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Question?: Schizophrenia Medication

Laura asks…

Is schizophrenia managable without medication or therapy?

My Girlfriend has Schizophrenia, she says she will never take medication for it or go get therapy. (her dad has convinced her that medications are not for mental illness) As for therapy, she doesn’t want to pay for it. Apparently she has had something telling her to hurt ME a couple times before. I love her very much but I don’t want to live the rest of my life worrying about my safety. Is it possible to control the symptoms without medication or therapy?

admin answers:

Sorry, but diet and exercise aren’t usually effective for controlling mental illness. Unless there is an “alternative” treatment that would be effective (do some research) then no…her illness cannot be controlled by doing nothing.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Mary asks…

What causes Schizophrenia besides genetics?

How do you know if some has Schizophrenia?

admin answers:

There are multiple theories on why someone develops schizophrenia this is called ‘heterogeneous’ origin. While there are clear examples of it being inheritable others may have a predisposition that requires an environmental trigger.
During times of famine the incidence of schizophrenia can double and the current theory is that this is socondary to low folate in the diet of the mother. Fortunately with international aid, famines are not as common as they have been historically.
Since schizophrenia is slightly more common in the Northern Hemisphere and slightly more common in late spring births and infective agent was suspected at one time. I don’t know if this is still an area of active research.
Heavy metal toxicity and in particular mercury can cause or worsen symptoms.
The bottom-line may be that there are problems with the inherent antioxidant systems in the neurons that ultimately are supposed to control levels of dopamine. An abundance of dopamine can be neurotoxic. It is the combination to these two things that produce the symptoms.

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Question?: Adhd Symptoms

Thomas asks…

Question for parents that have a child with ADHD or ADD?

My 5yo son has ADHD, he has been taking concerta since August. Parents what steps have you taken to reduce the ADHD symptoms? Id like insight on what other parents are doing. I’m changing his diet and we are going to get out of the house more. What are you doing? I pray this disorder would disappear!
The concerta works fine. I don’t want him on meds forever. I wanted some insight on what other parents are doing. I could always use new ideas.

admin answers:

Who diagnosed him? Is the concerta working?
There are a lot of factors that contribute to adhd type behaviors.

Edit – it depends on what behaviors you want to change. Structure, choosing your battles, consistency (mean what you say and say what you mean, think real hard before you threaten a consequence because you have to follow through and you can’t follow through with certain threats, let’s be honest.) also – don’t go over the top with consequences. Some parents can get so frustrated that they end up giving so many punishments or consequences that the whole point is lost on the child. Like taking away ALL privileges for a month…make the consequence follow the misbehavior as soon as possible. Remember too that a child with adhd can learn to have some measure of control over his behaviors. It just takes a little more time and patience than it would for another child. Good luck.
Oh, and the diet is important – i think anyway in my experience. NO red dye. A lot of people might think that’s a bunch of nonsense, but i’ve seen it – artificial dyes and preservatives do exacerbate adhd behaviors (as well as mood disorders).

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Question?: Pdd

Maria asks…

Is a PDD-NOS patient susceptible to allergy? What food or diet must she avoid?

My daughter ate a hamburger and immediately her skin manifested reddish marks, itchiness and restriction in breathing. She is six and was dignosed to have PDD-NOS when she was about to turn 2 1/2 yr old.

admin answers:

With this type of reaction I’d recommend you seek professional help, visit your ped and request screening for food allergies.

One could not diagnosis on Yahoo answers and with this type of reaction one should be concerned, it may be necessary and recommended that you carry an Epi Pen.

But first and foremost one should determine what exactly caused the reaction so the substance can be avoided, could it be the hamburger, the bun, the seasoning?

This may have nothing to do with the fact that she has pdd-nos.

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Question?: What Is Autism Caused By

Lizzie asks…

Can autism cause a child to go brain dead?

A man at my church cornered me and asked for money, saying he has a five-year old daughter with autism who will go brain dead if she doesn’t get medicine. I know autism is a serious illness, but I’ve never heard of this type of damage occurring. Anyone with some knowledge able to answer if this man is lying to me?

admin answers:

I’m pretty sure not. Autism, in my experience, affects development rather than medical issues. Though changes in diet can help, along with some therapies which can be expensive and are said to work best when started as soon as possible, I’ve never heard of it to cause medical damage (other than seizures, in some cases, but I’ve heard that’s typically around puberty). I have been working with people with autism and studying autism since I was five (due to my little brother) and have never heard of this. If it were true, it would be sudden, not something that one would have warning for. If you’re sure it was autism, then I’m 99.9% sure he just made it up. It’s not even as much an illness as just a need to be taught and/or interacted with differently. Hope this helps!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

Ruth asks…

Does anybody have any suggestions on the Thimerosal Vaccine?

My daughter is 1 year 2 and a half weeks old. She is up to date on all her shots and we haven’t had any problems so far. But I am really worried about this Thimerosal problem. I just heard about the connection of Thimerosal and autism in toddlers last week. My daughter is due for another set of shots in 2 months. Does anybody know of any websites or have any suggestions on if I should allow them to give her the shots? Has anybody not let the doctors give the vaccines because of this problem?

admin answers:

Http://www.909shot.com is a really good unbiased website.

