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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

David asks…

Where should I look for child care for 3 yr old with mild autism?

admin answers:

Check with your local infant/child care centre, GP or hospital for the relevant information on groups, help and respite for your toddler and for yourself. They should also have current information on the latest treatments and ideas to help you with the day to day care of your child and their individual needs, including child care options. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Autism And Diet – Are There Miracle Cures For Autistic Children?

Autism And Diet

If you have a child with the disorder of autism, you are probably looking for a” miracle cure” for the treatment. Are there “miracle cures” for your child? Because autism is a mysterious disorder, there are many treatments that are being used, tested and often tried. New approaches are always being introduced with new theories, tests and information to try.

Autism is a disorder that has many variations and levels of the disorder. Parent(s) and caregiver(s) are all hoping for a “miracle cure”, that would solve the disorder and cure the individuals who have it, at the present time.

Experts in the field have encouraged parent(s) to try various treatments. For example, applied behavior analysis (ABA). This kind of treatment is usually used for younger children and it helps teaching on more of a one-to-one approach, to help the young children learn different skills. Using this kind of treatment, it challenges the individual to understand skills of functioning in our daily society. This kind of treatment is expensive and it is not a “miracle cure”.

There are numerous thoughts about diet for individuals with autism that would cure or help the disorder. Many parent(s), caregiver(s) have tried the gluten-free or casein-free diet. Gluten, is found in certain foods containing barley, rye, wheat. Casein, is found in mild, cheese and other dairy products. Autism And Diet

There have been positive reports, that this kind of diet does help the autistic individual but, there have been experts that state this kind of a diet does not show positive results. In addition, this kind of treatment, is not a “miracle cure” for autism.

There are many other approaches that are considered to be helpful and positive for the treatment of autism. Those too, are not considered to be a “miracle cure” for the disorder of autism.

It is wise to be updated on current information that is accurate for the treatment of autism. There are claims for treatments that do work or help in regulating autism and other treatments that do not meet what is expected, that it was suppose to do. Never the less, there are no “miracle cures” for autism.

To be on the safe side, if you do not know who to believe, trust or what to try for your child, it is an excellent plan to check with your autism specialists, network with parent(s) who have autism, be updated on current information, by doing research, asking questions, support groups and keep a current notebook or record of the information you find.

There is hope for autism. Experts are doing their best to do research to find a way to cure, help, and find out the cause of autism. For the present there is no “miracle cure” for autism.
You as parent(s) and caregiver(s) must do your part to gather information on what could be a “miracle cure”, search, learn and communicate with people on your common ground by networking.

For now, there are no “miracle cures” for autism, but it can be improved. Most individuals, are able in some way to live and function with their families and their surroundings. Never give up but remember there is hope to discover a “miracle cure” for autism. Autism And Diet

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