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Question?: Autistic Disorder

Joseph asks…

How can I help my son who was diagnosed with mild autism?

My son is 3 and a half & was recently diagnosed with mild autism. Developmentally is a year behind in his speech & comprehension development. He still has difficulty answering “yes & no” questions & obviously he talks like a child who is just learning to talk. His answers & comments seem as if they are robotic & that he is not really thinking about what he is saying. It is a few months before his next doctors appointment & I know he will start various types of therapy. My question is what can I do in the meantime to help him with his language & communication skills? I have flash cards, & am aware of the “obvious” things you typically do to teach children. But I feel that I need some fresh ideas, because he doesn’t learn like other children due to his autistic disorder.

admin answers:

Hi:-) I have 2 HFA children. 6 and 4 years of age. Until you get therapy which I know can take forever to get…. You have to require language of him. In other words if you know he knows how to ask for something or if he knows the word for something you need not give in for 1/2 language. Require him to tell you if he knows. No matter what kind of fit you might get. Autistic children can be very resistant to change. The flash cards are great! I would sit with my children and when they were learning basic language and we would do flash cards. Try to be flexible in your approach. If he wants to put the correct ones in a box let him. Or if he wants to hold them let him. Make sure he gets a tangible reward for his cooperation. Also make sure some of the cards he knows to avoid frustration. Talk to him all the time about what things are and what they do even if you do not think he is listening. Take him to open places and pick flowers and tell him what they are. Appeal to his curiosity. There is alot you can do. Be creative. I hope this helps. I have been down this road twice. And still traveling.

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A Brief History of the Weekend

This was a big weekend for Team Stimey. Saturday was not just Jack’s birthday, but also the Cheetah-thon. Sam had a soccer game. My mother-in-law was in town visiting. Sunday, of course, was mother’s day, so I was busy sleeping in and going to the park with my kids and having friends over for dinner.

I have lots of thoughts about these things and even more photos. The only problem is that I am too exhausted to do any of these topics justice right now. So what Imma do is give you this photo of Jack on his 9th birthday.

Yeah, it’s a little weird to get your 9-year-old son a pashmina for his birthday, but it’s a sensory thing for him. One of his teachers lets him borrow her scarf at school, but he needs his own now that he’ll be going to another school. Also, last week he asked for “a shirt with flowers on it that will make me look like a Hawaiian.”


I’m also going to give you this photo of Jack and his coach at the Cheetah-thon.

This photo gives me the warm fuzzies.
Jack was so happy during that skating session. He was grinning and laughing and skating with his coach and skating with his best friend and just so…happy. This is why I write so much about the Cheetahs. This is why special hockey means so much. This is also why I want you to pay attention to the next paragraph.

The Cheetah-thon was a rousing success. Do you want to know one of the reasons why the Cheetah-thon was a rousing success? YOU. YOU helped do this. YOU donated $10 or $50 or $200 or you tweeted about the Cheetah-thon, blogged about it, shared a post about it on Facebook, or commented on one of my posts about the Cheetahs. You let the Cheetah Nation know how much you care about them. Trust me, they noticed.

At the Cheetah-thon, the coach stood in front of the attendees and told the players, “If you’ve ever wondered if you were special, just look around you. All of these people are here for you.”

YOU were there for the Cheetahs. Thank you.

Speaking of which, thank you to Jessica and Stephanie and their families for being the most recent Cheetah donors for Jack. Also, a huge thank you to Sandie and her family (and everyone else who showed up) for coming to the event. A very special thanks to Justine for helping too. You know why.

I promise to tell you more about the Cheetah-thon. Mostly because I can’t damn shut up about it.

Before I go to bed and put a close on this weekend, however, here is one last photo of my birthday boy.

That cake is kind of the perfect metaphor for Team Stimey: sort of weird looking, a little quirky, but delicious and full of love.

(Seriously. Take a bite out of Quinn some time. He’s the tastiest of all. Kinda minty.)

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