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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Infants

William asks…

Why can’t anyone figure out what really causes autism?

I get frustrated because no one knows for sure. It makes me scared to try for a son because boys seem to be getting autism left and right and no one knows what the cause of it is!

admin answers:

It is a scientific fact that vaccination’s cause autism-or rather an “autism like state” which is the same thing since autism is a collection of symptoms.

The case of Hannah Poling is raising quite a stir. She is now 9 years old. As a healthy and normally developing 18-month-old girl she showed up for her well baby visit and was pummeled with 9 vaccinations, two of them containing the mercury preservative known as thimerosal. Her health immediately deteriorated into full blown autism.

Her case was the first to be settled of 4,900 autism cases pending before federal Vaccine Court. She claimed that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism. In a shocking turn of events the federal government conceded this autism case saying that “compensation is appropriate.”

I think that the biological case against Thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming anymore that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that Thimerosal wasn’t most likely the cause of autism.—Interview of Dr. Boyd E. Haley by Teri Small:

Parents of vaccine injured children and vaccine injured adults find the bureaucracy is unable to hear them. They find it is so corrupt and set in it’s misguided belief system regarding vaccinations that it is almost pointless to even discuss the sacred fantasy that vaccines are the salvation of mankind.

Anyone who challenges the religion of vaccines is ruthlessly attacked, doctors are afraid to speak for fear of they will be branded “anti-vaccination”. Scientist must only talk of genetic causes for fear of losing their funding.

Doctors fail to report side effects at an estimated rate of 90%.
Many will go to extremes to explain away side effects as anything but what they are.

A proper long-term safety evaluation of vaccines of any kind has never been done-and it will never be done by the CDC or the vaccine producers because these organizations forced them on the population and they know what the study will show..

The vaccine autism link will never be debunked because the CDC has known for at least 8 years they cause autism.

It is likely you have no idea what is in them but you can find our here.http://www.know-vaccines.org/faq.html…

You can link to a safer vaccination scedule here if you vaccinate at all once you know what they really do to people.

Read this.http://www.whale.to/vaccines/mendelsohn….
And this.http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/04/dr-bl…

Good site for inf run by a doctor.http://www.newswithviews.com/tenpenny/sh…

“A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day. Include in this the toxic effects of high levels of aluminum and formaldehyde contained in some vaccines, and the synergist toxicity could be increased to unknown levels. Further, it is very well known that infants do not produce significant levels of bile or have adult renal capacity for several months after birth. Bilary transport is the major biochemical route by which mercury is removed from the body, and infants cannot do this very well. They also do not possess the renal (kidney) capacity to remove aluminum. Additionally, mercury is a well-known inhibitor of kidney function. Http://www.whale.to/v/haley_q.html…


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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Robert asks…

What is autism and ADHD?

like.. what is it and what help can you get.
and what are the symptoms for them?
i know you can only have one or the other.
I was just wondering.
please no “hate” answers.

admin answers:

Autism falls under the category of Pervasive Developmental Disorders, which includes disorders like Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and then autism is then divided up in many different subtypes including Asberger’s Syndrome. Autism effects the fields of social skills, communication and stereotypical behaviors, which most people associated with things like rocking, flapping, lining things up, etc.

Depending on the individual, there may be a physical impairment, such as a brain dysfunction or a problem with development. For instance, I have worked with an autism child who is missing the corpus callosum, which is the nerve bundle in the brain that connect the two hemispheres. The common theory now is that there is both a environmental and genetic factor, but there is no proven cause of autism.

ADHD is pretty straight forward as to what it effects. The category of “ADD” is no longer – Most doctors say you can’t have the “AD” without the “HD”.

There isn’t just “one” set of symptoms because of the wide range of ways in which autism can present. A doctor would use a checklist, observations, interviews, etc before making an autism diagnosis. The same goes for ADHD. A doctor would use research methods before diagnosing someone has having the condition.

Autism and ADHA could present with each other or with a variety of other conditions – but they do not “typically” present together. Some autism symptoms could appear like inattention, but as someone who has worked with Autistic people, and have a family member diagnosed with Asbergers, you should not easily confuse someone with ADHD with someone with autism. Their functioning and behavior are different.

