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Question?: Angry Autistic Child

Helen asks…

Is There Something Indigo Children And Adults Can Do To Handle Their Anger At Ignorance And Dishonesty?

***This is a serious question to Spiritual People. Please no criticism or immature behavior.***

Indigo People are very angry people. My question is:

Is There Something Indigo Children And Adults Can Do To Handle Their Innate Anger At Ignorance, Dishonesty, Violent, And Immaturity Of People?

admin answers:

Indigo is a color which was named and defined by Isaac Newton, and the color falls between blue and violet. It is reported that due to its frequency, even people with good eyesight may have trouble distinguishing it from either color.

The term “indigo” as it relates to psychic children refers to the (Life) color of the aura that purportedly emanates around these youths. Many reports will say that indigo children were born in larger proportions since 1987. But we know that there have always been Indigo people, but in lesser proportions. So those Indigo children who are now adults, probably had the most difficult time of all, because there were few others that they could identify with; or few adults, teachers, and others who understood them or knew how to meet their needs or accommodate them.

Indigo children can often have difficulty in conforming to systems and disciplines which our society deems “normal.” They are extremely sensitve (or fragile), highly talented or gifted; and some are even metaphysically inclined. All Indigo children seem to be wise beyond their years. They have spiritual intelligence or psychic abilities.They are talented daydreamers and visionaries. Many will describe them as being born as “old souls.” They have also been described as having an inner truth detector. These children are particularly empathic and compassionate and will go out of their way to help someone who is hurting.

Too many indigo children are misdiagnosed as ADHD or autistic. The majority of these children have acute diet and food sensitivities–especially to processed foods and food additives. Indigo children who are constantly prescribed medication (for such disorders as ADHD) lose their abilities. Other indigo children who have no support or are around people who can not communicate with them or help them to cultivate their abilities may also become dull or lose their ability. Some kids are riduculed and like other gifted kids, will suppress their abilities.

Parents and teachers may suffer difficulties with these children because of their highly refined sensitivities and emotional complexities which make them frustrated due to the average person’s lack of understanding and knowledge of their reality. Indigo children need parents and adults to help them know they are OK. Likewise, Indigo adults need the same -especially for those in the workplace. They also need the freedom to be creative and unmanaged.

These Indigo children appear to be able to consciously link and communicate somewhat on an energetic “telepathic grid.” They apparently have also taken on the responsibility of assisting the rest of humanity in reaching the same level of love awareness they themselves seem to feel.

Below are some selected links that will tell you more about Indigo people. Last year, there was a world premeire movie released on Indigo Children. Perhaps we will review and discuss the movie in class.

According to the makers of the new movie “Indigo,” if nothing else, the evolution of the world could benefit from a shift to encompass the acceptance Indigo people seem to share.

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Definition Of Autism – A Definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Definition Of Autism

Autistic Spectrum Disorders are written about a large amount of readily in today’s society. This may be due to best identification of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and at an earlier age. Teams of speech and language therapists will see many children who are diagnosed or at the early stages of diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder also seeing young adults who are living with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Working with local multi-disciplinary teams, to help families consider a diagnosis at an earlier age.

This has more recently involved, joint nursery visits with Pediatricians and Educational Psychologists to consider the child’s presenting needs in a range of settings. Through such joint assessments the team of professionals have been able to more consistently support families considering a diagnosis. It is our experience that families report they would have preferred a much more unified approach from the differing disciplines supporting their child.

It is also crucial when considering such a diagnosis that the family is able to build up a rapport with the professionals and that information is shared readily and sensitively along the way. We are sad to hear if parents report that information has been shared insensitively and without due time and care to explain their findings further. It is important to find Speech and Language Therapists who have a special interest in children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who can offer some extensive experience in supporting the assessment procedures and providing a therapy program to support the individual. Definition Of Autism

Managers of speech therapists will have a specialist interest within this group of children and young adults and take pride in striving to ensure that they know about the latest approaches so that therapists are informed to use a personalized combination of these approaches to suit the child, young person and their family. — What is Autistic Spectrum Disorder? People with autism have difficulties communicating, forming relationships with others and find it hard to make sense of the world around them.

Autism is a life-long brain disorder that is normally diagnosed in early childhood. Repetitive behaviors are common across the spectrum, which includes Asperger’s Syndrome. This is a form of autism in which speech development and IQ are normal, but in which social disability can be compounded by depression or other mental health problems. Autism is a spectrum disorder varying in symptoms, severity and impact from person to person and ranging from those with no speech and limited cognitive ability to those of high IQ and typically highly-focused interests and abilities.

Some people with autism demonstrate significantly challenging behaviors. A distinction is made in assessing the needs of people with autism between those who have an IQ of less than 70, who are described as low functioning and classified as having a learning disability, and those who have an IQ above 70 who are often described as high functioning. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Definition Of Autism program now!

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