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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Test

Sandy asks…

Who would an adult go to get tested for aspergers syndrome and dyslexia?

Counselor? General psychologist? Someone specializing in aspergers?

I’m 20 and I believe that I could possibly have aspergers and a mild form is dyslexia. Also, do you think aspergers and dyslexia are related at all?


admin answers:

You need a “clinical psychologist” who specialises in Autism Spectrum conditions.

There may be a link between AS and dyslexia, with a significant number (but nowehere near the majority) having both, but that doesn’t mean there’s a causal relationship.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome In Boys

Sharon asks…

A question about genetics. I have a child with ?

PDD-NOS, which is an autism spectrum disorder. I’ve read that normally people have a 1 in 150 chance of having a child with autism, but it jumps up to 1 in 20 for people who already have an autistic child.

My question is, does anyone know what my chances would be of having a child with classic autism or Rett‘s syndrome? I’m not worried about having a child with PDD-NOS or Aspergers, but I do have concerns about having a child with classic autism.
Hi Sally! Last July my son had been checked for Fragile X since he not only has PDD, but also scored low on a few I.Q. tests and has hyper-flexibility in his joints. However, he was not found to have this condition. I thank God, because I was terrified.

He’s seeing the genetics counselor again next Monday (for what, I do not know) but when I had asked the doctor the question, I didn’t receive much more than an answer that I have around a 1 in 20 chance of having another child with an ASD, but wasn’t informed on the risk for having one with classic autism. I was just hoping that possibly someone here knew the risk.

admin answers:

Hi …I am not sure but i was told i ‘might’ have another child with autism if i were to have another baby, i know a lady who has three children two girls and a boy the two older girls both have autism one more severe than the other the boy doesn’t have problems, so i would say yes there is always a chance

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 3 Year Old

Daniel asks…

How long does it take to make a proper autism evaluation?

My 4 year old brother has gone to 3 evaluations (all of which have lasted no more than a half hour) and has been diagnosed with a minor, minor case of autism. I really don’t think this is enough time to get to know a child and make a proper diagnosis.

admin answers:

Sorry, but some can diagnose in 5 minutes. Usually, they take a few hours to do special testing, ask questions, observe, etc. So they can list all the reasons why. But, if a child walks in a counselor’s office, ignores everyone, repeatedly spins objects, and has speech problems, on top of the parents listing all the symptoms, I am sure experienced counselors will feel confident in their diagnosis.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Susan asks…

Question about anxiety disorder and medication in children?

My child is on the autism spectrum and his counselor suspects he also has an anxiety disorder. The dr. keeps prescribing antipsychotics, which have all made his condition worse; so did Luvox.

Besides behavioral therapy, is there any medication or other treatment that alleviates anxiety in children?

admin answers:

Hi, ecter. I’m an aspie, but i don’t know about treatment for children. I do know there’s an amazing support community on line. If you’d like, i can post to my aspie groups about the question.

We’re up in arms over the ‘find a cure’ campaign, but everybody’s in favor of treatment to help spectrum kids cope, and they know a lot more than i do.

Email me if you want me to ask the aspies.

Good luck.

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Camp Stimey is Dead; Long Live Camp Stimey

So. Camp Stimey. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that every summer I run Camp Stimey for my kids. I plan theme weeks and we do activities to keep busy and learn.

You can find a summary of most of our theme weeks over there in the right sidebar—or by clicking this link.

Camp Stimey is beloved, by both me and by a lot of you. So it is with great sadness that I have to say that I think Camp Stimey has run its course as an official, consistent activity of Team Stimey.

I’m sorry.

Part of it is that I’ve lost the energy to organize and plan it every week during the summer. Part of it is that my kids are older and need less structure. Part of it is that it is harder to come up with activities that keep the attention of all three of them. And a big part of it is that Jack is in full-day camp for five weeks every summer, so it is hard to plan all the fun stuff without him.

