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Question?: What Is Autism In Spanish

Carol asks…

My teacher wants to take me out of Spanish class!?

I haven’t been doing too well with my Spanish class, so for next year, my teacher wants to put me in this class called Resource, where you learn organization and study skills. The kids who are put in this class are generaly not very bright, and often get made fun of. I don’t know what to do. I want my teacher to reconsider, but she thinks this is a good desicion. Please, please help me!
My mom wants me to be in Resource, so I don’t think she can help in this one.

admin answers:

Are there any other optional classes you can choose from? If you’re not good at Spanish and are good at technical stuff or maths, maybe you can have a class related to those instead of the Resource one. Maybe Spanish isn’t for you, but that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to go into that Resource class instead.

That’s like when I was in the 8th grade doing Latin and Greek and some guidance councillor told my mum she should send me to special ed. Where I could learn packaging (as in working in a factory packaging batteries or special packages of laundry detergent and stuff like that). I had trouble with Greek because of the different letters but I finished high school (even did 3 more years of Latin without too much trouble still). I’ve now been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (on the Autism Spectrum) so I’m guessing she suspected something back then and that was her reason for saying that, but I think I’ve proven that I have more potential than that. I’m glad my mum stood by me and refused to send me to special ed – I’ve worked in factories especially designed to employ people with a disability (as a temp) but that was not something I could have stuck with indefinitely.

Organization and study skills are useful, but if you don’t feel it’s for you, try and find another option. Arts, woodwork, computer class, extra math – there has to be some other option instead of the Spanish, they shouldn’t be able to force you to choose a certain class (except for the mandatory ones like English and maths obviously).

Good luck!!

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Causes

Linda asks…

is there a car disability company in ireland that’s lets u pay monthly,my little girl has retts syndrome?

i have been told that i do need a disabilty car with ramps,so her wheelchair can go in the back but no-one tells you where you are supposed to get the money from,im a single mother to 4 kids and on benefits so there is no way i could get a loan.

admin answers:

Ask the Wheelchair Association in your area http://www.iwa.ie/contact/Default.aspx
or phone the headquarters in Clontarf, Dublin Tel: 01 8186 400

My brother in law is in a wheelchair and advises that there are grants available, and you (the driver) may get more than the disabled person herself. The Wheelchair Association no longer gives out loans but they will have good info about your entitlements.

From my own experience, I can recommend credit union for a loan. They are firmly on the side of members, and not just out to fleece you like many other financial places. You can have up to 5 years to repay the loan, and they try to match repayments with what you can afford to pay without hardship. There are credit unions all over Ireland – find your nearest one, and ask about the benefits of membership.

If your little girl (or her brothers and sisters) are at school, ask there for help to organise a fund-raising function to help provide this needed car. Irish people are great about supporting needy causes, and helping someone close to home in her own community should get a positive response. The Wheelchair Association do fund-raising too, and may either help in some way or give you ideas that you can use to fund-raise.

Good luck !!!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Sharon asks…

Without them telling you can can you tell if a teenager/young adult suffers from the following conditions?

1. Autism
3. Dyslexia
4. Anorexa

You dont have to pick all 4 conditions if you dont want 2. If you just want to pick 1 or 2 then thats fine 🙂

admin answers:

1.sometimes i can tell it really depends on how severe it is. But most of the time i can suspect but i couldnt actally know without meeting them and iinteracting with them and stuff

2 no because symptoms of adhd can all be signs of other things as well. For example some of the signs like inatentiveness and zoning out could actually be explained by a diagnoses of one of the autistic spectrum disorder’s ( autism, asperger’s, ect.) they can also be signs someone just is tired or bored and stuff

3. No how do you know its not some other larning disability or even not an ld at all but alanguage barrier.

4. No you cant tell by just looking

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo Answers

Joseph asks…

Can anyone help me with a report I am doing about parents with children who have autism?

