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Question?: Adhd Medications

Ken asks…

Is there a way I can get cheap ADHD medication without insurance?

Right now, I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford it. Not only that, but I also have ADHD. I’m really trying to bring it under control, but it’s very hard. Is there any way I can get cheap ADHD medication without insurance?

admin answers:

Partnership for Prescription Assistance lists initiatives sponsored by drug manufacturers and by government and local organizations to help uninsured people with medication costs. See the link below.

Your doctor may be able to help with samples, but that won’t last you long.

Most ADHD meds are stimulants, so it may help to “self-medicate” with caffeinated products like coffee or coke. Obviously this isn’t a long-term solution, but it may help you ride out the bumpy times.

P.s. I had already checked the Walmart site and didn’t see any of the typical ADHD meds listed.

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Question?: Adhd Diet

James asks…

How were your results from the HCG diet?

I just started the HCG diet and was wondering how it worked out for others. If you could include your age, starting weight, end and current weight. & anything else that you would like to include like your hunger effects, etc. Thank you!

admin answers:

I have been on the drops for 9 days and have lost 12.5#!! I purchases drops (42 days supply) at prohcgdiet.com I thought I would have a hard time when I looked over the diet but it isn’t hard at all! I do struggle with ways of preparing food with the limited options but for this kind of weight loss I will deal with it!

I feel so much better already, I cut out coffee since I can’t drink it without creamer so the caffiene headaches were tough for the first 2 days but now I am fine. I sleep better, I am not snoring like I was and I am able to get up the first time the alarm goes off and feel full of energy all day. I am also taking Adderall for my ADHD, so this I think works as a great appetite suppressent.

It is sure worth trying!

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Question?: Adhd Symptoms In Adults

Laura asks…

Do you know any home remedies that can help to diminish the symptoms of ADHD in adults?

Please, don’t say caffeine as it only makes the symptoms worse.

admin answers:

In my culture, we use verbena as a calming, relaxing infusion. It is so safe that it is even given to babies in the bottle, it tastes sweet and minty and does not even need sugar to sweeten it (which can add to hyperactivity).
You get it in bags of dried leaves (the best), very cheap and lasts forever!
You can buy it from ethnic stores.
I personally do not like the ones in tea bags, generally mixed with all sorts of other leaves.

You need to have it in the house and during periods of stress and anxiety, it is very soothing to enjoy a cup. But someone with such serious condition, you would may be try it over at least 4 to 5 weeks on a daily basis, (no more tea or coffee breaks, just verbena breaks!)

You may want to ask your doctor on how safe it is for this very person who will use it. I have never heard of any side effects apart from a particular great feeling of being eased into sleep when night time comes. And by the way, it works great on cellulite too.

Good luck

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