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Question?: Pdd Symptoms

Chris asks…

Do you have or have you known someone who has Autism?

I have the disorder known as Atypical Autism. The symptoms that I notice the most in myself are that I seem to lack the ability to empathize with others and I am on the negative end of the spectrum when it comes to socializing.

If you have autism, what parts of it effect you the most…
What part of Autism do you find to be the most debilitating..

admin answers:

Atypical autism is another name for PDD-NOS or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. I have high functioning autism, and I am a sophomore in college majoring in microbiology and neurobiology. What effects me the most is reading social cues and sensory sensitivity. I can’t easily detect whether or not a person is being sincere or sarcastic and I have been taken advantage of because of that. I also have extreme sensitivity to sound. I cannot focus if someone is tapping, I process all sounds at once and cannot ignore any of it. It can lead to a meltdown occasionally. For that reason I have accommodations that allow me to take exams in quiet rooms with white noise headphones. I love pressure and use the squeeze machine invented by Temple Grandin a lot. If you haven’t tried it, you have to. It is Ecstasy to feel the squeeze and it calms me down a lot. For some reason my parents didn’t tell me about my autism until I was 16. I wish they would have done so earlier, up until then. I just assumed I was a bad person. Now I use my insight on autism to improve standards at an autistic school I work at part time

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Charles asks…

Does adhd medication shift your cause of distraction to love?

Since hyperactivity is caused by being too sensitive to what you see and hear, fidgeting etc. does adhd medication make you more distracted by cuddly pets puppies children? Since they are same class drugs as ecstasy (love drug making you want to hug everyone)
Since they are stimulant could they have same effect as caffeine which helps me sleep?

admin answers:

There is NO drug for ADD or ADHD that is even safe! It is only used to get lots of money illegally into doctors pockets and drug companies. “under the table”
Hyperactive is Nothing close to ADD. It means the child is un able to sit still for long and runs a lot! Often with bad tempers. ALL it takes to get it under control is ones decision to want to be under control! Once one decided to and uses the effort, their hyperactivity and tempers are soon all gone! It is a temporary condition!
ADD is a permanent condition. No drug can help ADD! Everyone who really has ADD has three major symptoms! 1. The problem of keeping ones attention. Deep breathing in just the right pattern, and fast will temporary stop it for 12 hours! 2. Everyone that has it is a terrible speller! 3. Ones memories only remember the “strange and unusual”! Unless being tutored!
If you do not have ALL three of these, your do not have ADD. IF you are not as I described for Hyperactive, you do Not have it!
Nobody can have” ADHD” because it si a fake condition dreamed up for $$$$$$ by drug companies! You Research news! It was dreamed up about 1980. Before they dreamed it up, those two condition are never slightly even compared!

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