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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Chris asks…

Will Autism Be With A person For Life Will it go away and they will be normal?

OK my little brother is 3 years old and he was diagnosed with autism. He cant speak in sentences and when we tell him to do something its like we are talking another Language. He can say words but most of the time he talks like he is still 1 year old and my baby sister is 1 year old and she is already saying words. When will my little brother actually start speaking in sentences and stop saying nonsense, o and my little cousin who is only 2 is already saying things in sentences and when you ask him to do something he listens.

admin answers:

Autism is for life (beware of those offering quack treatments/cures: do real research)

It is an essentially inherited condition, at core being about having a brain wired significantly differently from the statistically average.
This leads to differences in sensation, perception, and thought-processes, and the expression of that can vary immensely from one individual to another.

” like we are talking another Language.”
To a fair degree you may be. Finding out the best modes of communication and learning for each individual on the autistic spectrum is an important task.
You don’t help a Frenchman to learn English by shouting at him in English. It goes best if you have learned some French first.
Similarly with understanding the autistic perspective on the world while teaching the larger world to the person with autism.

“When will my little brother actually start speaking in sentences[?]”
We vary. There is no rule.
I know of one child who didn’t speak a word till seven, but her first “word” was a complex, perfectly-formed sentence.

I know another who can barely speak, but is incredibly fluent on the computer.
We tend to come with very spiky ability profiles: it can be a major mistake to judge us only by what we are poor at. Or good at.

We do learn, again, in varying degree, especially with the right forms of teaching and support.

Personally I don’t have “normal” as an objective, beyond basic life skills etc.
I can do “social” and “normal” very well, having learnt it the hard way like an academic subject rather than instinctively. It’s there when I want to be, or have to be, social.

But I can’t be bothered with being conventional purely for conformity’s sake.
Why should I be interested in, or join in with, much of what “most people” like, when I am not “most people”?

But then I’m old enough and verbal enough to express that.
Not all of us are.

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Question?: Autistic Spectrum

William asks…

How do you like my technique of getting bullies out of sight?

When the guy was making fun of me, the only thing I would think of is…The Police. So I threatened to call the police on him and tell them that they will come and arrest them for making retard “noises” that I so loathed since it is the discrimination against the people of the autistic spectrum. So they scrambled to get out.
So what do you think?
I know it is legal to make noises, but with high screech moaning and the hand flapping, I know how discriminatory it is to me since I have Aspergers.

admin answers:

Sounds like a terrible idea becase its not agaist the law to make noises, and once they find out that the cops don’t come it will get worse. I was always fond of a baseball bat to the knee cap when dealing with bullies.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Treatment

Joseph asks…

Is autism genetic? I just saw it on the news.?

I just saw a blip on the news that the most recent study has revealed that it is a genetic disease. The scientists are happy because now they can work on a medicine to cure it? Please tell me if this is true.

admin answers:

I think you may be talking about the study on Rett Syndrome which is in the autistic spectrum. RS was found to be genetic in ’99 and there is actually a genetic test for it (my daughter has RS). It is believed that autism is genetic because of its similarities to RS and that it tends to run in families. Yes, a “cure” is possible and RS symptoms have been reversed in mice in this study. You can’t reverse the gene, but you can reverse symptoms with treatment…at least in mice. Its still probably many years before RS becomes treatable and even farther out for autism because they still have not find the gene that causes it yet.

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Question?: Autistic Spectrum

Susan asks…

What would I have to say to my doc for them to do a cat or mri scan of my brain and have insurance cover it?

I don’t want to be dishonest or anything, but I’ve been having occasional migranes(about one a month and I’ve never had them before until last year). I’d really like them to take a look and see if everything looks normal. Also I have some symptoms that might put me on the “autistic spectrum” so I thought that a scan might give me some comfirmation of that as well. If I told my general care physician that, would that be enough? I have HMO.

admin answers:

Yes. Just go to your GP and describe your symptoms and he’ll do the rest; referring you for the proper tests and all.

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Question?: Pdd-nos

Nancy asks…

Nintendo Wii for 8 year old autistic spectrum son who is good at video games. Good game suggestions?

My son who is 8 has PDD.NOS (autistic features). He is getting the Nintendo Wii for Christmas. He is very good at video games. He has a used xbox, and a used gameboy. This will be his first new gaming system. What games are not frustrating, and not too violent that he will be successful with? Also could you tell me what games are not good and why? Theses games are expensive, I want to make sure the ones we get are worth it.

admin answers:

Okay just so you know I’m not a fan of the Wii, but I know just what games to get for your kid. Here are the names of the games and a link to a video review about each game.

Good Games.
1. Super Mario Galaxy

2. LEGO Batman, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones (note: buy only one of them)
Batman: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/40780.html
Star Wars: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/27873.html
Indiana Jones: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/34894.html

3. De Blob

4. Boom Blox

5. Wario Land: Shake It!

Bad Games
1. Don’t buy games that start with Wii in its title even if it comes with something. The game Wii Sports that comes with Wii is fine, but don’t bother getting games like Wii Music and Wii Play.

2. Don’t buy games polished by Conspiracy Entertainment. Those games are the worst games on the Wii. So avoid titles like Anubis II, Billy the Wizard, and Ninjabread Man. They may sound fun, but their not. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninjabread_Man (not a review)

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

James asks…

how do i distinguish autism from a learning disability?

how would one know if they are autistic or have a learning disability or perhaps both?

admin answers:

Some of the behaviors that both of my autistic spectrum children have esp. When they were young, my 7 year old still has are: hand flapping and pigeon toe-walking (during the younger years); esp. When they were nervous or worried; repetitive actions esp. My daughter did this. She would not really play with toys just line them up, no imaginative play, not really much doll play, mostly just lined up stuffed animals or whatever.

