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Question?: Autism Signs In Toddler Girls

Paul asks…

How good is eye contact supposed to be in a toddler?

I have a 19 month old little girl who is extremely smart. She isn’t speaking yet and we are getting early intervention for her language/cognitive skills. Her pediatrician, speech therapist, interventionist, and playgroup director have all told me she is not autistic (or seems to be) and really just needs a jump start to better her communication and speech. I always thought that she had good eye contact. I never thought that she had a problem looking at me. However, recently, I’ve noticed that it’s been harder to grasp her eye contact. Of course it’s still there but she seems so much more into things and busy. If she’s playing with something, she won’t even turn to me anymore unless I say something that sparks her attention. I’ve looked at other kids her age and they seem to look right into my eyes. Is this something common of children her age or is this something that I should bring up at intervention. I would like some opinions of those with other kids. Thanks!

admin answers:

I would definitely bring it up. Lack of eye contact can be an early sign of autism. I’m not saying that’s what it is but any information that you think is important should be brought up. When you talk to her, does she look at you? It’s normal for kids to be so engrossed in an activity that they hardly give you the time of day. When you do get her attention, does she look around you or is it brief eye contact? Again, I would bring it up. If it’s worriesome to you, it’s worth noting. Good luck to you and your daughter! 🙂

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

Charles asks…

My toddler walks on his tip toes?

My son is 21months he always walks on his tip toes! His happy to run nmd walk with no pain!
Is it a medical condition or a habit?

admin answers:

That is a strong sign of autism.

Is he speaking well and growing a strong vocabulary? Making good eye contact?

Walking on tip-toes is a sensory disorder… Which often is part of autism. He should be seen by a pediatrician.

It is possible it is just a quirk he does (it is for some kids), but often it is a sign of a larger problem. In that case, you want to start intervention as soon as possible. Outcomes are much better when treatment is started before age 2.

Look at this quiz to see if your child is reaching his other milestones. Http://pages.uoregon.edu/asqstudy/

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Question?: Autism Signs 2 Year Old

Robert asks…

Autism,my 2 year old has it, what does the future hold? He communicates by holding your hand and pointing?

My 2 year old son has been diagnosed with autism,he cannot speak at the moment,his signs of autism are good, he’s very loving.He loves to kiss and cuddle up and to hold hands and walk everywhere, he hates using the car to travel. When he walks he likes to walk the same way, and signs on the pavement he stops to look at, they fasinate him.Luke can hold a spoon and fork and feed himself, and he is going to hospital in september to find what form of autism he has, t’s like a playcentre in the oxford jr hospital and the staff monitor his play and behavour. But he loves to laugh and smile and go on the trampoline with his brothers and jump up and down with them.Tv i notice is bad for him, he’s like in a coma with it, in a trance state,he loves dora.But im wondering if he will ever speak or be able to run,as he can only walk.Has anyone a guess what sort of autism he might have or what the future might hold.Luke goes to hospital next week and gets accessed what autism he has in there playroom

admin answers:

My 4 year old is autistic and he is also very loving and affectionate. He does not have good eye contact and did not speak until he was 3 yrs. He then began saying his alphabet, numbers, etc. When he wanted to do so. He then became echolalic where he repeated words, songs and phrases off of videos. He can watch a movie once and repeat it word for word.

He has slowed down now doing this and begun to repeat words that we say, so it has been a gradual progress. He is throwing tantrums some now but I believe it is out of frustration. We have him in a program similar to ABA for about 30 hrs / week. This is helping. Program or not just interact with your child as much as possible.

You might read the following: Son-Rise by Barry Kaufman, Facing Autism by Lynn Hamilton, The Me Book, by Ivan Lovaas and Floortime by Stanley Greenspan.

Supplements to try: Glutathione, Super Nu Thera and Omega 3’s, B12 and Magnesium. Extra Magnesium can come by Epsom Salt baths.

