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Question?: Adhd Test

Mandy asks…

is it possible to do too poorly on an adhd test?

i took an adhd test a couple days ago. what happens if i do TOO poorly on it? this is a serious question.

admin answers:

You can’t do poorly in an ADHD test. ADHD test is not like an exam at school. Maybe the word test is not the right word – ADHD screening or ADHD diagnosis may be more accurate. The objective of the ADHD test, along with other factor, is to diagnose if you have ADHD.

Most importantly. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that ADHD is a bad thing. ADHD could be the best thing that happens to you. It also means that you might be having problem focusing at school because your mind wanders around, which is not a bad thing in itself. If you have ADHD, this is something you will need to learn to handle.

Be cool, you are in a great company.

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