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Question?: Autism Signs And Symptoms

Mandy asks…

How can you tell if a young man has schizophrenia?

Just wondering – The same young man has depression and AD-HD. He takes special classes.

As he is talking, he’ll look in another direction, as if he is looking at something past you. He stays focus on it and doesn’t make eye contact.
Also, on one occasion I walked in on him talking to him self, facing a wall.
What are some signs of schizophrenia?

admin answers:

It kinda sounds like it could be autism too check out this sight:


this page has a list of the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia usually emerge during adolescence or early adulthood and may appear suddenly or develop gradually. When symptoms develop gradually, they may be misdiagnosed with other conditions with similar symptoms, such as bipolar disorder or substance abuse (which commonly occurs with schizophrenia).

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children

Betty asks…

Why is children’s mental health so widely disagreed on?

EAch doctor see something else, labels it one thing (adhd) another doctor says aspenger (low spectrum autism) another bipolar, another odd or conduct disorder. all with the same titles and education. How do you ever really know what is wrong with your child? And how do you make sure your child is getting the correct treatment is the diagnose is so different?
Is their a test that can watch brain activity, to see if something is wrong with the way a brain is suppose to work?

admin answers:

Diagnosing a mental illness is often very difficult, because there are so many variables, especially with children. With children under 18 some behavior is appropriate at one age but then most out grow it. Mental health issues are NOT an exact science like most or at leastt many physical illnesses.
Occasionallyy there are blood test or MRI but not usually. And let face it with younger children they often have some trouble expressing how they are feeling.
As far as the best diagnosis, I would go to the best psychiatrist that you can find, one that specializes in children- youchild’sd’s age. I would not take a child to a general pract. For a psych. Evaluation-they just do not have enough experience or training to stick a label on your child for life. Most doctors are reluctant to give a BiPolar diagnosis until well past 18 yrs. If I can answer any other specific questions please email me. God Bless REGGIE

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Laura asks…

How early are the signs of autism?

And are they linked to vaccines

admin answers:

For some autism they are born with and signs are immediate. A child may not like to be held and squirm to be put down, they don’t smile or sustain eyecontact.

For those that develop autism the signs can start showing before 12 months. I have a son that was dx at 9 months. He did not answer to his name, and repetitively played with the same toy, he was a picky eater, and avoided eyecontact. He is not vaccinated. He has a dx of PDD.NOS

My oldest son developed autism later he also is PDD.NOS and was typical through 15 months. He was vaccinated through age 2.

Is autism linked to vaccines? Autism is an autoimmune disorder, and autoimmune disorders in general are on the rise epidemically especially allergies. I believe that vaccines contribute. The overload of toxins on an immature dysfunctional immune system can manifest in all kinds of ways like autism, allergies, bipolar, ADD/HD ect. Genetics are an integral component. So my answer would be yes indirectly autism can be linked to vaccines in some cases. So can a virus, oxygen deprivation during birth resulting in TBI traumatic brain injury, there seems to be an Rh connection in mothers of autistic children, also many moms fail the triple screen when pregnant who go on to have autistic children. There are so many correlations, its very complex.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Treatment

William asks…

What do you think is the most beneficial disorder and the worse one ?

My opinion

Most beneficial: Asperger syndrome, bipolar and personality disorder.

worst: shizophrenia, depression, ADHD and learning dis-abillity.

admin answers:

Most beneficial: GAD or some other axis I disorder that is easiest to treat

Worst: personality disorders, schizophrenia, recurrent major depressive disorder (especially that is not respondent to treatment), bipolar disorder, OCD, chronic anxiety

I think mental disorders such as bipolar are “over glamorized” by the media. The truth is is that the disorder generally makes life a bear for these people.

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Question?: Adhd Test

David asks…

My son who is in class 5 is struggling in school and the teacher told us that he should be checked for ADHD?

Can you tell me about ADHD testing. How effective is the test? if he has ADHD is there any solution without medication?

admin answers:

Amik, there is no surefire way to diagnosing ADHD. But doctors with proper training in handling ADHD will be able to perform a proper diagnosis. Don’t go to just any doctor because most of them don’t know nuts about ADHD and you could end up with a wrong diagnosis, which can be dangerous. Some experts believe that if a child has say, bipolar disorder, but he is diagnosed as having ADHD and thus given stimulant medication, the poor victim could become manic, depressed or even suicidal. So be careful when choosing doctors. Ask around your circle of friends, relatives or neighbours who might know of a good one.