Most people with ADHD use medication or therapy to learn coping skills. The current argument in the medical and teaching community is whether ADHD is over or under diagnosed. Many feel that the minute anyone sees an active kid, he must be ADHD. But the common idea is that based on what we know of child development, an ADHD diagnosis should not be made until about 1st grade, because earlier than that could be inaccurate.

Autism is not really something that can be “treated”, per se. For some individuals, early intervention with therapists can help the child function more normally, as in learning proper social or self-help skills and tolerance. Many people rely on therapists to teach behavior through a method called ABA, which teaches academics, behavior and communication through a series of repetitive practices. Some use routine using picture schedules or communication devices. Medications may help with certain behaviors or medical aspects of an individuals autism. For instance, certain types of medication many decrease aggression, drooling, help with appetite or sleeping habits or self injurious behavior. There is no one way that works for autistic individuals.

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Question?: Pdd Autism

Mary asks…

Does anyone know the cause of autism? How to prevent my soon to be born daughter from having autism?

I’m currently pregnant and wonder if there’s anything I have to do to prevent autism? Is it true that certain vaccines can cause autism? Thank you

admin answers:

There is no known single cause for autism, but it is generally accepted by the medical community that it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in autistic versus non-autistic children. Researchers are investigating a number of theories, including the link between heredity, genetics and medical problems. While no one gene has been identified as causing autism, in many families there appears to be a pattern of autism or related disabilities, further supporting a genetic basis to the disorder. Researchers are searching for irregular segments of genetic code that autistic children may have inherited. It also appears that some children are born with a higher susceptibility to autism, but researchers have not yet identified a single “trigger” that causes autism to develop.

Researchers are also investigating the possibility that, under certain conditions, a cluster of unstable genes may interfere with brain development, resulting in autism. Still other researchers are investigating problems during pregnancy or delivery, as well as environmental factors such as viral infections, metabolic imbalances, and exposure to environmental chemicals.

Autism tends to occur more frequently than expected among individuals who have certain medical conditions, including Fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, congenital rubella syndrome, and untreated phenylketonuria (PKU). Some harmful substances ingested during pregnancy have also been associated with an increased risk of autism. Early in 2002, The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) prepared a review of hazardous chemical exposures and autism and found no compelling evidence for an association. However, there was very limited research and more needs to be done to rule out chemicals.

The question regarding a relationship between vaccines and autism continues to be debated. In 2001, an investigation by a committee of the Institute of Medicine concluded that the “evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship…. Between MMR vaccines and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).” The committee however, acknowledged that “they could not rule out” the possibility that the MMR vaccine could contribute to ASD in a small number of children. While other researchers agree the data does not support a link between the MMR and autism, they also agree more research is clearly needed.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that children with autism and PDD are born with the disorder or born with the potential to develop it. Bad parenting does not cause it. It is not a mental illness. Children with autism are not unruly kids who choose not to behave. Furthermore, no known psychological factors in the development of a child have been shown to cause autism.


If you are a normal healthy individual do not worry about any thing and keep yourself cheerful and healthy. Do the physical exersises as adviced by your Doctors regularly and think positively. Wish you all the best.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

Ken asks…

Do You Think Autism Is From Mandatory Vaccines?

My 6 year old has Autism and he was fine until his MMRI vaccine.

admin answers:

I think the evidence in favor of vaccine-induced autism is casual at best. There may be some indication that in “autism sensitive” individuals, vaccinations can spur the presentation of symptoms, but even that isn’t very well supported.

I believe that if autism was truly caused by childhood vaccinations, there wouldn’t be a statistical ratio in favor of males… All females get vaccinated just like males do, so if vaccines were the cause of autism, it makes sense that it would affect the genders much more equally. But the fact is that autism favors boys 8:1, possibly because of differences in the natural development of grey matter in areas of the brain concerned with social interaction in males and females. All women have more grey matter in this area than males, autistic or not, so the research suggests that males are more likely to develop autism than females because they already have fewer neural connections in that part of the brain.

