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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Test

Maria asks…

Question to people who know about asperger syndrome?

I was diagnosed with asperger syndrome when I was 4. For much of my early child hood I ticked many of the boxes for asperger‘s. Now I’m 14 and I’m starting to have doubts. I don’t tick much of the boxes at all now and I’m wondering if I’ve been mis-diagnosed. I’m a very sociable person now and I function very well in social situations. Is it worth bein tested again or should I just trust what the doctor said when I was 4?

admin answers:

You were only 4 when there was a diagnosis.

It is always good to have a second opinion. It does not hurt. I would go to another doctor that does not know your history and describe to him/her what you mention here.

You might not need a doctor. If it does not interfere with your daily life and you feel you don’t have the previous diagnoses, then I would pitch the diagnoses out the window.

Some of the symptoms of asperger syndrome
– lack of eye contact with other people
– dislike or avoid social interactions

Steve Lam
Autism Specialist
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Question?: Autistic

James asks…

What do you think about inclusion practices for autistic students in elementary schools?

What seems to benefit autistic students the most when it comes to inclusion practices? What is disfunctional about current inclusion practices and what could be done to change that?

admin answers:

Autism manifests individual symptoms in every individual. The most common behavior is to ignore their environment and stay in their own brain. But there is a broad range of severity. Mild, to intense. My idea about therapy for those with autism is to introduce them to an area that has articles with different textures, whistles, drums, electronic toys like Simon says, rattles, towels, those boxes that have different environmental sounds available, metal mirrors, a hair brush, and just let the person choose. If an autistic wants to be touched, they will come to you and touch you. Finger paints are a great way for them to express their feelings. Plus they are not toxic if the person decides to eat any of them. Actually little is known about autism. It can be diagnosed, but treatment modality is pretty iffy.

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