Most autism are said to have delayed lang. Like my son, he saw a speech therapist at 3 because he was not speaking. But my daughter on the other hand was an early speaker at 6 months, but did a lot of echolalia where she would repeat phrases over and over again (so my husband really had to watch his language!!!) They are also very obsessive about things. I think all kids have this to some extent, but they really take it to another level. They always have an obsession and it is very difficult, almost impossible for them to focus on anything else. Currently, my daughter is obsessed with Pokemon, before that dragons, before that dinosaurs, human body, etc!

They also both have sensory integration disorder which my son has the most severely. He cannot stand being touched, hugged, or kissed. They both cannot stand anything sticky being touched and eat fried or barbecued chicken by encasing it with paper towels (they love the taste but hate the feeling!) My son used to scream being bathed or touching grass (still doesn’t like baths!)

My daughter doesn’t seem to have any noticeable learning disabilities, but my son does have the dyslexia that his father and grandmother do. That has been addressed with a lot of Orton Gillingham reading programs, phonemic awareness (also called phonological awareness) programs, phonics, vocabulary, etc.

You can tell if one is dyslexic pretty quickly by going to http://www.interdys.org/servlet/compose?section_id=5&page_id=41 (If you have an older or younger child, click on the Symptoms for Preschool Child or 5th-8th or High School & College or Adults and look at the symptoms according to age.

My son has always exhibited all the symptoms of each age as a preschooler and as he has grown. The addition of his dad and his grandmother having dyslexia (I believe dyslexia is genetic in origin) and if there is a strong family history of dyslexia that is another good clue.

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Question?: Autistic Spectrum

Susan asks…

What is the proper format for writing the by-laws for a non-profit business?

I want to ser up a working ceramic and visuals arts studio where autistic spectrum and mentally retarded artists can create in a sheltered environment (non-profit part), and provide a gallery to show and sell their works at fair market prices (profit for them and for studio operations). This project is to benefit artists in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

admin answers:

Check The Foundation Center’s website.

Good Luck!

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Question?: Autistic Behavior

Helen asks…

What do you do with a student who displays autistic behavior and the parents don’t want any testing done?

The child is constantly interrupting with verbal outbursts or banging on floor or table. I just need to make it to the end of the school year with my sanity. I can put the student on a computer and they will be quiet, but they also need to do classwork – which they will not complete unless someone is hovering over them. Student is very capable of doing work and is intelligent – The social worker and principal are aware of the situation but our hands are tied.

admin answers:

Instead of trying to get him classified which would take weeks since the team would have to gather assessments and the team is busy with the IEP’s can you start a 504 for support or a behavior plan without the parents consent? I am a parent of an autistic spectrum child in a mainstream class. For classwork he has a corral around his desk so he is less distracted, he wears earmuffs so he doesn’t respond to every classroom noise, his desk is in the least stimulated part of the room, he gets reinforcers every 8 minutes for a pointcard which after four reinforcers he cashes in for a preferred activity, he has a breakcard for when he is overwhelmed, he has a schedule on his locker and desk, he is warned ahead of time if the schedule changes for a firedrill, or assembly. He has a timer, a peer mentor, the OT takes him to do some movement for sensory integration, a special ed. Teacher comes into the classroom for support, he sits on a core disc. Can the parents come into observe or be willing to strategize on how to help their son be less impulsive and disruptive and improve his attention? Can the parents volunteer in the class? To help my son complete work it is pre-taught the night before at home. Directions are given as simplistic as possibe, an example is given, and he has to repeat the directions back. Letting him fail as a wake up call to the parents as suggested by SPED teacher is not an option. When you have that kind of burned out mentality you aren’t doing your job well anymore and its time to move on. That attitude really sucks and its sad to see that apparently SPED teacher is actively teaching. Thank god my child doesn’t have her! Another thing that helps is knocking out the harder classwork in the am. I am glad you are trying to look for suggestions to help him be successful. That is the sign of a good teacher.

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Question?: Autistic Savant

Maria asks…

Any autistic savants in Yahoo land ?

I posted this in mental health, and now am posting it here, to get broader coverage. Are any of you considered to be an autistic savant? I am most interested in anyone’s experiences, either someone who is a savant, or someone who knows one. I love to read about how their mind works. I just read a great book by an autistic savant, “Born On a Blue Day”……..have any of you read this ? Anything of interest to share with me ?
Thanks !

admin answers:

Savants are acutaly really rare. However, they’re probably savants out there that do not have an offical diagnosis of savant syndrome. I myself am on the autistic spectrum and have the ability to rember random tidbits of facts and information that most people would not rember (much to the displeasure of my family) are able to recit them later. I am not a savant but I do have that unique gift. I have you done research on Kim Peek he is the biggest example of an autistic mega savant. Daniel Tamment was recently diagnosed with AS so he is on the spectrum himself he is a savant when it comes to numbers.

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Question?: Autistic Symptoms

Linda asks…

Is autistic spectrum online tests a valid tool for diagnosis?

Seems to be you can do a quiz to diagnose everything these days. A couple of people have suggested I do it as I have alot of the symptoms, but these symptoms are symptoms for various things such as social phobia, panic attack disorder and OCD. How does a doctor usually go about diagnosing something like this?

admin answers:

Online tests of any kind of not valid diagnostic tools. Autism spectrum disorders are complex and tricky to diagnose. A good test can give you an indication, but not a diagnosis. My psychologist diagnosed me with Asperger’s syndrome based on my self-report, an interview with my mom, my performance on a series of cognitive tests, and her observations of my behavior. The whole process took several hours, mostly because of the tests. If you want to be evaluated, you’ll need to see an autism spectrum disorders specialist. Your GP should be able to suggest someone.

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