I think it is probably just a coincidence that your son started showing his autistic symptoms coinciding with his MMRI vaccination. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with very young children, and doesn’t become apparent for a few years. Regardless of what caused it, I’m sorry that you both have to deal with that, but I wish you both the very best in the future. Good luck!

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Question?: Treatment For Autism 2012

Sandy asks…

Can someone help me edit my grammar? please!?

The opposite side of the spectrum disorder is the severe autism. Usually this side of the spectrum is endangering the patient. In the book called, “Caring For The Vulnerable”, Chesnay and Anderson points out that “problematic emotional reactions and behaviors such as aggression and self-injury are common in older individuals with autism spectrum disorder.” As I have mentioned before, children with autism tends to focus on themselves by doing certain things that only interest them. An example of this behavior is when a six years old boy began biting his arms until they bled. Patients who are diagnosed with autism usually have insensitivity to pain or temperature. In addition, people who are suffering from severe autism have a sensory dysfunction where they have too much or less sensitive to light, touch, taste, or smell. Some children who interact with these strong stimuli usually react by shouting, or pulling their hair but these behaviors usually varies among others.

Back then there was a common belief that parenting skills or vaccination was the cause of autism. Fortunately, these arguments are proven wrong due to many research and studies being done on this medical condition. However, due to its complexity of autism, many scientists are still unsure of what is the main cause of this disorder. This is due to the fact that there are multiple factors that are involve such as the environment, biology, and genetic factors in order to determine your risk of having autism. Most scientists do agree that genes such as containing “fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, down syndrome or other chromosomal disorders (Pathways In Autism, 2012).” are one of the risk factors that can make a person more likely to develop autism. In addition, harmful drugs such as prescription thalidomide and valprocid taken during pregnancy have been linked with a higher risk of autism.

For now there are no cure for autism but to help minimize the symptoms. First we need early intervention by doing an assessment on a child whether or not he or she is suffering from autism. Once a patient is diagnosed, treatment is best when we focus on a family centered care because they will be the one who would mainly support and address the problem when they are at home. Parents definitely need to learn how to connect bonds to their child by finding a way to adjust to his or her own pace. For example, a child who is playing with his action figures can socially interact with others when he is being imitated. Since the child only sees his behavior in his own world, he will also take notice of his surrounding when he finds a common interest with other people. This kind of treatment is a continuation process till the child has reach the external environment of being able to socially interact independently.

admin answers:

Is severe autism not the severe.
A six year old boy not six years old.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome In Boys

Richard asks…

Does anyone know information on Autism Dna?

I need to make a model on it,so I need all the information that I need.

admin answers:

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but hopefully it will help you out somewhat.
Chromosomes X, 2, 3, 7, 15, 16, 17 have all been linked to causing a form of autism (autistic disorder, asperger’s disorder, rett’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder{CDD}, & pervasive developmental disoder-not otherwise specified {PDD-NOS}). I know NOVA did a report about chromosome 16, but not sure about the other chromosomes. These links are about chromosome 17, (you’ll have to do a search in regard to the other chromosomes): They also believe that chromosome 17 plays a factor into why boys are affected by autism 4 times more than girls http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/150787.php
Some of the indenifiable genetic disorders known to have a link to causing a form of autism include Fragile X syndrome (chromosome x-most common known cause of autism or “autistic-like” behaviors), tuberous sclerosis, 15q duplications (chromosome 15) and down syndrome.

You may/may not want to check this out as well….there is current research consisting of genetic studies to develop a prenatal test for autism, which is expected to be available in about 6 yrs… Dr. Joseph Buxbaum, who heads the Autism Genome Project at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, said in an interview posted on MSNBC.com on Feb. 23, 2005, that there could be a prenatal test within 10 years. Http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7013251

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Research

Chris asks…

Who all here thinks autism is genetic? If you do not think this is the cause-then what do you think?

I have a son with autism and a brother with autism.I feel autism is genetic.

admin answers:

I work for an agency that serves people with developmental disabilities. Based on our own clients, it looks to me like there are several causes, and it is genetic at least some of the time.

One specific cause of autism is Rett’s Disorder; it’s a certain type of brain disorder that affects only females and appears to have a definite genetic component.

