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Question?: Pdd

Jenny asks…

Does PDD-NOS gradually disappear as they get older?

I’ve heard from several sources that unlike other branches of autism like Aspergers, PDD-NOS can be outgrown or disappears in adult life. Can I get some input from some mental health professionals with experience with people with it? My 4 year old daughter was just diagnosed with it and she loves trains and spends most if not all of her alone time jumping and flapping her arms in a corner and talking to herself under her breath. I love her to bits. I’m just wondering if it will stay with her as she grows up. Any help will be strongly appreciated.

admin answers:

My 2.5 year old also has PDD-NOS and I was told the same thing by a pediatrician. I honestly don’t think they totally outgrow it but that because it is less severe than classic autism its possible for them to overcome a lot of the symptoms which would cause them to loose the PDD-NOS label. I do think that some things will still stay with them when they grow up but it will likely be so mild that it will be unnoticeable by anyone who doesn’t know she had been diagnosed as PDD-NOS.
Many parents are recovering their children by reversing the symptoms of autism so I do think that it could be possible to completely overcome PDD-NOS using biomedical treatment. If you want some more info on it here are some good websites
and here are some good groups where you can talk to other parents who are recovering their children

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo

Susan asks…

I know autism is typically shown as a child but can Autism also first show its signs in adulthood?

It may sound stupid, but are there two types of autism, one that develops in late teens/early adulthood or is just childhood?

admin answers:

If it is environmental as many believe, yes it can present later in life. But, most often the toxins are introduced to those sensitive to them in early childhood. There are not really two types of autism, there are millions, one for every affected person. I’ve yet to see two people who present in the same way with a diagnosis autism.

BTW – It doesn’t sound stupid, but a legitimate question.

Here is a site where lots of people know about autism first hand, not just from psych books. Http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Autism-Mercury/

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo Answers

Steven asks…

What is the best age to test for Celiac Disease?

My son has Down Syndrome and because people with DS have a higher risk of Celiac Disease, we have opted to avoid gluten until he can be accurately tested. I have gotten mixed answers as far as how early he can be ACCURATELY tested. Anyone any experience with this?

admin answers:

Hi! Some people say that a person needs to be eating bread/gluten for a least three weeks to test positive to celiac. Others say that no time is required. If you go to a doctor who has experience with celiac (preferably if they also have experience with Down Syndrome or Autism and the food connection with behavior), they will be able to note all of the symptoms and see the test results and make an accurate diagnosis. Many children never show the typical symptoms. Therefore it is really important that you find a doctor who has experience with celiac.

Another thing to remember is that some children are only gluten intolerant. This means that their bodies still react negatively to gluten, just in less intensity than in those with celiac.

I want to recommend to you a diet that has helped LOADS of children with autism, adhd, down syndrome, etc and adults with IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD, etc. It is similar to gluten free / casein free (the diet that many with downs syndrome and autism follow)… But it is much more effective.

It is called SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) and works by helping the body digest corrently again… Based on 50 years of research into how the small intestine affects the brain.

You can ask loads of mothers on the yahoo groups forum for this diet about celiac testing. They have loads of experience about how their children are affected by the food they eat.


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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo

Donald asks…

How do I find a local doctor who specializes in autism/aspergers treatment with vitamins and minerals?

I want to try B12 shots but I’m afraid to go to a regular psychiatrist office because they might not know anything about autism/aspergers and they typically only know how to write prescriptions for xanax and antidepressants.
False. It can have a profound effect in some people.

admin answers:

Hi Bob,

You don’t really need a doctor, you can completely recover from “autism” on your own. Autism is not a mental illness, it is mercury poisoning. My young son has recovered from autism in about 2.5 years.

Here’s what we did. We eliminated gluten, casein, and soy. We also dumped high fructose corn syrup (which has mercury in it) and MSG. We added a good multi, lots of Vit. C, Vit. E, magnesium, and a good cod liver oil, if it’s not really pure it probably has mercury in it. I like Carlson’s or Pharmax. You can get B-12 orally–the shots have cobalt in them.

The most effective way to cure autism is heavy metal chelation. Low and slow. There is a great Yahoo group that can help you every step of the way:


To learn about the protocol, read this:

And listen to this interview with Dr. Cutler:

There IS a way out! 😉

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo

Robert asks…

How much is stem cell treatment for autism?

How much does adult stem cell therapy cost? And where can i go to receive it? I have autism/Asperger’s, and i am not really sure if adult stem cell therapy is able to treat Asperger’s, even though it has been used to treat more severe forms of autism.

admin answers:

I think you need heavy metal chelation, which is a lot healthier and cheaper than stem cell therapy.

Most (75%) of ASDs are mercury poisoned. Here’s a group of adults who do low dose chelation:


Good luck.

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