In the meantime, read up as much as you can on ADHD so that you will be able to make informed decisions later on. You can get excellent info from here:=>


I wish your son good health and a bright future.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

Mark asks…

Can psychotic bipolar develop into schizoaffective?

If you already have bipolar 1 with psychosis and it’s getting worse, can it develop into schizoaffective later on?

admin answers:

This is where it can get confusing. In order to be diagnosed as schizo-affective, your psychosis must last 6 months or longer. There is a different than just being Bipolar I and becoming psychotic when you’re manic as that does happen but it’s usually short lived. True psychosis can last for hours up until months or years. Every person is different. It can develop and usually it does but that’s usually with children with early onset because the older they get, the worse the psychosis gets.

Please feel free to check out my website below. It has a forum board, a blog about the journey I take with my 5 year old son who is diagnosed as Bipolar I with psychotic features and autism, symptoms list, and resources. Or you can just follow us on FB: www.facebook.com/lwamikids

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Question?: Adhd Symptoms In Adults

Mandy asks…

Is it true that ADHD could be misdiagnosed as bipolar and vis versa?

In an adult 55 year old male, how is one diagnosis substituted for another? I heard that forced speech is a symptom of both ADHD and bipolar. What other symptoms do these disorders have in common? What would be the appropriate medication?

admin answers:

It honestly depends. They can share common traits but sometimes someone with bipolar also has ADHD. Go to your psychiatrist not doctor and explain your concern. They will try and find the right diagnosis.

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Question?: Pdd-nos Checklist

Maria asks…

My son is being tested for autism/aspengers/bipolar?

My son is being tested for some disorders. He screams and cries a lot. Today he was told he was grounded so to defy me he decides to be mean to his siblings. So i put him in time out. He screamed and cried for a long time. i was told by a behavioral therapist to let him scream and cry and ignore it until he is over it. Well today my neighbors approached my home because of the crying and screaming because they thought my child was being harmed. First before asking they called the department of children and families. What am i suppose to do? I do not spank him or do anything physical to him but i feel i can not do anything about him screaming and crying and i refuse to give in to him. I worry for my child and i love him dearly but i do not know what to do to redirect him and to stop all the screaming and crying. please no rude comments and serious answers only. Thank you.

admin answers:

So, I truly do feel for you as my son has had some of these same special needs since he was very young. He has PDD-NOS and Sensory Processing Disorder. My son has explosive outbursts that have gotten less frequent, but for awhile they were almost nightly, if not several times daily. I often worried that the neighbors would call the police on me (we lived at an apartment at the time). My son would scream bloody murder and bang his head on the wall or floor. At times he would get physical with me and sometimes I had to raise my voice to get him to hear me over his screams. Luckily no one ever did call, but I was worried. I do not spank my child either, I tried when he was little, but with his special needs, spanking is not a good idea. We do time-outs, which aren’t always effective, but it gives us both a chance to calm down. I would suggest googling “autism” “sensory processing disorder” and “explosive child”. These sites will give checklists that you can go through to see what signs your child is showing. Plus, they have stories and hope from other parents that are in the same boat. “The Explosive Child” is a great book that I have begun reading… It explains the reasons for children exploding and shows that there really is a problem with their development of certain cognitive skills. Good luck. Once there is a diagnosis in place (if one is called for), if child services is called explain that your child has special needs and what the diagnosis is. Until then, if they come, let them know your child is being tested for autism spectrum disorders and bipolar disorder (really hard to diagnose in children). Assure them that you do not hurt your child but that these are the behaviors that he has. Trust me, I’m sure they’ve heard it before. Good luck and try to stay as calm as possible ( I know that it is impossible sometimes).

Email me if you want to talk further… I have the names of several good books and can at least be an understanding ear that’s been there and is still there. 🙂

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Question?: Schizophrenia

Nancy asks…

What is the difference between Schizophrenia and SchizoAffective Disorder?

I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective disorder? According to my neuropsychological evaluation, they only found Asperger’s disorder and Schizoaffective disorder? Does that mean I was given a false diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia shows two personalities. Schizoaffective disorder does not. How many personalities does schizoaffective disorder show?

admin answers:

Let’s get a few facts straight here before everyone goes off even more confused than before.