Some of our clients with Autism also have other developmental disabilites such as Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, etc. Sometimes it can be traced to brain damage at birth.

We do have several clients from the same families who have the same or similar disorders; such as Austism.

I noticed one thing; I have seen where it’s fairly common for children diagnosed with Autism to have a relative (parent, aunt, uncle or aunt, grandparent) who has a mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. I don’t know if any link has been proven.

The Center For Disease Control did research on autism (some of the information they used was from our agency). They found no connection between autism and the mercury in vaccines.

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Treating Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms By Boosting Natural Marijuana-Like Brain Chemicals

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Treating Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms By Boosting Natural Marijuana-Like Brain Chemicals
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American and European scientists have found that increasing natural marijuana-like chemicals in the brain can help correct behavioral issues related to fragile X syndrome, the most common known genetic cause of autism.

The work indicates potential treatments for anxiety and cognitive defects in people with this condition. Results appear online in Nature Communications.

Daniele Piomelli of UC Irvine and Olivier Manzoni of INSERM, the French national research agency, led the study, which identified compounds that inhibit enzymes blocking endocannabinoid transmitters called 2-AG in the striatum and cortex regions of the brain.

These transmitters allow for the efficient transport of electrical signals at synapses, structures through which information passes between neurons. In fragile X syndrome, regional synapse communication is severely limited, giving rise to certain cognitive and behavioral problems.

Fragile X syndrome is caused by a mutation of the FMR1 gene on the X chromosome. People born with it are mentally disabled; generally experience crawling, walking and language delays; tend to avoid eye contact; may be hyperactive or impulsive; and have such notable physical characteristics as an elongated face, flat feet and large ears.

The researchers stress that their findings, while promising, do not point to a cure for the condition.

“What we hope is to one day increase the ability of people with fragile X syndrome to socialize and engage in normal cognitive functions,” said Piomelli, a UCI professor of anatomy & neurobiology and the Louise Turner Arnold Chair in the Neurosciences.

The study involved mice genetically altered with FMR1 mutations that exhibited symptoms of fragile X syndrome. Treated with novel compounds that correct 2-AG protein signaling in brain cells, these mice showed dramatic behavioral improvements in maze tests measuring anxiety and open-space acceptance.

While other work has focused on pharmacological treatments for behavioral issues associated with fragile X syndrome, Piomelli noted that this is the first to identify the role endocannabinoids play in the neurobiology of the condition.

Article adapted by Medical News Today from original press release. Click ‘references’ tab above for source.
Visit our autism section for the latest news on this subject. Kwang-Mook Jung and Nicholas DiPatrizio of UCI; Marja Sepers, Olivier Lassalle, Daniela Neuhofer, Henry Martin, Melanie Ginger and Andreas Frick of INSERM; and Christopher Henstridge and Istvan Katona of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences contributed to the study, which received support from INSERM and the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (grant number DA-012447).
University of California – Irvine Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:


n.p. “Treating Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms By Boosting Natural Marijuana-Like Brain Chemicals.” Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 27 Sep. 2012. Web.
13 Oct. 2012. APA

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‘Treating Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms By Boosting Natural Marijuana-Like Brain Chemicals’

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Importance of Autism Awareness

English: Subject: Quinn, an ~18 month old boy ...Autism Awareness

Autism is defined as a persistent developmental disorder that impacts normal working of brain characterized by difficulty in communication and social interaction (Atwood, 2012). Other key characteristics associated with autistic behavior include restrictive, repetitive and stereotypical patterns of behaviors, interests and activities (Atwood, 2012). This developmental disorder is usually detected within the first three years of an individual’s life (Atwood, 2012).

Autism United is a dedicated body that is working tirelessly to promote the cause of autism in the United States (Autism United, 2012). Every year on 2nd of April autism awareness day is celebrated in the United Sates (Autism United, 2012). Garreth Dickson, founder of Autism United is of the view that one positive aspect of creating autism awareness is that it greatly furthers the cause of finding a treatment and possible prevention methods for the disease (Autism United, 2012). Another helpful feature of creating autism awareness is that a number of misconceptions existing in the minds of people regarding the disease are dispelled. Creating autism awareness also ensures that people are better aware of the exact reasons behind this developmental disorder (Autism United, 2012).

