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Question?: Autistic Definition

Ken asks…

What is a brief description of autism?

Tomorrow I am going to an organization to help kids with autism do things that they can’t do on their own. I have never done this before, and I don’t know anyone with autism. I don’t understand how the children there will behave, or how they act. I tried looking it up, but the definitions are way to long and confusing. Please don’t be rude to people with autism when answering!

admin answers:

Autism is a neurological developmental disorder. Symptoms include difficulty socializing and communicating, lack of eye contact, delayed speech, difficulty reading people, obsessive interests, need for routine, repetitive behavior, poor motor coordination, and abnormal sensory processing.

The symptoms of autism range from severe to mild. There is a lot of diversity among people with autism. There’s not just one way an autistic person will behave or act; they are all different. The children you’ll work with may become agitated by sudden changes. Some won’t be receptive to you at first, since you’re new. They may have repetitive behaviors like hand-flapping or rocking back and forth. They might go on monologues about topics of interests, or they might talk very little. Some will react negatively or even have a meltdown over certain sounds, foods, or touch. But like I said, all autistic people are different, so don’t expect every child there to act the same.

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The Symptoms Of Asberger’s Syndrome

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably heard the term “Asberger’s syndrome” bandied about quite a bit in recent years. If you’ve never taken the time to learn what it is exactly, now is the time. By learning about the condition, you can help raise awareness and learn that this condition is far from a completely debilitating one.

The Symptoms Of Asberger’s Syndrome –

The symptoms of Asberger’s syndrome fall into a handful of different categories. Look below for a brief description of each of these:

Impaired Social Interaction Abilities – Children and adults who suffer from Asperger’s usually display a range of problems when it comes to normal social interaction. It is usually difficult for them to maintain and develop friendships, and an ability to emphasise or to pick up on normal social cues often appears to be missing. Nonverbal behaviour can be problematic – people with Asberger’s might display glazed over eyes or inappropriate facial expressions.

Impaired Ability To Use Subtle Communication Skills – Those with Asperger’s often have trouble when it comes to nuance in communication. Quite often they can take things extremely literally as they cannot discern some of the underlying messages. Conversation skills are therefore stunted – however, speech is by no means actually impaired.

Interests Are Restricted – Consistency and routine are abnormally important to people who have Asberger’s syndrome. They may focus on seemingly random things or ideas with extreme intensity that might even border on obsession.

Managing Asberger’s Syndrom –

As much as Asberger’s syndrome might get in the way of normal social communication, it is by no means a condition that restricts people from living mostly normal lives. As more is being learned about Asperger’s, better treatments and solutions are being devised every day. Generally combined with therapy, patients tend to respond extremely well to various forms of prescription medication. Thanks to the customisable medications that can be created by the modern compounding pharmacy, there is a broader range of treatments for people suffering from Asberger’s Syndrome than ever before.

People who suffer from Asberger’s can still lead rich, fulfilling lives. Many actually become experts in their chosen field, turning their intense focus into a beneficial quality. Between therapy, medication and a loving and caring family and friends, individuals with Asberger’s syndrom can excel in life just like anyone else can.

Although not every person with Asberger’s will use it, prescription medication has been shown to provide certain benefits. When customised by a compounding pharmacy, such as Dallas Parade Pharmacy, medication can be used to manage some of the larger problems that are often associated with the condition.
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