I came to this realization during this summer’s Week One, which was Magic Week. Never fear, I will be regaling you with our activities. They include a knife fight. For reals.

Also, don’t cry too much about Camp Stimey. Camp Stimey will stick around in some form or other. It’s just that it will be less consistent and formalized so I don’t feel bad when I flake on it. And I know none of you are all, “Why the hell did she take a week off from Camp Stimey?! UNFOLLOW!!!” but I don’t like not following through on things, so now instead of being all, “Dammit, I have to think of something to do for Camp Stimey, oh, fret, fret, fret!” I will get to say, “I know no one expected Camp Stimey this week, but I set up an entire Olympic tournament to take place in my yard this week, which makes me awesome for going above and beyond!”

See how it works?

Also it’s the end of July and we’ve done exactly one Camp Stimey week, so I can’t imagine that this is a surprise to anyone.

Please address your comments and concerns to Head Counselor Stimey.

p.s. Do you think I could use the term “Stimey” more in this post?

p.p.s. Stimey

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at once

Dropping Katie off at camp – God help me


I’m not ready to write about dropping my baby girl off at sleep-away camp. I just can’t do it yet. What I can tell you is that I have never been more proud of her – for knowing herself, for following her gut, for handling it all exactly the way that she needed to handle it. Which in the end, was far better than her Mama.

Since we’d headed North to drop her off, we decided to just keep going and spend a couple of nights at our favorite spot in Maine. It was lovely. It was weird. I felt like I was missing my left arm.

Shopping around town without my little style critic was just wrong. I found myself missing her more at every stop. Hell, I even missed her complaining that she was bored and asking me to buy everything in sight. Go figure.

Since I couldn’t spend time shopping with her, I spent most of it shopping for her. I walked through town compiling her care package – a heart-shaped rock from the beach, sparkly tattoo pens, nail polishes in various neon colors, a rainbow dyed sweatshirt, a sailor’s rope bracelet, a whoopee cushion. I conjured an image of her giggling with her bunkmates as they placed the whoopee cushion on the seat of some poor, unsuspecting counselor, then ran for the hills. I prayed that she’d made friends to run and giggle with.

Meanwhile, Brooke was out of sorts. Happy as a clam at the beach on day one, by day two it no longer held her interest and she was simply ready to go home. Before we left, we spent a little time at the pool. And there we were when she shivered and demanded of no one in particular, “I need a towel!”

We’ve been working hard on encouraging her independence, so I pointed to the young man near the entrance who handed out the towels. “Brooke,” I said pointing at him, “you can go ask that man for a towel.”

She looked in the direction I was pointing, then back at me. “Which man?” she asked.

“The man at the little desk, baby,” I said. “The one near that big red basket of towels.”

She took a few steps toward him, then stopped.

“Where is the man?” she asked.

I took a couple of steps to meet her, then pointed again. He was only about three yards in front of her, with no one else in the way, but his presence just wasn’t registering.

Still pointing to him, I described his clothing. “See him there, honey? In the white shirt and blue shorts?”

She pointed at him now and followed her own finger for a few steps, then stopped abruptly and turned back to me.

“What do I say again?” she asked.

“Just say, ‘Excuse me, sir, may I have a towel please?” I answered.

She turned back to him, armed and ready.

“Excuse me, sir …” she began.

Before she could finish the sentence, the young man had unceremoniously thrust a towel into her chest. Despite the fact that there was no one else around them, his gaze was fixed in the exact opposite direction.

As she took the towel from him, she finished her sentence, determined to see her task through. “… may I have a towel please?”

He said nothing.

She turned and walked away holding her towel.

If she had noticed the awkwardness in their interaction, she did nothing to show it.

If he had noticed the awkwardness in their interaction, he did nothing to show it.

I wondered if on any level, they’d recognized something in one another.

My girl returned with her towel, triumphant. And of all the emotions running through me in that moment, the only one I let slip was pride.