I am a pre-professional educator and we are required by the university to write a report based off an interview with a parent who has a child with a disability. I would really like to write my report based off someone who has autism. If there is anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

I’m not sure how much help I could be, but I’d be happy to help if needed. My son is young he just turned 2 in May, he was diagnosed with autism at 20 months. If I theres any questions I can answer for you I’d be happy to help. Kijejo43@yahoo.com Good luck.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Betty asks…

Can adults be diagnosed with Aspergers for the first time?

And, if so, are there treatments effective for adults who have never been diagnosed before?

admin answers:

Yes, adults can be diagnosed with Asperger’s, even if they have never had an autism spectrum disorder or any other diagnosis previously. And yes, there are treatments that are effective, however many adults being diagnosed for the first time have “self-selected” certain aspects of their lives in order to deal with their disability. For example, often adults with Asperger’s choose jobs where there is not a lot of social interaction required. Here’s a good website that has information about Asperger’s in adults:


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Question?: Autistic Disorder

Lizzie asks…

how do I get my sons artwork noticed?

I have an adult son with an autistic disorder (Asperger Syndrome), who is extremely talented in drawing , but cannot find work in this field because of his disability, how do we go about getting his talent noticed,so that he could earn a living doing this. He has college qualifications in advanced art & design.

admin answers:

I would advise having him participate in all sorts of art-publishing events, no matter how small they may seem. Like those little contests? Fliers? Newspaper requests? Answer them. If they are impressed, they will spread the word.

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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Robert asks…

Is it wrong to have children if you have schizophrenia?

Hello, my situation is this I am in my late twenties, and I have 4 beautiful healthy children. I was diagnosed of having schizophrenia in 2007. I since been on medication and have been seeing a psychiatrist every three months. I have been a stay at home mother since then and have get money from disability. I was married recently and I am pregnant with my 5th child, I would love to have 6 in total. Do you think I am crazy for wanting more? LOL

My husband does have a good job that pays well.

What does society think?

admin answers:

I think if you’re able to financially and emotionally care for these children, even if you need a bit of help at times, there is no reason a person with schizophrenia would be less able to effectively raise children.

When it comes to the genetic possibility of passing schizophrenia along to another generation, this is where it becomes a slippery slope. Is it wrong to have children if you have depression? Is it wrong to have children if you’re diabetic? Once you declare it’s wrong for people who have schizophrenia to have children, what next?

I personally think an individual with schizophrenia has the same right as anyone else to have children. The two arguments against this would be you aren’t able to care for your kids fully because of your illness and you could pass it along. However, you seem like you’ve got your illness treated to a point where you are able to care for your children. And like I said with the genetic argument, it’s really an unethical and unrealistic standpoint considering the millions of genetic diseases that we can pass on to our children.

So no, I don’t think it’s wrong to have children if you have schizophrenia. 6 is a lot of kids for anyone and may be a handful even if your illness is well treated. Don’t be afraid to admit you need the help of a relative or friend if you start getting overwhelmed. Utilize your resources, monitor your illness, and I don’t see why there would be anything wrong with the situation.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Children

Ruth asks…

Any tips on potty training kids with autism?

My daughter has autism and will be 3 next month. I really don’t know how to potty train her since she has limited verbal skills and can not tell me when she needs to go!
I have consulted with “experts” but I would like some tips or feedback from parents or caregivers that have been there as well.
MeShell, we are in Texas too! She is starting school next month when she turns 3.

admin answers:

Toileting can be difficult especially if there is a disability present, some children take longer than others to make the transition, so don’t feel disheartened if she does not want to do it yet, just let it go for a week or two and try again.

Start by keeping a record of the times she is has wet and soiled herself (in her diaper/nappy) over a period of a week or two, with any luck you will have a idea of approximate times, if not a pattern she is going. And then try to have her sit on the potty or toilet around these times.

Make sure has a big drink, every time she has a meal, to encourage the need for elimination, usually children will need to go to the toilet within half an hour after a meal, so this would be a good time to have her sit on the toilet/potty, you will have to do this after breakfast, lunch and tea as part of her routine.

