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Question?: Treatment For Autism Children

Thomas asks…

What are the chances of us having an autistic child?

My husband’s niece has Asperger Syndrome. Are the chances higher than average for us to have a baby with AS or autism?

admin answers:

There are a few different spectrums of Autism and ASperger syndrome is one of them,it is less severe and usually occurs in females..Autism is becoming more frequent yet doctors and scientists truly dont know what the cause is but they do believe it may be genetic,and since it usually isnt diagnosed until the ages between 2 and 4,it would be highly unlikely to detect beforehand if you and your husbands child will develop it..still yet,you and your husband should see a genetic counselor and have tests run before getting pregnant to rule out any other possible genetic abnormalities…the good news though,is that even with Autism reaching its all time high,the treatments are getting better and with more success…hope this helped! Good luck…

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Useful Information To Understand What Aspergers Syndrome Is

In recent times, the term Asperger has become an identifiable disorder commonly referred to in discussing autistic related issues. Generally speaking, Asperger syndrome may be a developmental disability that shares similarities of symptoms with autism. A child affected with Asperger syndrome may suffer from socialization difficulties, interpersonal and communication issues, along with an over-importance on specific interests and activities at the exclusion of all else.

Asperger syndrome is often considered a gentle form of autism. Tendencies toward aggressiveness, self-injury, and social inappropriateness are typically less seen in cases of Asperger syndrome, however such problems will still effect them.

One of the most tough issues related to Asperger syndrome is the lack of knowledge regarding its origin and cause. Research has not been in a position to pinpoint a real association yet believe there may be genetic abnormalities that may account for the disorder. There are medical studies conducted in that medical professionals have noticed structural differences in the brains of people with Asperger syndrome.

The symptoms of Asperger syndrome are very just like those found in autism. Some of the symptoms of the disorder include problem understanding and translating facial expressions and mannerisms of others, speech rigidity, lack of eye contact, abnormal nonverbal body postures, social and communicative issues, and extraordinarily fast speech and a lack of coordination.

Diagnosing Asperger syndrome might be rather troublesome thanks to the individual nature of the disorder. Several physicians and psychological professionals take into account a range of things connected to the symptoms being displayed by the individual before a transparent diagnosis of Asperger syndrome is made. Medical professionals sometimes will misdiagnose the individual with some type of attention deficit disorder. This common situation will occur when searching for a diagnosis that’s connected to the on top of symptoms. A medical and psychological evaluation should be made so as to determine if a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome is appropriate.

Healthcare professionals who specialise in treating Asperger’s can use a variety of talent training and psychological techniques like cognitive behaviour therapy and communication training. The need for enhanced communication skills is essential in order to assimilate the individual in social settings. The better the socialization skills become, the a lot of snug such situations can become.

Handling a kid or family member who suffers from Asperger syndrome can be terribly challenging. The individual could need abundant assistance with daily living skills that would appear to be simple to a typical child/adult, however troublesome to a sufferer of Asperger’s. As adults, they may have issue with faculty, relationships, and maintaining gainful employment. Therapy for the individual, with family members is sort of useful to all involved.

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