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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Steven asks…

What do you think about vaccinating and the link to autism?

I’ve read so many conflicting articles, but had come to the conclusion that it’s better to vaccinate than to not. My 4 month old is ready for his second set, and I am having doubts after watching a heartbreaking video on you-tube.
(I certainly wont base my decision on that video) I just want to know what others think. Have a look, if you like:

admin answers:

There are studys that can prove or disprove everything, just do what you think is right. People can try to influence you all day both ways, but its a desicion you need to make. I have had so many people tell me i was a monster for imunizing my daughter, but i cant help but think how horrible i would feel if she caught one of those diseases, and died. I would rather take my chances with the autism. Im not going to watch the video, but if it really makes you feel bad, look up some of the diseases that you are protecting your baby from, and you will feel better about it. Your a good mom for doing your homework about this. Dont let anyonemake you think your making the wrong choice either way.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Test

Maria asks…

Question to people who know about asperger syndrome?

I was diagnosed with asperger syndrome when I was 4. For much of my early child hood I ticked many of the boxes for asperger‘s. Now I’m 14 and I’m starting to have doubts. I don’t tick much of the boxes at all now and I’m wondering if I’ve been mis-diagnosed. I’m a very sociable person now and I function very well in social situations. Is it worth bein tested again or should I just trust what the doctor said when I was 4?

admin answers:

You were only 4 when there was a diagnosis.

It is always good to have a second opinion. It does not hurt. I would go to another doctor that does not know your history and describe to him/her what you mention here.

You might not need a doctor. If it does not interfere with your daily life and you feel you don’t have the previous diagnoses, then I would pitch the diagnoses out the window.

Some of the symptoms of asperger syndrome
– lack of eye contact with other people
– dislike or avoid social interactions

Steve Lam
Autism Specialist
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The Real Secret To Asperger Syndrome

Aspergers syndrome is a neurological condition resulting in a wide array of behaviors. Motor development, speech and thought patterns might all be affected with this condition. The strange behaviors and speech patterns usually isolate people with Asperger’s from society. Persons with Aspergers syndrome or AS may viciously act out because of nervousness, dejection or pressure. Diagnosis and treatment are available to change symptoms and behaviors.

The condition was first noted by Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger in 1944, but because all his findings were written in German, it was not till the early 1980’s that the condition became broadly known. Asperger’s became an official ailment with diagnosis in the early 1990’s. Studies show that 2 out of 10,000 children are affected with the condition and boys are Three to four times more likely to have the illness than girls. Many children are diagnosed by the third birthday, but some develop symptoms as young as infancy.

Doubts arise when a kid experiences developmental delays as evidenced by learning to crawl or walk later than usual, or having difficulties with learning to ride a bike or catch a ball. These kids may appear awkward and develop a bizarre gait which ranges from stiff to bouncy. People show a restricted ability to use gestures when talking and may show diminished or strange facial expressions.

The teenagers begin to develop strange speech patterns, that range from overly formal to monotone. They also have trouble comprehending how to adjust volume levels in various situations. Often times they verbalize statements again and again. There is a restricted capacity to comprehend the difference between literal and figurative language.

Though not always able to express themselves, these children have high levels of intellect. Most become obsessed with a specific item or theme, absorbing enormous amounts of information in an effort to fully cover the subject.

Because of impaired comprehension, speech and motor skills, these children lack good social skills. Few show no desire to interact with others. Out of frustration people develop nervousness and depression, usually causing defiant or aggressive behavior.

Aspergers syndrome might co-exist with other conditions including ADHD, tic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Strange fetal brain cell development resulting in abnormal neural circuitry and transmission are thought to cause the chaos. Some scientists have discovered an excess of specific proteins. Though the condition is genetic, no single gene is accountable, so the condition and symptoms vary for each individual.

Diagnosis is determined by qualified physicians who treat the condition in a variety of ways. Several methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, language and speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, social skills training, and medication are few of the treatment options. Parent support groups and training allow families to share knowledge and experience to better cope with the condition.

If you wish to understand regarding aspergers syndrome, then visit http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com and take guidance from Dave Angel.
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