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Question?: Schizophrenia Types

Jenny asks…

What distinguishes schizophrenia from other types of mental illness?

admin answers:

Schizophrenia like Bi-Polar or Uni-Polar are diseases just like diabetes or heart disease. They are caused by disruptions of the brain chemicals and the neurotransmitters. Schizophrenia is different because it causes one to have hallucinations, hear voices in their heads and sometimes paranoia that has to be treated.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children

Betty asks…

Has anyone ever heard of Hypersensitivity Disorder in Children?

Doctor told me today that he believes my daughter has hypersensitivity disorder, not bi polar like I thought. If anyone has had children with this what is it and are there treatments?
this is all mental, her mood are eratic. Its not food related

admin answers:

I have not heard of Hypersensitivity Disorder, but my daughter has Sensory Intergration Dysfuncion – I wonder if they are similar.
With her she is hyper sensitive to the the physical world around her. It all drains her physically – then she has melt downs.
Two of her main triggers were noise (the noise of a fly buzzing in the room would bother her, the school bus ride and gym class were extra hard for her) and flouresent lights.
Tags in clothes, seams in socks, and the feel of the material of her clothes are all concerns too.
We took her to occupational therapy and they were extremely helpful.

You mentioned that you are worried about your daughter being
Bi-polar. I had those same concerns about my daughter.
Her moods were way out of proportion.
We knew ever since she was little that she did not respond the way other kids did.
I cannot tell you how many times I heard
“If that were my kid I would (fill in the blank – there were many different options suggested)
If you were only more consitent (they knew nothing of our family schedule)
You need to provide her with more stimulation
She is just being stubborn – you need to take more control
You are being too controling – she is just wanting to have some say in her world
Many people who do not live with children like this think they are experts on what we are doing wrong and telling us how to handle our children.

We took her to the pediatrician and found out she had allergies, we took her to the therapist for “anger issues”, we took her to an occupational therapist because she had Sensory Intergration Dysfunction (SID see above for defintion).

She was in the 4th grade and was a straight A student as far as grades went.
Social skills were another matter entirely.
She spinning out of control.

We had many pieces of the puzzle, but did not get the whole picture until she was 10 years old.
We took her to her therapists office but had a PHD who specialized in children test her.
It was supposed to be a 3 hour test.
3&1/2 hours later they came out (she thought it was great – it was play time all the way and she was the main focus!).
The results were the result.
By that I mean they were not specifically testing for any one thing.
It could have been ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Bi-polar, depression, dsylexia, or any one of a number of things.
Her results were Asperger’s Syndrom (which by the way in rare in girls)..
Asperger’s is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder Scale (a.k.a. The scale).
Many Asperger’s people are initally mis-diagnosed as Bi-Polar that is why it is very important to have a person who is VERY familiar with mental health issues (your family docotor is not this person) do the diagnosis.

There is a reason the symbol for Autism is a puzzle piece.
We had all the little pieces diagnosed – but not the big picture.
One in every 166 children has Autism.
It is not all “Rain Man” and sitting by yourself in corners rocking back and forth.
Her therapist missed it.
Her pediatrician missed it (although to be fair – they only get to see each kid for 15 – 20 minutes and they are not mental health experts).
Her teachers missed.
Her occupational therapist missed it (although again to be fair – she did diagnose the S.I.D.).

What you can do is call the school district and ask them to come and do an evaluation (You don’t mention how old your daughter is – but that does not matter it can be diagnosed as early as 2 years old).
The school district has specialists who know what they are looking at (be it any of the above “issues”).
These people are professionals – not just teachers with a couple of psych classes on the side.
They have the hours and hours it takes to get a proper diagnosis.
You already paying for these services with your tax money.
We did not know that we could request an evaluation, the request does not have to come from anyone at the school.

Our lives have been totally changed since we found out what we are dealing with.
Is every day a honeymoon?
Heaven’s no.
But now we have coping mechanisms in place.
We undertand that she is wired differently and it will take different stratagies than what we are used to.
AND – she is so much better for knowing.
What she told me after we found out – now I know that it’s not because I wasn’t trying hard enough or that I wasn’t good enough, it’s just because I’m wired differently.
Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you.

Lisa450 would you please contact me?

My daughter is 11 years old and needs to know that there is a good future for her. Because we don’t know anyone else with Asperger’s it is hard for her.
I NEVER give out my email address so I hope you re-read these answers and get this.
Take care

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