got her on some meds that were effective. But as I said hers was definitely triggered by sudden life changes bc of the horrific things that had been done to her. As for personality traits she was very cocky, yet quiet, very figgity, very very talkative, sneaky, but she was the sweetest person ive ever met. Hope this helped. If you want more info email me at coreyevans256@yahoo.com

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Maria asks…

What would outsiders see at the onset of schizophrenia symptoms?

Would 16 likely be too early for these manifestations to appear? What symptoms would appear as the disease progressed?

admin answers:

Anger. Sadness. Drug abuse. Grades drop at school. Not able to concentrate. My son started the above symptoms around 17. And, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 20, when he started hearing voices, and talking to himself.

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