Schizophrenia is not about more than 1 personality at all. Never has been either. That would be what was called MPD multiple personality disorder that has been renamed DID dissociative identity disorder. People with DID can have dozens of personalities.

The schizophrenia diagnosis has many different sub-types the most well known and common being paranoid. Thus you must have had symptoms of this to be diagnosed at first.

It’s not always easy to make a hard diagnosis at first. If they then see evidence of a mood disorder they may rethink the diagnosis. If you had depression and separate schizophrenia that would be fine but then some showing these symptoms take a manic episode or even a hypomanic one indicating bipolar symptoms. Schizoaffective is where someone has a mood disorder as well as the schizophrenic symptoms. It’s not always easy to spot the difference. That is why they tend to treat symptoms rather than diagnosis.

I can’t understand why any psychiatrist would say you had schizophrenia or schizoaffective without explaining it to you at the time of telling you this.

It’s not an easy thing to live with so good luck in finding the right medications to treat this.

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Question?: Pdd-nos Checklist

Mary asks…

Please: Any parents out their with children with adhd and autism?

I forgot to mention she is 5 yrs old in kindergarden
My sister has a child that has ADHD and symptoms of autism( the doc said she doesn’t have autism but has related symptoms) and i was wondering is there anything you did to really help out your child. My sister cries about it on a regular basis because her daughter is mean to other kids(doc said a side effect of kids with extreme adhd).

She did not want to put her on medication but it got to the point where she got kicked out of school every day. So now monday thru friday my sister puts her on meds but not on the weekends. She hates doing this and i really feel bad for her.

Please anybody out there with information to help us out it will be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

In my experience vyvanese works the best for autistic spectrum kids who are ADD/HD as long as its not bipolar. I am wary of trying meds for my oldest, who is PDD.NOS (autistic features, atypical autism) and ADD. He is 8.5yrs.

My son is not aggressive and he is labile with an incongruent blunted mood, however, with our family history I believe him to be bipolar/PDD not ADD/PDD.

Fm hx:
my mother is bipolar and on a slew of meds
my SIL is bipolar and on a slew of meds
my MIL needs to be on meds (undx bipolar)
husband is bipolar-does not take meds. Has been dx extensively, has paradoxical effect to meds, and goes hypomanic cyclically and when he tries to take Wellbutrin (tricyclic anti-depressant) that is used to try to quit smoking.

I fear my son would go manic/psychotic on alot of the meds out there

A lot of PDD/ADD/HD kids do not fair well on stimulants do to the bipolar features and I can’t understand why so many parents allow their kids to go from 1 stimulant to another, honestly the definition of stupidity is to keep trying the same thing and expecting a different outcome. If a PDD/ADD kid goes psychotic on any one of these adderral, ritalin, concerta, dexedrine, vyvanese, then there is no point in doing a trial on all of them, move to a different class of drugs.

How much sensory integration is she getting? Could be her OT sucks.
Mom needs to carry OT strategies at home.

SPD checklist

Could be its the wrong med, could be the wrong dx.-she may be bipolar, could be the med dose is below therapeutic range.

Is she getting social skills training at school? She should, my son does. What kinds of accommodations does she have in her IEP? Does she have a break card, point card, weighted vest, pressure vest, core disc, preferential seating, a 1:1 paraprofessional to facilitate appropriate bx with peers?

Medications are totally beneficial and warranted for those that truly need them to function. Dosages are titrated up, this takes time, so they start low in order to adjust to the lowest effective dose.

What Kathy is describing is NOT ADHD, and its commonly diagnosed as ADHD especially in this population. What she describes is CAPD, and it goes hand and hand with the autistic spectrum population. Yes, my son has been diagnosed CAPD too. CAPD is central auditory processing disorder, and the problem is differentiating between foreground and background noise. CAPD is described acutely by Dr. Temple Grandin, an accomplished published entrapreneur autistic woman who has CAPD and there is auditory retraining for this. Meds should not be used for CAPD. Now yes its possible to have an overlap and have CAPD with an attention disorder, but frequently the CAPD is misdiagnosed as an attention disorder.

What helps:
preferential seating, a corral around the desk, an FM system (son uses this too), headphones, testing done with breaks and individually (not just state testing, all testing).

Tomatis training for CAPD


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