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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Linda asks…

gluten and cassien free diet for autistic children?

I have heard that a gluten and casein free diet helps the symptoms of autism, has anyone tried it with positive results?

admin answers:

A version of gluten and casein diet is called the “whole plant based diet.” It shuns excess oils, fats, sugars, salt, and processed ingredients. The food is prepared from whole plant based ingredients rather than being commercially processed. Diet drinks contain aspartame which is deleterious to health.

Even with “healthy” children, this diet results in improvements in health and behaviors. Sadly, the AMA fights successful and inexpensive alternative treatments that do not involve drugs. This way of eating has been proven to reduce risks of vascular disease, cancer, diabetes, gout, osteoporosis, and many other diseases that relate to diet. Some dementias are related to vascular health, and this diet helps this condition. Your family will be more alert and alive by eating this way. The book “Fasting and Eating for Health” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains some of this. Many people claim that the mercury used as a preservative in vaccinations is to blame of autism, however, I don’t know the details. If the blood work shows heavy metals, chelation treatment may help. My wife and I suffered some heavy metal poisoning and we recovered through careful diet planning.

To learn more, check out a book from your library by one of the following authors: Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. John McDougall.

I personally avoid all dairy products and bread products. Avoiding genetically modified ingredients is critical. Prior to this diet, I was one meal away from heart attack. Now, I’m measurably healthier than I was when I was a teenager. My blood work is perfect.

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Nancy asks…

How often should blood work be done on children taking ADHD medications?

I put my son on ADHD medications after years of refusing to. He has been taking htem for roughly 3 months and she has not done any blood work on him. From what I understand it shoudl have been before he started and again in a few months. Any insight would be great, he has been going to her for 8 years but I am debating changing dr’s.
He was presrcibed Vyvanse which is a new ADHD medication.

admin answers:

Depends on what type and/or what medication he is on that your son’s ped gave to him. At any rate, I would ask her why she hasn’t done any labs on him or yes, maybe a change in a doctor is warranted. Good Luck!

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