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Question?: Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Michael asks…

What would you like to ask?How do I get an Adult diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome?

i think i may have asperger.s syndome. i been reading a lot on it and i think now i had it for years so how do i get a diagnosis what tests can be done?

what are the most prolims with Asperger‘s syndrome?

please help thanks

admin answers:

If you are sure you have Asperger syndrome you need to go and see your doctor and ask him to refer you to a clinical psychologist, preferably one who specialises in AS. It is possible to get a diagnosis of AS as an adult. I have a relative who we always thought was a bit eccentric, he was diagnosed as having AS at 69 years old. Is it worth getting a diagnosis when you have managed all these years without one? Also a diagnosis of AS will not change you in any way other than to give you a label. I wish you good luck.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Laura asks…

Which social networking site is right for me?

My profile will be public as the theme will be about my life with Asperger Syndrome. I will want to share my You Tube videos and blog as well as share photos. It will basically be an activism account. The audience will be adults w/autism/Asperger‘s.

admin answers:

I guess myspace. Facebook is kind of too private for that ,but you could always create a facebook group…

Good Luck!

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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Robert asks…

Could me and my fiance still have children if he has schizophrenia?

Someone told me that because my fiance is schizophrenic we would have any children we had taken off us. He went through a bad patch 3 years ago and got into trouble with the police, he went on to medication and had intense physiatric help. When we got together he became a lot calmer and he hasn’t had an episode since, he has been off medication for awhile now. So would this effect us in the future when we decide to have children?

admin answers:

If there is one parent who is competent at all times, and if the parent with schizophrenia has a meltdown, the other spouse was sure to take care of that child at all times, there is no reason for the state to intervene. The issues come up when the child is neglected or otherwise at risk. Most people with schizophrenia are never violent (that’s substance abuse plus mental illness that can increase violence) so the diagnosis alone would rarely be used to take a child away, and in those cases, that’s probably illegal, but the person with schizophrenia cannot afford a good lawyer.

You know, a one time bad patch with psychosis doesn’t mean a person has schizophrenia. It used to be said that a person would have a nervous breakdown, and it was well known that the person would recover and be fine. Nowadays, everybody assumes if a person got psychosis, that they are mentally ill for life and better take their pills. Not true!

Schizophrenia is not particularly genetic. Maybe a little, but not strongly so.

I hope he is in therapy and learning coping skills and stress reduction, to reduce the risk of further break downs.

Good luck!

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Causes

Linda asks…

is there a car disability company in ireland that’s lets u pay monthly,my little girl has retts syndrome?

i have been told that i do need a disabilty car with ramps,so her wheelchair can go in the back but no-one tells you where you are supposed to get the money from,im a single mother to 4 kids and on benefits so there is no way i could get a loan.

admin answers:

Ask the Wheelchair Association in your area http://www.iwa.ie/contact/Default.aspx
or phone the headquarters in Clontarf, Dublin Tel: 01 8186 400

My brother in law is in a wheelchair and advises that there are grants available, and you (the driver) may get more than the disabled person herself. The Wheelchair Association no longer gives out loans but they will have good info about your entitlements.

From my own experience, I can recommend credit union for a loan. They are firmly on the side of members, and not just out to fleece you like many other financial places. You can have up to 5 years to repay the loan, and they try to match repayments with what you can afford to pay without hardship. There are credit unions all over Ireland – find your nearest one, and ask about the benefits of membership.

If your little girl (or her brothers and sisters) are at school, ask there for help to organise a fund-raising function to help provide this needed car. Irish people are great about supporting needy causes, and helping someone close to home in her own community should get a positive response. The Wheelchair Association do fund-raising too, and may either help in some way or give you ideas that you can use to fund-raise.

Good luck !!!