Modeling is another way of encouraging children to use the toilet/potty. The idea is for her to see you actually sitting on the toilet, and see whats in the toilet after you have finished, let her flush the toilet, and then wash hands (all of which are part of toileting). If you reluctant to sit on the toilet in front of her, other siblings are usually more than happy to show others how to wee etc. With boys a ping pong ball with a target or an bulls eye painted on it, and then placed into the loo, the boys love seeing it whiz around, it also teaches them to AIM into the toilet not at it.

Be sure you tell its toilet time, before taking her so she becomes familiar with the word, even when you need to go so she knows its something everyone has to do. As she is not verbal you can teach her the sign for toilet, you may like to draw a picture of the toilet and show her every time your take her to the toilet (you can buy picture cards, but it can be expensive, check links below)

But don’t let her sit on the toilet for more than 10 minutes as she will become bored and resist sitting, have a few toys for her play with while sitting (ones that can be washed easily). Saying that NEVER use the toilet or potty as punishment for soiling themselves, as you will find yourself back to square one.

Be mindful of the toilet flushing upsetting her as it can be a bit noisy for some autistic children, also doing pooh can be a bit frightening too, this can be overcome by modeling as above.

If she does do a wee or pooh make a huge fuss, and tell daddy or grandparents how clever she is.

I use a mix of Makaton sign language and compics to communicate with my clients. Boardmarker is really good program but is a bit expensive too, but well worth the money.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome

David asks…

Should sufferers of Aspergers Syndrome be portrayed as geeks on Beauty and the Geek?

Reality T.V. (beauty and the geek) is nothing more than exploiting guys y on the autism spectrum. Asperger syndrome people are super smart, daggy and lack social skills and should not be labelled as geeks as this is putting them down for their disability.

admin answers:

I would guess that Sheldon is intended to have Asperger syndrome, …. Result fail to treat people who they view as “sufferers” with the same level … Then again the Geek stereotype is alot like the Asperger’s stereotype in many ways. … Yet devoted following among those who apprechiate its beauty …

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In India

Carol asks…

If parental uncle is eligible to avail deduction under IT Act for the amount spent on the treatment of niece?

parents of niece have been expired.She is minor and mentally retarded and fully depends upon me,.but does not have adoption/guardianship.If yes,under which section?

admin answers:

Under Section 80DD, total benefit/deduction available to the individual is a fixed sum of Rs 50,000. In case the disability is over 80%, this figure rises to Rs 75,000.

Section 80DD
Deduction under this section is available to an individual who:
Incurs any expenditure for the medical treatment, training and rehabilitation of a disabled dependant

“Handicapped dependant” means a person who – (i) is a relative of the individual or, as the case may be, is a member of the Hindu undivided family and is not dependant on any person other than such individual or Hindu undivided family for his support or maintenance.

The Rule 11A of IT Rule under Sub-rule 2 prescribes ”

(2) For the purposes of sub-section (4) of section 80DD and sub-section (2) of section 80U, the assessee shall furnish along with the return of income, a copy of the certificate issued by the medical authority,—

(i) in Form No. 10-IA-, where the person with disability or severe disability is suffering from autism, cerebral palsy or multiple disability; or

(ii) in the form prescribed vide notification No. 16-18/97-NI.1, dated the 1st June, 2001published in the Gazette of India, Part I, Section 1, dated the 13th June, 2001 and notification No. 16-18/97-NI.1, dated the 18th February, 2002 published in the Gazette of India, Part I, Section 1, dated the 27th February, 2002 and notified under the Guidelines for evaluation of various disabilities and procedure for certification, keeping in view the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 (1 of 1996), in any other case.

Thus for 80DD , there are two set of forms . One is the form 10-IA which is given in I T Rule . The other is for most of the other disabilities defined in the aforesaid notification published in the Gazette of India .It can be downloaded from here . In this notification , under Annexure B , following two types of forms are provided – one for mental retardation and other of other types of disabilities.


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