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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Quiz

Joseph asks…

How do i know if i have Semantic Pragmatic Disorder or Asbergers?

or autism if i do how can i cure it or treat it can a get any prescription

admin answers:

Quiz: http://www.rdos.net/eng/ ~~~

The term ‘semantic pragmatic disorder’ has been around for nearly l5 years. Originally it was only used to describe children who were not autistic.

Features it includes are:-

delayed language development
learning to talk by memorising phrases, instead of putting words together freely
repeating phrases out of context, especially snippets remembered from television programmes
muddling up ‘I’ and ‘you’
problems with understanding questions, particularly questions involving ‘how’ and ‘why’
difficulty following conversations
Children with this disorder have problems understanding the meaning of what other people say, and they do not understand how to use speech appropriately themselves.

Soon both research and practical experience yielded two important findings:

Many people who definitely are autistic have this kind of language disorder (Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond in the film ‘Rainman’ being a typical example).
Most of the children diagnosed as having semantic pragmatic disorder do also have some mild autistic features. For example, they usually have difficulty understanding social situations and expectations, they like to stick fairly rigidly to routines, and they lack imaginative play.
For a while some language therapists maintained there was still an important difference between children with semantic pragmatic disorder and children who were truly autistic. They believed the autistic features seen in children with semantic pragmatic disorder were only a result of their difficulty with language.

However, further research has shown that there is probably a single underlying cognitive impairment which produces both the autistic features and the semantic pragmatic disorder . The fact that children with semantic pragmatic disorder have problems understanding the meaning and significance of events, as well the meaning and significance of speech, seems to bear this out.

Eventually the idea of an autistic continuum was used to explain the situation. All the children on the continuum have semantic pragmatic difficulties, but the degree of their other autistic impairments can be severe or moderate or mild. This parallels the autistic continuum relating Asperger syndrome, where all the children have a marked social impairment but those with Asperger syndrome have only a relatively mild and subtle language impairment.

It seems that children who are diagnosed as having a semantic pragmatic disorder might more accurately be described as high-functioning autistic. Clinicians tend to give all autistic children who have good intelligence the label Asperger syndrome, even if a child actually has very limited speech. But there are important differences between bright autistic children with semantic pragmatic difficulties and bright autistic children with Asperger syndrome. Children with semantic pragmatic difficulties have usually learnt to talk late, whereas (according to diagnostic guidelines) children with Asperger syndrome were able to talk in sentences by the age of three. Also children with semantic pragmatic difficulties do better on performance IQ tests than verbal IQ tests, whereas with children with Asperger syndrome the results tend to be the other way round. However, if a child with semantic pragmatic difficulties eventually becomes a fluent talker, the difference between the labels ‘high functioning autistic’ and ‘ Asperger syndrome’ becomes fairly academic.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children

Lizzie asks…

Can you have PDD-NOS and not be on the autism spectrum?

Our son has a huge line-up of testing that is scheduled to be done, but the neurologist said that he more than likely has PDD-NOS. Our speech therapist said that PDD isn’t autism, it’s just a delay, is that true? I thought they both go hand in hand.

admin answers:

In short no.

PDD-NOS is on the autism spectrum, it is NOT classic autism, but it is still an ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Long answer-

Your son might end up with a provisional diagnoses of PDD-NOS- meaning they will diagnose him with that, but then later might drop it. Its very difficult especially at a young age to properly diagnose a child if they have classic autism, or Aspbergers, or a general developmental problem. It can take years for them to know for sure what your son has- but it doesn’t change what type of help he is going to need, however for most state/school programs as well as insurance cases, they need some form of diagnoses to pay for speech/occupational therapy whatever they determine he needs. Because the treatment plan decided on will be individual to your son, it doesn’t really matter what “label” he has as long as he is getting the help he needs.

The name PDD-NOS literally means- Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified, meaning they just don’t have enough data to decided how to specify it. While he has the diagnoses of PDD-NOS he is considered to be on the autism spectrum- however in time they may decided it was a general delay and he won’t be considered on the spectrum anymore.

Right now, my son, has just gone through a bunch of tests, and has a couple more lined up in the fall. He has PDD-NOS, but they feel he will end up being either classic autism or Asbergers, or even OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) but right now he shows signs of all three, so they aren’t sure which he has. His neurologist describes it this way- when a plant is very small, sometimes you aren’t sure what type of flower is going to grow on it, however once it blooms it is obvious what kind of plant it was- but it doesn’t change that it is a plant. Meaning my son has something, we aren’t sure what, but it doesn’t change the fact he has something. The main concern is how do you help him get better.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Robert asks…

What is autism and ADHD?

like.. what is it and what help can you get.
and what are the symptoms for them?
i know you can only have one or the other.
I was just wondering.
please no “hate” answers.

admin answers:

Autism falls under the category of Pervasive Developmental Disorders, which includes disorders like Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and then autism is then divided up in many different subtypes including Asberger’s Syndrome. Autism effects the fields of social skills, communication and stereotypical behaviors, which most people associated with things like rocking, flapping, lining things up, etc.

Depending on the individual, there may be a physical impairment, such as a brain dysfunction or a problem with development. For instance, I have worked with an autism child who is missing the corpus callosum, which is the nerve bundle in the brain that connect the two hemispheres. The common theory now is that there is both a environmental and genetic factor, but there is no proven cause of autism.

ADHD is pretty straight forward as to what it effects. The category of “ADD” is no longer – Most doctors say you can’t have the “AD” without the “HD”.

There isn’t just “one” set of symptoms because of the wide range of ways in which autism can present. A doctor would use a checklist, observations, interviews, etc before making an autism diagnosis. The same goes for ADHD. A doctor would use research methods before diagnosing someone has having the condition.

Autism and ADHA could present with each other or with a variety of other conditions – but they do not “typically” present together. Some autism symptoms could appear like inattention, but as someone who has worked with Autistic people, and have a family member diagnosed with Asbergers, you should not easily confuse someone with ADHD with someone with autism. Their functioning and behavior are different.

Most people with ADHD use medication or therapy to learn coping skills. The current argument in the medical and teaching community is whether ADHD is over or under diagnosed. Many feel that the minute anyone sees an active kid, he must be ADHD. But the common idea is that based on what we know of child development, an ADHD diagnosis should not be made until about 1st grade, because earlier than that could be inaccurate.

Autism is not really something that can be “treated”, per se. For some individuals, early intervention with therapists can help the child function more normally, as in learning proper social or self-help skills and tolerance. Many people rely on therapists to teach behavior through a method called ABA, which teaches academics, behavior and communication through a series of repetitive practices. Some use routine using picture schedules or communication devices. Medications may help with certain behaviors or medical aspects of an individuals autism. For instance, certain types of medication many decrease aggression, drooling, help with appetite or sleeping habits or self injurious behavior. There is no one way that works for autistic individuals.

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo Answers

Sandra asks…

is asperger’s autism of any form disqualifying for the military?

Hey, i have high functioning autism and i am worried about the military draft coming back, I hear that these websites like wiki answers, yahoo answers and chacha answers say one thing after another about them so what is the real fact.
some answers i think is true and some answers i think they are not.
oh and by the way people who are just guessing.

admin answers:

The military is so overstrength we are currently in the process of cutting nearly 200,000 personnel. The Draft is NOT coming back.

Autism/Asbergers is a permanent DQ for enlistment.

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