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

David asks…

Where should I look for child care for 3 yr old with mild autism?

admin answers:

Check with your local infant/child care centre, GP or hospital for the relevant information on groups, help and respite for your toddler and for yourself. They should also have current information on the latest treatments and ideas to help you with the day to day care of your child and their individual needs, including child care options. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Question?: Rett Syndrome

Susan asks…

What would I go to school for if I was looking for a career in ?

finding cures for people with conditions caused by genetic mutations ( example rett syndrome is a nuerological disorder caused by a gene mutaion – so would you go for nureology or genetic medicine?)

Thank you !

admin answers:

If the schools you’re looking into offer undergrads programs in neurology or genetics then those would be awesome for the fields your planing to go through. But in reality you’d have to get a phD or at least your masters to do any decent research in labs. You can also head into biology and just focus your work load in genetics. It’s best to ask the guidance councilor at the school for your best options. Good luck

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Children

Thomas asks…

What are the chances of us having an autistic child?

My husband’s niece has Asperger Syndrome. Are the chances higher than average for us to have a baby with AS or autism?

admin answers:

There are a few different spectrums of Autism and ASperger syndrome is one of them,it is less severe and usually occurs in females..Autism is becoming more frequent yet doctors and scientists truly dont know what the cause is but they do believe it may be genetic,and since it usually isnt diagnosed until the ages between 2 and 4,it would be highly unlikely to detect beforehand if you and your husbands child will develop it..still yet,you and your husband should see a genetic counselor and have tests run before getting pregnant to rule out any other possible genetic abnormalities…the good news though,is that even with Autism reaching its all time high,the treatments are getting better and with more success…hope this helped! Good luck…

For more info visit

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Question?: Autistic Disorder

Robert asks…

Which state has the best care for autism?

I have 2 boys, ages 2 & 3, both diagnosed with autistic disorder, and I am not satisfied with the options for learning environments for them in Oklahoma. Anyone know where the very best care, schooling, and government funding is for this growing problem?

admin answers:

Honest to god, Rochester, NY is a great city to have a child or children with special needs. We have many, many resources throughout the entire community.

BOCES is a school district that has a few different schools in this area. Students with special needs can go there, it is a wonderful place. BOCES also has programs with public schools. Some students go to BOCES half of the day and the other half are in the public schools. They have a wonderful program that works for your child. They are very personal and care about your goals as parents. You will be fully informed and part of every decision that goes into your child’s education. It is wonderful!

Also, we have a great Advocacy Center. Check out their website:http://www.advocacycenter.com/. There are so many programs and resources there to educate the parents on what they can do to help make their child’s life a little easier, what options there are educationally, programs, support groups, etc.

NY in general is known for it’s resources and care for children with special needs. I would recommend checking out the following links under the resources. Even give the Advocacy Center or BOCES a phone call with any questions you might have. Everyone is very welcoming and ready to help in any way they can.

Good luck! 🙂

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Question?: Adhd Lyrics

Maria asks…

i cant study as i cant stop listening to songs?

i am studying in 11th grade, and i really need to study hard this time of the year…..and i am a good learner too but nowadays i just can’t stop myself. i am not able to study. i mean i dont play the whole day, i listen to songs, every type of song, and i cant stop listening to them
every time i sit down to study i hum those songs and hence am unable to concentrate as i do that on the lyrics….what do i do?

admin answers:

Try turning the music off and sitting quietly for 30 mins. Or so! See if your mind quiets down first. Or you could try playing classical music at a low level while you study. Something with out words, and down low almost to the point you can’t hear it. Like just background noise. If that doesn’t help, check out ADD/ADHD!!! Good Luck!!! Happy New Year’s

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo Answers

Joseph asks…

Can anyone help me with a report I am doing about parents with children who have autism?

I am a pre-professional educator and we are required by the university to write a report based off an interview with a parent who has a child with a disability. I would really like to write my report based off someone who has autism. If there is anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

I’m not sure how much help I could be, but I’d be happy to help if needed. My son is young he just turned 2 in May, he was diagnosed with autism at 20 months. If I theres any questions I can answer for you I’d be happy to help. Kijejo43@yahoo.com Good luck.

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