You should also be concerned about the formaldehyde, aluminum and other preservatives in vaccines that are neurotoxins. My oldest two daughters are fully vaccinated, unfortunately I didn’t know then what I know now about vaccines. My youngest(6 months) will not be vaccinated. I do see that my oldest has eczema, symptoms of ADHD, slight learning disability and gets sick from anyone one with a mild virus she comes in contact to. I currently have her seeing a holistic chiropractor and I am trying to keep her diet as organic as possible. Is it caused by vaccines, no one knows. What I know is that the manufactures have not tested vaccines for carcinogens, but formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury are all known carcinogens. Cancerous material in our children’s bodies!, Scary isn’t it? The chance of a healthy unvaccinated child getting a disease that a vaccine covers is almost nil, none, notta. People say that if your child does not get the vaccine then your child is going to die from that disease. Why? We don’t live in a third world country and we have the medical technology to take care of us, right? The chance of a child dying from a disease that a vaccine would cover is slim if your child were not vaccinated. Vaccines are not 100% effective and there are many long term issues that come from vaccinating, with the rise in the # of vaccines given to a child under the age of one, there has been a huge rise in ADD, ADHD, Autism, cancer, autoimmune disease and disorder, heart disease, heart attacks, and neurological damage. Good luck to you and your family. From one parent to another.

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Question?: Pdd Nos Symptoms

Maria asks…

Autism when was the first case diagnosed? Did it start with Mercury exposure?

my daughter has autism and severe mercury poisoning!!!! WHY???

admin answers:

Two of my kids have a form of autism called PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental delay, not otherwise specified). One has mercury and aluminum poisoning, and my son has aluminum poisoning. We measured this in their hair, urine and blood. My older daughter with mercury poisoning and symptoms got shots with mercury as a baby before this was removed. I also got a flu shot containing mercury while I was pregnant. My young son is no longer autistic after treatment to remove aluminum (zinc supplements, elimination of aluminum in diet and melatonin). Both of my affected children became autistic overnight…stopped speaking completely for several weeks, not gradually as autistic specialists try to convince parents, my son stopped smiling, laughing, saying mama and cheering when his dad came home from work all the morning after he received shots at 15 months, coincidentally the most common time for children to develop symptoms of autism. My son was discharged by all of his therapists within 2 weeks of when we began treatment for aluminum poisoning; none of his therapists had ever seen a child recover so well or so quickly. They have shared this info with other parents, and so far, of 20 children tested, 18 have been found to have aluminum poisoning as well, and some also had mercury poisoning. This really does happen.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Older Children

Carol asks…

What would you do if your kid body rocked and hit his head on things?

He is 6 yes old, non autistic who seems to get that he does it and still does it! It keeps my 8yr old awake and my 2yr old or if asleep wakes all of us!

admin answers:

Lots of kids rock and bang, especially if they feel stressed in some way. It is no big deal in most situations. You might want to have your son run and play outside more to relieve the stress of being a kid these days. Don’t let him watch too much TV or play violent video games. Make sure he is getting a good diet and enough sleep. If the rocking and banging continues or gets worse you might want to talk to his doctor, but I bet he/she will tell you the same thing I just did.

SOME children with Autism Spectrum rock or bang but it is a minor sign of Autism and if your son has no other symptoms he probably does NOT have Autism. Don’t let anyone scare you into thinking there is something wrong with your son!

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Question?: Pddl

Sandra asks…

I’m seriously ugly as fuck, should I just commit suicide?

I’m 15-Female.

I have dark upper lip hair.
My hair gets burned up very quickly.
My face is covered in multiple large blemished that just sit there and dot do anything but hurt. They never go away all at the same time. My teeth are all bumpy on the ends or they’re sharp and pointy or just pddl shaped. And my bottom teeth are all out of wack. I look anerexic, I’m completely flat chested. I’m short. I’ve been told I have bug eyes. Ive been told i look like a dog. ive been told i look lika man because me and my older brother look ALOT alike. I have a stye on my left eye that won’t go away ive had it for like 2 months and doenst hurt..it just sits there on the top of my eye lid. Nothing I do helps my face I’ve tried soo many cleansers and they don’t do shit and I’m tired of it. I want to die I’m so fucking ugly. Yesterday I looked in the mirror and started crying because my face is unfixable. Should I just commit scuicide?

admin answers:

Why do you want to kill yourself at such an early age? Kids can be cruel an what they are saying about you, they only say it to get a reaction out of you.
Here’s some tips you might want to try.
1. See a dentist about your teeth, he/she might file them down to get them even and get rid of the bumps and might give you braces.

2. Try changing your diet by eating different foods. You might be eating foods that your metabolism burns up quickly. See your doctor about your weight and what foods you need to be eating to stop you looking anorexic. See your doctor about your blemishes and stye see what they recommend. If cleansers aren’t helping then don’t use them, see what your doctor recommends
3. You’re too concerned about how your body looks when you have at least 6 years of growth still in you. Whether your breasts grow bigger or not, are you wanting guys to see you or your breasts first
3. Christina Ricci was called bug-eyed when she was young, look at her now, she’s a stunner. My second oldest daughter was called the same too and she’s grown up into a beautiful young woman. Don’t listen to all the insults, I know it’s not nice to be insulted but there will come a day when they’ll have to eat their words when they see how different you are in a few years time, just like Christa Ricci and my daughter

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Question?: Treatment For Autism

Daniel asks…

How effective are the treatments for Autism?

Does it get better on its own without treatment?

admin answers:

As a medical professional that has researched autism for 2 years I think treatment is part of the puzzle. You need speech ot aba diet and B12 injections. These all work for my child as well as many supplements

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