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Question?: What Is Autism Caused By

Joseph asks…

Can a baby grow up with disorders if he keeps falling on his head?

this is the 4th time this month my 18 month old brother fell on his head because of my fathers negligence. Can this cause mental disorders in children when they get older? I question if this is why I have been labeled as having high functioning autism because cause my negligent father may have allowed me to get dropped on my head as a baby. I tend to blank out alot and it takes me longer get things done.

admin answers:

Why does he even do that? Seriously if he can’t take care of a child he shouldn’t even be around one. I don’t understand why you guys allow him to be around a 18 month old baby if he can’t take care of him properly.

Obviously if he keeps letting it happen damage can be caused to the babies brain and it can be fatal. You guys need to step up and keep an eye out on the baby. He can end up loosing the baby to CPS if something happens to the child because of his negligence.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome In Boys

Carol asks…

Who here has had their families disrupted by an autistic child?

My daughter is almost 9 and we love her very much, but she has become almost too much for the family to handle. She started her 4th different medication this morning, we have tried Ritalin, Adderal, Risperdal (an anti-psychotic) and today Strattera. I am at the doctor with her every month and we still don’t even have a firm autism diagnosis (and they have been working with her for SIX YEARS). She is in special ed. classes year-round in the lowest functioning classroom, and operates at about a 12 month level…I realize as a parent you do what you have to do, but the emotional strain of having a child that does nothing but SCREAM day and night has taken its toll on all of us. I know about respite care but that scares me b/c of the chance someone could be mean to her or molest her or anything like that, and she wouldn’t be able to tell us that it happened. She is very clumsy and has hurt herslef twice this past year, and CPS just LOVES to visit my home and give me grief about it.
As I said we love her very much but the starin has become too much to handle. If anyone has similar experiences I would love to hear your story and make chat for some support…Thanks…Mommy 38 weeks with number 6

admin answers:

Hello…my daughter has an autistic spectrum disorder (Rett Syndrome) and if you haven’t had her tested for this please do! It mostly affects girls as autism mostly affects boys, and girls with it are usually misdiagnosed with autism or CP. Www.rettsyndrome.org

Yes, it is very stressful and has a huge strain on the family. But there are a lot of support groups out there. You always have to be careful about caregivers. I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and scared to death to EVER leave her alone with anyone. If I do use respite, I will make sure it is a female. My daughter is only 3 and will enter school soon…I will keep a very close eye on them! I will drop in whenever I can unannouced. Why does CPS visit you? I have never even talked to them. What are the meds for?

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Infants

Betty asks…

What’s the difference between child with behavioural problems and child with autism?

Can someone explain

admin answers:

Ok. As the mother of a 19 year old with high functioning autism, here is my reply:

Autism is an actual neurological disorder. It has very specific symptoms that involve communication and social skills.It’s developmental. Sometimes you can tell from birth, but usually they meet their early milestones and seem like bright, healthy babies, but then they lose ground sometime before they are 3. Here’s how it came about in my son.

Birth to 2: almost 8 pounds, 21 inches, normal, met all of infant and many toddler milestones. Actually really outgoing and happy. Paid a lot of attention to people. If someone accomplished something, he would laugh and say, “You did it!” Hilarious, outgoing kid. My husband and I are both tall, so his physical growth was off the charts.

Age 2-3: Started withdrawing. No interest whatsoever in toilet training. Screamed and banged his head. Pediatrician just said I wasn’t disciplining him properly. Daycare talked to us about his “violent tendencies” and said they were “frightened he would hurt the baby” (I was pregnant with his sister). Constant calls from daycare. I read every toddler care and discipline book I can locate, and nothing really helps. Finally daycare calls CPS, who signs us up for “voluntary” parenting services with a goal of “helping D demonstrate positive feelings about himself, as his mother has failed to bond with him.”

Mother becomes hormonal basket case wondering if she is completely bat shit nutso and a terrible parent in spite of her efforts and deep love for her son.

3-6 Some things get better; school is still hard. At home, we let D explore his own ideas and have a lot of free reign, and he actually is able to discern that some things are ok at home that are not ok at school. He is a fabulous older brother, and imaginative, saying, “Kiki! Let’s be pirates!” Sister, for her part, loves to watch what he is doing with Legos, dinosaurs and the other things he is obsessed with. While his kindergarten teacher nearly pops an artery by the end of the year, his first grade teacher sees his brightness and potential.

Age 7 – the end of first grade. He has been seeing a child psychiatrist for 3 years and after miserably failed trials on different ADHD meds, he is diagnosed with high functioning autism. This changes everything and also helps everything.

Age 8-13 — up years and down years in school. Incidents include emotional outbursts, not doing his work, drawing all the time (he is now obsessed with his art work and comics) and while some teachers are concerned that other children are withdrawing from him, we manage to convince him, that being autistic, he doesn’t care that much. It’s not an attractive trait, but it is true. He still hugs us and loves others. He is reasonably successful in Boy Scouts and goes to one of the major scout camps called Many Points. No one feels ambivalent about D — they love him or they don’t like him at all.

Age 14-18 High school is hard and the principal is a douche. D’s behavior and interest in schoolwork are not great, but it’s not like he causes that many issues. He is in special education. The school never quite understands that D does not need help understanding the content areas of his school work. If he needs an aide in class, it’s to keep him on task. You might think that if he was just a little less “Lazy” or more self disciplined, that he wouldn’t need help with that either, as he is a bright boy. You would be wrong. He goes to a youth camp and pisses off his whole group by tipping their canoe. Yet, they give him some understanding. He’s a fairly typical teen, but he doesn’t date, go to activities, or work, or really have more than one friend — another autistic boy who is content to not socialize with him either.

His high school years are capped off with an art show/graduation party in which he shows over 100 works of digital art and dozens of ceramic and pewter sculpture projects. He is admitted to art school locally and still lives at home.

19 — his lack of interest in his hygiene and general lack of motivation will hold him back, but he would LOVE to move out of the house, so he is cooperating with Voc Rehab and learning to work, etc. He has actually had two paid “internships” in janitorial work and maintenance and his supervisors found his work and attention to detail impeccable, his personality pretty cool, and his hygiene to be desired. He has never dated. He hangs with his brother and sister and does not really have any pals of his own.

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Laura asks…

What baby vaccines are considered “dangerous” and why?

Okay, I’m totally freaked and didn’t know you were “allowed” to not have your kid vaccinated. Do you know which vaccines are considered dangerous and if so why? And, our little girl is 9 months old and has already had 3 sessions of shots for DTP, HiB, Polio, Hep B, PCV, and RV. Any info anyone knows is great. Thank you!

admin answers:

There are many toxins in all vaccines.

The one most people are concerned about is the MMR (usually given between 12-15 months) It may be connected to Autism somehow.

But all vaccines have ingredients in them, you’d never want to give your child otherwise. Aluminum, Formaldahyde, Aborted Fetus Cells, Monkey Cell, Paint thinner.. .The list goes on and on…

You do not HAVE to give your child any vaccines. They are supposedly “required” to enter school/daycare, but you can sign a waiver (very easy to do actually!) to enter public schools. Private schools can deny your child entrance. That’s it. Doctors/Insurance/CPS cannot make you vaccinate.

I did a lot of research, and if you read the statistics.. Serious side effects occur more often because of vaccines, than serious effects these diseases…

Good Luck with your research! ~

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