Creating autism awareness ensures that people are aware that:

Autism is not an emotional or mental health disorder as is commonly believed. It is actually a biological illness that influences the normal growth and development of human brain (Salahi, 2008).Advances made in medical sciences have ensured that treatments are created to improve autistic children abilities through early intervention and Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques yet no method has been developed till date that can be singled out for curing children and adults suffering from autism (Salahi, 2008).The belief that autism results in children with cold, uncaring parents propagated in 1940 by Austrian doctor Bruno Bettelheim has been rendered as wrong. Director of UCLA’s center for autism research, Dr. Daniel Geshwind, opines that most of scientific research studies done for diagnosing the causes of autism reveal a strong genetic predisposition in most of the patients with autism and no evidence has been found that links autism to how the children were raised by the parents (Salahi, 2008).Another common misconception is that individuals with autism always have some hidden talent, Robert W. Marion, M.D., director Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine clarifies that though a minor group of individuals with autism have extraordinary skills a condition referred to as Savantism, most of them do not possess any special skills or talent (Salahi, 2008).The opinion that all autistic people have trouble forming social relations is wrong according to Dr. Marion, he states that although some autistic people on the severe end of spectrum have difficulty entering into social relationship most other autistic children have friends and easily form close relationships (Salahi, 2008).

Autism is a complicated disorder, but the people suffering from autism can be as functional as any other normal person, they have all the right to love and be loved, obtain education, get a good job and live their life peacefully.


Atwood, M. (2012). Living With Autism. ABDO.

Autism United. (2012). Welcome to Autism United. Retrieved September 3, 2012, from Autism United: http://www.autismunited.org/

Salahi, L. (2008, October 23). 10 Myths About Autism. Retrieved September 3, 2012, from abc news: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/ColdandFluNews/story?id=6089162&page=1#.UEhQfaDfiSp

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Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Autism is becoming more and more prevalent in our children. This disease is known for abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain. No one knows why but males are affected 3 to 4 times more than females.

What Causes Autism?
No one knows the exact cause of this disorder. It is thought that environmental factors may be a contributing cause which includes diet. More and more chemicals are being used to produce our food. Genetic factors play a role as studies have shown that identical twins are more likely to both have autism whereas fraternal twins may only have one child with it. Many parents think that vaccinations are the cause of autism although this is not proved. It is thought that due to the high levels of mercury in multi-dosage vaccinations is a cause to not only autism but ADHD as well. One of the problems with this theory is that third world country children are born with this disorder and they are not vaccinated. It is thought that the child with autism cannot properly use vitamins and minerals, therefore autism occurs.

Signs and Symptoms
If you are a new parent you will probably see signs and symptoms in your child compared to other children if he or she has this disorder. For example, if you get together with parents in your neighborhood to enjoy a play-group for socializing, you may notice that your child does not act or do the same things that the other children do. Your child probably has a difficult time interacting with the other kids. Your child may line up his or her toys. He or she may constantly stack toys. Repetitiveness is a huge indicator of autism. When your child’s schedule or normalcy changes he or she will most likely become very upset. Your child may not have as large of vocabulary as other children. If he or she does have a large vocabulary you may notice that he/she can recite a TV show verbatim over and over. Your child may shake his/her hands in a flapping motion quite often. Many children with this disorder do not make eye contact at all or very little. By the age of eighteen months you will be able to notice the signs and symptoms. Your family physician can help diagnose if your child is autistic.

As with any disorder every symptoms may not show up in your child’s behavior. Depending on the severity of your child’s autism will depend on his or her abilities and symptoms.

How Can You Help?
If you are knowledgeable in this disorder you can help educate others by attending meetings for support groups, heading up fundraisers or supporting them and making others more aware by wearing a high quality made silicone wristband.

When you want the absolute highest quality silicone wristbands on the market guaranteed, you want a company that doesn’t monkey around. MonkeyBands.com delivers it quicker, cleaner, and friendlier than anyone else. Order your custom silicone wristbands from MonkeyBands.com and get free shipping on their high quality personalized bracelets.

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