In town, feeding Doc, the horse

Oh my God, no, you may not pick the horse’s nose, Brooke.

Much better


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Autism Spectrum Quotient – Does My Child Have Aspergers?

Autism Spectrum Quotient

Aspergers is one of a good number of of the autism disorders. Difficulties in social interaction and restricted interests and activities are the chief apparent traits. Only a specialized psychiatrist or counselor can determine if your child has Aspergers. There is a test known as the Autism-Spectrum Quotient or AQ. Autism Spectrum Quotient

This will give you an indication of how likely it is that your child has Aspergers. In the meantime here are some indications that will give you an idea if you should go to a doctor or not: Do you think your child is quirky about some things? Does your child have poor or limited social skills? Does your child appear to be selfish and unwilling to play with other children?

Does your child appear to be unsympathetic toward others when they make a mistake? Does your child prefer to do things in specific repetitive patterns? Is your child good at math or art or music? Is your child unable to do things like a somersaults and cartwheels? Is your child uncoordinated or slow physically? Does your child complain about certain colors, itchy labels on their skin, and certain types of foods? Autism Spectrum Quotient


Can your child look you in the eyes while talking? If most of these apply, then your child might have a tendency to be diagnosed with Aspergers. If not Aspergers, then perhaps an different diagnosis within the autism spectrum. But only a doctor can make the accurate diagnosis.

This definitely will make your child unique if they have it. There doesn’t seem to be any long term medication that can be given like to child who has ADD or ADHD. Keep them in a regular school to learn social skills is a must. It is very important to work closely with the teacher and others to help them in the day to day management of their behavior. Behavior therapy to learn how to deal with the differences is the most prescribed treatment. Autism Spectrum Quotient

Most people with Aspergers will learn coping techniques that they will use throughout their daily lives. They still need support and encouragement. to realize that this is merely a difference and not a disability. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Autism Spectrum Quotient program now!

Autism Spectrum Quotient is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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Recommendations For The Parents On What Needs To Be Done Regarding Kids With Asperger Syndrome

The challenging role of explaining and understanding the condition of their kid needs to be done by the parents in order to help them. Kids having aspergers have so many demands which should be met. As a parent, working on your own is not a good idea. It can be too much for you to handle the situation alone. You need guidance and so you must get some guidance, not only for your kid but for yourself as well.

Get a Counselor:

Children with Aspergers are often times at risk of depression, even to simple matters. This emotion might just occur in a surprise that if you cannot notice immediately, might lead to something more serious. And you as a parent, you might get upset with your kid’s behavior and lose your patience. A counselor can keep you focused on your drive for your kid thus it is smart to ask for their help.

Coordinate With Family Members:

Everyone in the family should play their role, as a mother, father, sister, or brother – each of the family has a role and it is extremely important that this role is acted with consistency. Keep in mind, kids with aspergers have the tendency to repeat a certain routine or action, depending on what interests them. As a family member, therefore, you must be willing to understand this behavior. You, as a parent, must make it clear to the rest of the family what their child is experiencing so they too could be equipped and could provide assistance and suggest the best approach they’ll make to cope with the situation.

Share Your Emotion With Your Pals:

As much as your friends might feel affectionate towards you, they do not know what you’re experiencing unless you share with them what you’re going through. True friends will understand and support you. It is easy to work things out when many individuals are willing to provide assistance and get involved. Your pals are even amazing stress relievers and above all, you need this to keep going and keep your spirit lifted. Connection between you and your kid is of paramount importance and you need to keep this with the child.

Parents of kids with aspergers should try to lead a normal life despite of the condition of their kid. They should not isolate themselves from others. So if you’re one among the parents of a kid with aspergers, you must equip yourself and get all the guidance you could get to provide assistance to your kid and make him feel indifferent from other persons.

Access the best Asperger syndrome community to assist with your parenting by going to http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com
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