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Question?: Autistic Angry Outbursts

David asks…

what should i do about my autistic boyfriend..?

Well, before you try and tell me I’m limiting myself don’t even bother I don’t care what you say to me i’m not leaving him! If your going to be mean then get off this question because if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

I’m 15, turning 16 soon and my boyfriend is 17. He has a job, and I love him. He’s good looking, hes the whole package but he does have a few problems due to mild autism i guess? you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s slightly autistic by looking at him, but mentally there are a few flaws i wanted to talk about today…

if he says something or breaks something or does something i’m not happy with i might get a bit angry and/or annoyed like any other girlfriend would right? but he gets all scared and he crawls in a corner and won’t come near me unless i offer a cuddle or a kiss.. or if i just stand there he grabbed my leg and cuddles my leg… at first i thought this was adorable but now it’s starting to worry me slightly… i know i don’t get or look to angry so why does he get so scared? i’ve tried talking to him but it doesn’t help…

i mean, there are so many things i love about him, but there are also a few problems like this which are unusual…

any advice..?

heather? – don’t try and make it sound like i’m bothered. i’m “WORRIED”
kimmi, your missing the point that i am worried there is a deeper problem somewhere… for god sake i’m only 16 stop making me feel so guilty i’ve been there for him

admin answers:

Amy Rose, can I commend you, as another poster has also done so, in that you have been mature enough at this age to see past what some might see as an obstacle.

It seems like you have genuine feelings for this guy, you love him, and more importantly, you are smart enough to recognise an issue that needs attention, and you want to figure out how to work at it.

People with autism have problems with social interactions, and have difficulties controlling/reading emotions in the natural way that say you or I do. What that means, is that even the slightest bit of anger, may seem very scary to your boyfriend. He cannot pick up that you’re not being very angry, he just knows that something bad happened.

There could be an underlying issue from his past that could be causing him to behave in this way and maybe that is something that you could talk to him about.

I think the best advice I can give you, is to be completely 100 per cent direct with your boyfriend. If you are annoyed about something he does, stop and think if it is within his control or not. If it is something that you genuinely think he can prevent himself from doing, then it is worth discussing. But sometimes these outbursts can be a cause of lack of control in difficult situations so you do need to be very tactful. Speak to him directly about your concerns, what it is that annoys you, but just do your best to try not to be too negative, as that may affect his self esteem.

Good luck I really hope you work things out.

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Therapeutic Massage For Autistic Children

Autistic children are different. Autism can be broadly defined as a kind of brain disorder. Parents become aware that they have an autistic child when he or she is 2-3 years old. From then onwards their life becomes very challenging as they struggle to cope with their child. Most autistic children shut themselves from the world and like to remain in a cocoon of loneliness. They hate to communicate with another adult and detest being touched. They are unable to use language properly even to express their basic needs. The child is usually unable to form sentences and may repeat a few words that he has heard. Some may be dumb Most have an extremely short attention span unable to concentrate on anything for more than two minutes. The most heartbreaking fact for parents is the child’s inability to express love in the form of kisses hugs or cuddles. Many exhibit behavioral problems by displaying fits of uncontrollable rage

At times an autistic child drives parents crazy. They usually go in for various treatments both conventional and unconventional and hope that it will bring them positive results. More often than not disappointment follows. Research has shown that massage therapy often works wonders for an autistic child. There are many kinds of massage therapies available but the parent has to learn with the help of the therapist what works for their child. Though most autistic children hate to be touched many react positively to massage therapy. Parents should learn the correct massage techniques from a massage therapist. It is important that the massage is given in the right way to bring positive results. Before you begin the exercise, make the child look at your mouth and say the word massage slowly. By repeating it everyday your child will learn what to expect when you say the word. Massage in the form of long soothing strokes especially on the head, face and neck is very effective. Make a timetable and set aside a particular time each day for massage. Giving a massage before your child goes to sleep works wonders. Many parents of autistic children reported that their hitherto sleepless child experienced sound sleep for a greater period of time. Parents of autistic children who have practiced massage therapy made glowing reports of their child’s progress. The attention span of most children increased substantially helping them to focus on the task they were doing. The child no longer loathed being touched and was able to bond better with his or her parents and other children. They were calmer and experienced less behavioral problems.

Another benefit from massage that few people are aware of is that it helps to remove toxins from our connective tissue and muscles which makes our child lead a healthier life. Many autistic children have lower levels of the hormone Oxytocin which induces feelings of warmth and emotional connections in our body. According to research massage helps to release Oxytocin in our body which is so necessary for autistic children. Long soothing strokes help drive away stress and make them more relaxed which help them respond in a better way to their environment. Massage therapy makes the autistic child feel that the world is a safe place and helps them relate to it in a better way.

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Signs Of Autism In A Toddler – Identifying The Signs Of Autism

Signs Of Autism In A Toddler

How a child socially interacts at an early age is one of the key signs of autism. These children will often not respond to their names or will be unable to smile or even look at the people who are talking to them. They will dislike most forms of affection such as cuddles or kisses and will often avoid any form of eye contact. More signs of autism include not being able to play with others socially or even lack the ability to play imaginary games.

Key warning signs include not being able to make friends or not showing any form of anxiety around strangers. This specific lack of anxiety may occur during the first year of infant development. They will also not be anxious when being separated from their mothers this is due to the inability to feel empathy towards others.

Signs of autism in a toddler will most likely be of a verbal nature due to autism mostly being confirmed in toddlers when they are between three or four years of age. They will be unable to sustain any form of conversation, certain phrases or sayings that the average child will be able to say during this growing phase will not be used by children with autism. They will instead acquire repetitive natures in certain areas. For instance, an increasing obsession with particular articles. If one should encounter a child with autism, they will mostly likely appear as if they are deaf. This is not always the case, but due to their lack of responsive and communication abilities this deduction is often made. Signs Of Autism In A Toddler

A child usually speaks after achieving the first few milestones in early childhood development. However, with children diagnosed with autism one side could be complete lack of verbal skills resulting in not being able to talk at all. Another sign of autism can be the parroting of certain phrases or words they hear repeatedly, resulting in an obsession. They will also tend to confuse pronouns such as “I” or “We”, often exchanging the one for the other in limiting conversations.

A child with autism will develop certain limited interests or display movements of a repetitive nature. They will also be highly inflexible when it comes to certain rituals they wish to follow. Due to this they over focus their attention on certain objects of their choice.

Another symptom is that children with autism can become increasingly sensitive when it comes to senses such as taste, smells or sounds. This will cause frustration for the child and could cause erratic outbursts. They will also think nothing of harming themselves as in some cases their sensitivity to physical sensations are numbed.

In recent research it is shown that twenty percent of children with autism suffer negative changes between early child development and abilities that are totally impaired. Knowing the signs of autism will ensure that you are properly educated on the origins as well as treatments and symptoms of autism, which will ultimately prevent your child from regressing should the necessary treatment be administered. Signs Of Autism In A Toddler

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