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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Michael asks…

I would like to know the symptoms of schizophrenia what causes it and the treament they have available?

admin answers:

Hi, symptoms of schizophrenia can be from mild to very extreme, depending on how bad the individual is afflicted with this disease. Mild symtoms include, talking to ones self a LOT, feeling somebody is watching them, feeling somebody is after them in some way. More severe symptoms are magnifications of the mild symptoms: Hearing voices, answering the voices either outloud or to one’s self, feeling extreamly paronoid ie: people are outside where the suffering person is located and watching them, trying to gain entrance to where the person is at, feeling very confused in thought process, feeling that people in the room in looking at and judging very negitively and purhaps even actively looking for ways to harm the person with this disease, inability to perform well in society, in very severe cases not even being able to dress one’s self without assistance due to scambled brain waves. A person with severe schizophrenia is a very ill person who needs immediant assistance. There are tests which can easily diagnose this illness as brain scans of those with the diseasse are not at all the same as those without it. Medicines can help with symtoms and life coaches, and caretakers can assist with daily life. Not all schizophrenia sufferers paranoid symptoms. However, with or without the paranoia, this can and does effect an individuals life in serious ways and treatment should be sought for diagnoses and treatment. Proper diagnoses is important so this is not mistaken for some other condition.

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Speech Therapy For Autistic Children

Since autism is a bio-neurological disorder, it has no predefined treatment. A series of cognitive therapies are prescribed to the individuals so that they can at least cope better within the society. One of them is the speech therapy as autistic children and adults have difficulty in communication with a third-party.

Speech pathological therapy is defined as the treatment procedure that treats the disorders of speech among children and adults. The patient may have difficulty in understanding, or delivering of certain speech sounds, language etc. There are different types of speech disorder. The therapy also varies according to the affected areas of the individual.

The Speech Therapy for Children
Initially starting with the toddlers, the speech problem can continue till adulthood. It is important to recognize the particular affected area before starting with the procedure. The child should be kept unaware of this treatment, as it proves itself a better solution this way. The treatment can be carried subtly with the help of the family members with activities and exercises that is integrated to improve the quality of the verbal communication.

Speech Therapy for the Toddlers

Since it is during this time that the child learns to speak, it is challenging to identify the problem in the communication system and delivering a treatment accordingly. Following are some of the techniques that the guardians can adopt and teach the toddler.

• Create a choice: The individuals with the language barrier often avoids to commune at all cost. A choice amongst it favorite toys forces an answer and prevents adapting to the language of signs.

• Repetition and Imitation: The superlative way that the caretakers and the family members can improve interaction is by repeating the words that she or he fails to pronounce. Breaking them up in smaller syllables or showing it by action often interests the child and thereby enables him or her to learn faster.

Speech Therapy for Juvenile Children

It’s good to clear all speech related problems before the child starts school. This would encourage his confidence and self-esteem. The following activities can be used to eliminate the speech related problems.

• Art: Drawing may calm the child, but the child should accompany the same with a description.

• Toys: These objects can be introduced and thereby enable the child to get more comfortable with the pronunciation of the letters.

• Visual therapy with pictures: Images has always been found useful, as it is more appealing in appearance. The pictures can be flashed and the child may slowly master its problem.

These activities can all aid to improve the communicative ability in autistic children. The comprehension of these handicapped children is slow and they usually fail to cooperate with the therapy. This is the reason that the children should be handled with utmost care and the therapy should be interesting enough. Combining reading aloud sessions with tongue twisters and dialogs with art etc would definitely encourage the child to speak

Milan Zones has been reviewing the benefits of the speech therapy for Autism Treatment California. She understands that the treatment depends on the severity of the disease that the patient is suffering.

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Autism Symptoms Babies – Babies Suffering From Autism

Autism Symptoms Babies

Being a baby involves rapid development in basic fields of feeling, seeing, eating, talking and walking. From a social point of view, attachment is a significant feature. This means who the baby ought to try to attach to people in its surrounding; that suggests trying to bond provided these types of people. It uses everything it has to bond: babbling, smiling, grabbing, and crying. Autism Symptoms Babies

Many autistic children resist or ignore reach with their parents as a baby. They often cry, they hold their arms limp along their body when they are picked up, they hardly if ever smile, and sometimes they push the other away. The toddler too is actively involved in keeping his caretakers near to ensure help is there when it is needed. Kids with autism are not able to do much bonding. This makes it more difficult not only for themselves but also for their surroundings. The caretaker, usually the mother, will try to make contact with the child.

A parent may feel rejected when the baby doesn’t make contact or even does not seem to be interested in making contact. The young child with autism seeks even less consolation or help and seems deeply involved within himself. Some parents will feel rejected. Others, however, will feel very close to their child because it will not break the symbiotic relationship with the caring parent. So it is not a first example of the stubbornness phase, which is part of healthy development and is an illustration of the first separation from the parents, while the child keeps depending on the parent or caretaker at the same time.

The parent will keep supplying the help that is needed. As said before, some parents will feel rejected and others won’t. The child will keep using the parent as if the parent was an instrumental part of itself. For instance it will grab its parent’s arm and point to an object it would like to have. It doesn’t reach the point of being able to function autonomously on its own. This is another illustration of the fact that the child has difficulty in bonding in a safe manner, because this child is not able to let loose. It hardly makes eye contact, and the gaze is often seen as empty, gazing past another person or fixating on the tip of somebody’s nose. Autism Symptoms Babies

This gaze is perceived as ‘penetrating.’ Bonding is a complicated social activity and requires development of social insights. It means actively working on the ‘theory-of-mind,’ which implies the development of a theory over one’s own thoughts and feelings and those of others. Autism Symptoms Babies

In this phase, children are not at all occupied with bonding. Sometimes they are still busy with subjects that ripen quicker with the average child. For instance the body still has to learn how to digest food, the immune system needs to be activated, their senses still need to develop further, their motoric senses need more development too, language needs to be formed and the child needs to be toilet trained. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Autism Symptoms Babies program now!

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