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Some Important Facts Of Autism

The interaction and community skills of the person is affected life long by this disease. Comparing with other children the children with autism behave differently. Mostly the children have problem in speaking, as a result the child is not able to express his feelings in proper words.

The parent of an autistic child could understand this easily, rather than the people to know the real fact. Reality is unknown for them. So some important things that will give them a clear understanding is given here.

There are many theories which gives the possible cause of autism. Some think this is caused by the mercury which are in the vaccines given to infants. Whilst few states that it is due to parent’s age. But the more appropriate theory is that autism is because of genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is also called as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Because few are non-verbal and mentally retarded whilst few are verbal and bright. There are varied range of symptoms in different children with autism. Social communication is the main symptom seen in most of the patients. They fail to maintain good eye contact, converse properly with others, or have one’s perspective etc.


Autism and Asperger Syndrome have some similarities. Both cases have problems which are mostly common. In Autism, child’s speech is delayed while in Asperger Syndrome the speech develops at appropriate age and time. In other words, the child with Asperger Syndrome is verbal and bright.

It is a common fact that every individual is different from another. Similarly, each autism child differs from other. Some may speak well while other may be silent. Some may be affected physically with GIT problems, sensory problems, difficulty in sleep, etc, whereas some have problem in social communication. Even if the disease is the same, the symptoms they have varies in each individual.

Yet autism remains without proper cure though the medical field has great advancement. Though there a different ways by which their skills can be improved they still cannot remain as normal children. Some treatments for autism are behavioral, biomedical, sensory, developmental or even arts-based. Depending upon the child, certain treatments will be more successful than others.

It is a common fact that autism is a life long disease. The symptoms may become mild with proper timely interventions. Without depending others, they can try to do their activities of daily living. The communication skill can also be increased.

If one gets autism, the whole family seems to be in a stressed situation. They have to withstand many adverse conditions. So at this time, the support of relatives and friends is important. By this way they can overcome this situation. By this they can be motivated to overcome this disease.
Also gather more details on autism symptoms and causes of autism.
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Sign Of Autism In Baby – What Are Some Early Signs Of An Autistic Child?

Sign Of Autism In Baby

I am going to blabber right about the beginning of signs of autism but I do not covet parents to get to a panic if properties feel one of these types of signs may show up in such a baby. Sign Of Autism In Baby

If there are yet any anxieties you must address them with your pediatrician. One of the earliest signs of socialization in a baby is the smile. This occurs at around the age of 2 months in a full term baby. This is the time they also start to coo and respond to the outside world.

If this milestone is significantly delayed, a red flag has been raised. At this time babies will recognize a human face and start to follow the face. They will also orient to sounds of voices but they will not recognize or turn to their name at this time. This is a common concern raised by parents. Babies do not start to recognize their name until the end of the first year. Sign Of Autism In Baby


Not responding to their name at the appropriate age can be a sign of autism. This usually occurs by the end of the first year but if it does not it can also mean your child is not hearing well. Poor eye contact, preferring to play alone, lack of imaginative play, repeating words or phrases without knowing the meaning, and repetitive or ritualistic behaviors are all signs of autism in the second year.

Resistance to physical contact or not pointing as a means to communicate needs, are other signs of a problem. There are also signs you can look for that can help put your mind at ease if you are concerned about autism. A smiling, responsive playful baby with good eye contact is a good sign.

One of the earliest signs I look for to rule out the diagnosis of autism however is whether the baby is pointing to things. This is a sign that the baby wants to communicate with the world and is always a good sign even if other areas are delayed. Sign Of Autism In Baby

The comprehension of language is also a very good sign and helpful when evaluating development. If the toddler understands commands and can follow the commands it makes any lack of expressive language much less worrisome. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Sign Of Autism In Baby program now!

