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Question?: What Is Autism For Kids

Steven asks…

how to make kids with down syndrome and autism happy?

i mean how can i entertain the whole class of down syndrome or autism kids?

admin answers:

Music is generally a think that most kids like! Not only music but songs with lots of motion and dancing. It is important that you as the teacher/group leader have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The children will (generally) respond better and enjoy it more if you are having fun and interacting with them.
My kids also love making block towers and knocking them down. We make obstacle courses, and with help, the children enjoy these. We do puppet shows. There are many many activities you can do…just be creative, and most importantly have FUN. It’s a whole lot more fun for the kids if you’re having fun too!

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Last week ..


Katie and I are headed out to dinner, just the two of us. She’s been asking for ages for a Mama date and we’ve finally pulled it off. We’re in the car, crawling in traffic. Yeah, there’s a sushi place right around the corner from the house, but that one doesn’t have black sesame sorbet. And um, that’s kinda the whole point.

Although sitting in traffic ain’t my first choice after a long day of work and a longer drive home, we’re having fun.

Out of nowhere, Katie asks a question. “Mama? Do you think I’m a good actress?”

I think for a moment, though I don’t really have to. I just know that if I answer too quickly she’ll discount any objectivity in my response. “Don’t answer as my mom,” she’ll say. “Say for real.” So I wait a beat before saying, “Yeah, I really do.”

“Hmm,” she says. “So .. Ok … how about this? Do you think that if I went to a new school and I pretended to be really stupid that people would believe it?”

Um. Huh? There are so many things to address in that sentence, but I decide to stick to the surface for now.

“No, I don’t.”

“But you just said I’m a good actress. So why wouldn’t they believe it if I acted like I didn’t know anything?”

“Baby,” I say, “smart just comes through. People can see it. I just don’t think it’s something you can really hide.”

She accepts my answer with a “Harumph” and we continue to make our way down the road at a snail’s pace.

I think of something funny that happened during work that day and decide to share it with her. I had welcomed our new boss by sending him and our colleagues a picture of the Most Interesting Man in the World with his name on it – listing his accomplishments as per the ads. I think she’ll get a kick out of them, especially my favorite; He speaks Russian … in French.

But first I need to give her some background so that it will make sense. Cause, ya know, she’s not a big beer drinker.

“OK, so here’s what you need to know,” I say. “and then I’ll tell you the story.”

She’s listening intently.

“There’s a beer company called Dos Equis and they have a character in their commercials that they call the Most Interesting Man in the World ..”

She cuts me off with a question before I can say more.

“What’s a character?” she asks.

“Hmm, well, ya know, he’s like .. um … it’s a persona that they’ve invented to …”

“What’s a persona?”

“Oh, geez, it’s a … um .. well …”

She lets me off the hook.

“Mama?” she says, her sly grin devouring her face.


“I could so pull it off.”




I just hope she thanks her Mom when she wins the Oscar.

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Schools Autistic – Summer Schools For Autism Education

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Whilst throughout spinrt minute autistic classmen are able to find out and interact through their fellow peers, the present substantiation can be lost for the duration of holiday periods; so much throughout the long summer months. Schools Autistic

However benefit is often at hand. With the increase in value in autism schools a similar increment has moreover kept on discovered in the number of specialist summer courses available to children amidst autism. Summer schools are a great opportunity for autistic students to continue their education and enjoy activities amongst their peer group. Schools Autistic

It’s a chance for children to work together and do something a little bit different to their usual term-time activities, whilst also of course learning all the time. This kind of autism summer school can be a blessing for parents, particularly those who are working full-time. Whilst of course you want to spend as much time with your child as possible, it is at least reassuring to know that they are having fun and gaining some valuable life experience in a safe environment. Schools Autistic

The kind of activities that the summer schools are able to provide can be hugely beneficial. And as they’re run by trained autism educators, children can really make major strides in their interaction and general education. Of course each school is different and most will provide varying events and structured events for students to get involved in; but all will aid their development and ensure that they have the best summer possible. Schools Autistic

Just as with the majority of specialist autism schools, these summer camps are unlikely to be free. However, it is very much an investment in your child’s future as well as offering you some free time to continue working or anything else for that matter. Often they are structured so that you can pick certain time periods rather than committing to an entire summer; therefore you very much the option of when and for how long you choose to take your child to school. Schools Autistic

Ordinarily these types of summer schooling events can be extremely popular. To avoid missing out it’s usually best to contact any specialist autism schools in your area, or even beyond to see what options they have and to check on availability. It is also an opportunity to discuss exactly what they will be doing throughout the summer and reassure yourself that this is the best thing both for yourself and of course your child. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Schools Autistic program now!

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