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Question?: Adhd Test

Mandy asks…

Does AD-HD get passed down generation to generation or can it just happen?

I just took a adhd test like thing, and so far im getting tested positive, does adhd just get passed down from generation to generation, or can it just happen like oh look you have adhd but not alot of people in your family have it.

admin answers:

Well, It depends. If people in your family have ADD or ADHD, you are more likely to get it.

My grandfather has ADD, my dad has ADHD, and I have ADHD.

ADHD is a mental issue, you can’t just tell by looking at a person that they have it.

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Question?: Pdd Symptoms

James asks…

Is there a pyschological condition or symptom that means you are unable to detect sarcasm?

I really am so gulible and cannot understand sarcasm for my life. Its so bad! It even gets me in trouble at school with teachers who use sarcasm and i acually follow through with it and they get very angry at me. At the moment i cant find an example but i hope you understand what im talking about.

I have ADHD, which may contribute to the unable to read facial expressions part but seriously is this a condition?

admin answers:

Yes, there is a DSM-IV-TR condition that is a social communication disorder and makes sarcasm, idioms, puns, reading facial expressions all very difficult. Taking things literally is another classic symptom of a PDD. It is an autistic spectrum disorder that is dx autistic disorder 299.00, asperger’s syndrome 299.80 or PDD.NOS (atypical autism)

ADHD/ADD is considered to be part of the autism spectrum according to many neurologists though the DSM-IV-TR hasn’t been updated and many feel its outdated. These disorders do tend to run together (co-morbidities) and in families.

Sometimes when one dx is made (either ADD/HD, or a PDD which is an autisitc spectrum disorder) the other issues are largely ignored resulting in a late dx.

go under AS symptoms/AQ test

This i find pretty indicative, my score is a 42, over 32 is significant for asperger’s syndrome, and an average female score is 15

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Robert asks…

What is autism and ADHD?

like.. what is it and what help can you get.
and what are the symptoms for them?
i know you can only have one or the other.
I was just wondering.
please no “hate” answers.

admin answers:

Autism falls under the category of Pervasive Developmental Disorders, which includes disorders like Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and then autism is then divided up in many different subtypes including Asberger’s Syndrome. Autism effects the fields of social skills, communication and stereotypical behaviors, which most people associated with things like rocking, flapping, lining things up, etc.

Depending on the individual, there may be a physical impairment, such as a brain dysfunction or a problem with development. For instance, I have worked with an autism child who is missing the corpus callosum, which is the nerve bundle in the brain that connect the two hemispheres. The common theory now is that there is both a environmental and genetic factor, but there is no proven cause of autism.

ADHD is pretty straight forward as to what it effects. The category of “ADD” is no longer – Most doctors say you can’t have the “AD” without the “HD”.

There isn’t just “one” set of symptoms because of the wide range of ways in which autism can present. A doctor would use a checklist, observations, interviews, etc before making an autism diagnosis. The same goes for ADHD. A doctor would use research methods before diagnosing someone has having the condition.

Autism and ADHA could present with each other or with a variety of other conditions – but they do not “typically” present together. Some autism symptoms could appear like inattention, but as someone who has worked with Autistic people, and have a family member diagnosed with Asbergers, you should not easily confuse someone with ADHD with someone with autism. Their functioning and behavior are different.

Most people with ADHD use medication or therapy to learn coping skills. The current argument in the medical and teaching community is whether ADHD is over or under diagnosed. Many feel that the minute anyone sees an active kid, he must be ADHD. But the common idea is that based on what we know of child development, an ADHD diagnosis should not be made until about 1st grade, because earlier than that could be inaccurate.

Autism is not really something that can be “treated”, per se. For some individuals, early intervention with therapists can help the child function more normally, as in learning proper social or self-help skills and tolerance. Many people rely on therapists to teach behavior through a method called ABA, which teaches academics, behavior and communication through a series of repetitive practices. Some use routine using picture schedules or communication devices. Medications may help with certain behaviors or medical aspects of an individuals autism. For instance, certain types of medication many decrease aggression, drooling, help with appetite or sleeping habits or self injurious behavior. There is no one way that works for autistic individuals.

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