Sign Of Autism In Baby is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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Autistic Children And Music – Good Activities For Children With Autism

Autistic Children And Music

Here’s select fine and fun activities suggestions for autistic children:

1. You could play with him in a swimming pool. Make a splashing game or a kick game. Get some clear pool toys or beach toys covet beach ball, floating rings, etc. Sing a song so he could easily swim with the beat and feel relax. Remember to keep a good eye on the child additonally in a pool. Autistic Children And Music

2. In a class, you could print out some pictures of eating, sports, going to the bathroom, sleep and everything that may happen in his daily life. Let him make a schedule for himself, he should like this activity, because children with autism take constant schedules very seriously. And if the schedule they followed everyday is broken, it will ruin their day badly.

3. Big tupperware items filled with rice or beans will be fun, you can put little toys in them and have the autistic child put his hand into the rice or beans to find them. The game could make a mess, but they would love it.

4. Sensory play is widely suggested, too. You could take the child to a children’s museum if there’s one nearby. Commonly, there will be something that could interests the child.

5. Structured activities with a clear start, middle and end are always good for children with autism because they like rules, organization and structure. Gymanasitics is a common game that autistic children do well at since there is less reliance on language(children with autism often have little communication skills) but a lot of motor movement and imitation. Autistic Children And Music

6. If music can calm the child down, you can introduce different instruments to him, with some music playing gently in the background. You can let him beat a drum and learn different rhythms.

7. There are some therapeutic horse riding groups that you can participate in, children can learn to feed and take care of horses in their lessons.

8. Every child with autism is different, you should find out his likes and dislikes and continue to do the things he seems to enjoy. Autistic Children And Music

Hope this helpful! Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autistic Children And Music program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autistic Children And Music is a proven Autism Solution for your Child. Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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Asperger’s Syndrome Explained In Detail

Like autism, Asperger’s syndrome belongs to a set of disorders known as pervasive developmental disorders. A kid with Asperger’s will usually have problems with social skills and will find it tough to interact normally with other children. Like a kid with Autism, Asperger’s children usually prefer rigid routines and dislike change. Not like a child with Autism, a child with Asperger’s syndrome can typically begin to talk before the age of two years old, following the traditional pattern of speech development. Asperger’s syndrome is extraordinarily rare, affecting only regarding 3 people in 10,000. The causes of Asperger’s syndrome are largely unknown, though it does seem to run in families.

Some symptoms to look for are:

• Issue expressing feelings, or difficulty noticing the sentiments of others.
• Likes rigid routines and has problem with change.
• Could not understand social norms, like not looking at others, keeping personal area boundaries, and making good eye contact whereas speaking.
• Could speak in a very formal style or in an exceedingly flat and inflectionless monotone.
• Might have trouble with each fine and gross motor skills.
• Could be bothered by robust sensory stimuli, like loud noises, bright lights, or strong smells or tastes.

If you suspect your child might have Asperger’s syndrome, you ought to discuss your considerations with your kid’s doctor. She will go over problems in your child’s development. Your kid may be observed by a specialist who will check your kid in numerous areas like IQ, speech and motor skills, social skills, and more.

Treatment for Asperger’s syndrome typically involves varied occupational and behavioural therapy techniques. Therapy will be tailored to the individual kid depending on the symptoms he is exhibiting. Several children with Asperger’s additionally have other conditions, like ADHD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which require medication. Schools are required by Federal law to give special instructional programs for children with special needs. These programs will help an Asperger’s kid to better cope with his or her symptoms.

At home it’s best to play to your child’s strengths. Strict routines ought to be adhered to so as to supply a sense of security and to avoid tantrums. If your kid is particularly advanced in an field, like reading or art, offer lots of opportunities to relish those skills. Role-playing is also important to help your kid practice the social skills those with Asperger’s syndrome are missing.

Long-term prognosis for Asperger’s syndrome is good. Though there is no cure for Asperger’s syndrome, with early intervention children with the syndrome usually go on to be adults who can manage well in society. Adults with Asperger’s syndrome have gone on to be successful within the fields of math, engineering, and science, among others and have often created nice contributions to human history.

If you would like to understand what you would like to do when your kid has been diagnosed with aspergers, then visit http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com and take guidance from Dave Angel.
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