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Question?: Schizophrenia Test

George asks…

How would a doctor or psychiatrist test you for schizophrenia?

admin answers:

Diagnosis of any mental disorder utilizes observations by the doctor, questions of the patient by the doctor, feedback from others who know the patient, psychological testing, family history, family health history. Schizophrenia diagnosis is difficult to make and would probably take the doctor pulling together all this information and interviewing the patient on several occasions. Sometime doctors figure out difficult diagnoses by the patient’s response to common medications used to treat depression or anxiety.

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Question?: Autistic Adults

Joseph asks…

Is anyone with autism on medication trying to reduce the learning problems?

To you autistic adults out there, do you take any medication to reduce your learning problems. And to the parents of autistic children, do you give them any medication to try reduce their learning problems?

admin answers:

I’m not an adult, but close enough to one to be able to answer your question. I’m planning on going on some medience because of my anxiety/depression, which is really not lighting up on me, and it’s been two years. I don’t have any learning probelms persay though, so I can’t really take any. I found that resipodal was really helpful when it came to giving me more attention, and it didn’t make me feel drugged out. It has a couple side-effects (like low blood pressure), but if you have a low dosage, you shouldn’t have it as much
I have to go to school now, but I hope this helps.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

William asks…

What are the early symptoms of schizophrenia?

What age do the symptoms of schizophrenia usually appear? What are the chances of someone being schizophrenic if they have no known family history of it? And any other important information about schizophrenia that you have please.

admin answers:

Social Isolation
Mood Swings
Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
Difficulty making decisions
Poor concentration
The chance for the general population is 1%
email me if you have more questions evilfudge17@yahoo.com

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Daniel asks…

What are some illnesses that have similar symptoms to Schizophrenia?

I’m just curious and this is not to offend anyone, but a lot of the symptoms of Schizophrenia sound like symptoms of other mental illnesses.
Since there is no proven way of diagnosing someone Schizophrenic, then what are some illnesses that could be mistaken for Schizophrenia?
You can be diagnosed with it but there is no way to prove for sure. They have to go by what symptoms a person has and assume, which I think is pretty much BS, because like the first answerer said, it could just be anxiety overload.

admin answers:

I am not an expert but I have known some people with schizophrenia and it truly is a distinct illness. There can be different kinds I realize but when people are hallucinating or being directed to do or think irrational things by their own thoughts it is not just anxiety. True schizophrenia is not BS is it a real illness. I know some illnesses are not as clearly recognizable and may be used for people inappropriately but I have never known schizophrenia to be like that. Unless you think the person is making up their symptoms for some reason. I think time is the greatest factor because unfortunately schizophrenia does not go away. Some people can be treated effectively with medication but many can’t and sometimes the meds loose their effectiveness or cause too many side effects. If you have someone in your life with this problem you should try to be supportive and be there for them however you can.

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Susan asks…

Is there a better adhd medication than vyvance?

I know a lot about adhd medication and have taken many different medications trying to find the right one to ease my adhd a little with out having an overwhelming amount of side effects. I am currently taking vyvance and it works great for school work, tests and quizzes but outside of school i dred being on the medication. Is there any adhd medication that works as well as vyvance in aspects of school work?

admin answers:

I have major depression and anxiety and I attend a weekly support group for people with depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc. One of the first things I learned is that a medication that works wonders for one person might not be helpful at all for someone else.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and it is still trial and error for doctors to figure out what medications work the best for an individual. I have lost count of all the psych meds and combinations of meds I have tried for my problems.

People on YA can make guesses on which meds might work best for you. However, the sad truth is that you will probably have to experiment with different meds to find out what works the best. This can be be VERY frustrating. I know this from my own experience.

Below is a list of the most common ADHD meds. Maybe something in the list will give you some idea. Otherwise, you can try googling “ADHD medications” or “ADHD medication lists” and do some research. It would be nice if the doctors did all the research and knew all the answers, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, at least not at this time.


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Question?: Schizophrenia

Thomas asks…

How bad is schizophrenia? How bad is it to live with schizophrenia in reality?

I am having trouble sleeping all through the night and I’m afraid that schizophrenia may be setting in…I assume the worst (schizophrenia) instead of anxiety, depression or just plain old insomnia, because I have a family history of severe mental illness…please let me now what onset schizophrenia is or is like, especially if you or a loved one has schizophrenia. thank you.

admin answers:

I’ve known a few people who have had schizophrenia. It is truly a frightening disease. I admit to hearing voices almost every day, which tell things that I don’t want to hear sometimes. They’ll tell me to do things, insult me, and just talk to me sometimes. It happens especially when I am alone. At night it is horrid, especially if I sleep on a floor (goes with a demon I think is taunting me). My pillow and blanket would literally play music. It’s like, if I think about a song, I can hear it. My brother doesn’t think I have it, but I know what I’m going through, not him. But whatever, you know? If you believe you need help for it, go get some if you can. You begin to confuse fantasy and reality, which is very confusing when you’re trying to think back to what happened when people tell you otherwise.

If you are unable to get support from family like I was at first, I can give you a think for support. It’s a wonderful community– the people seem to understand you, even if they don’t have the same disease.

I hope things don’t get worse for you. It’s no fun. Best of luck.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Stories

Susan asks…

stories about schizophrenia?yourself or relatives?

Any stories on how it first started developing in relatives or yourself?So my dad suffers from schizophrenia and so does my aunt and they hear voices and are very isolated,I’m very scared I may develop it as well.I have a therapist appointment in a few weeks but I would love to hear your personal stories to make note of early warning symptoms.I went from being a really hard worker to after having a panic attack from snorting adderall once to being apathetic,anxious,having sleep disturbances and being able to hyper focus on stuff(weird symptom)like certain books on mental health.I have been doing better this last week after reading a couple of self help books and applying techniques I’ve been sleeping a bit better too and have a job interview tmr.it may jus be anxiety but I want to hear stories on how it first developed in people too,like where they jus in denial at first.like for instance where they hearing voices at first and thought it was jus them and then they became more persistent . I don’t need jus the symptoms posted because those are already online and I’m aware of them but I wanna hear personal stories from real people like was it sudden?gradual?and how did it happen?life changes,drugs etc Also very important what kind of personality traits did they posess?artsy creative as opposed to logical and grounded I always considered myself to be the latter,I wonder if that will be a contributing factor too.not to say all artsy ppl are schizophrenic or anything jus saying they tend to dwell alot more in fantasy and seem to be more imaginative than practical jus wondering if thats relevant.
And no I am not doing any drugs or drinking,haven’t touched either for 8 months.I’m living a healthy lifestyle with excersise and alot of omegas also

admin answers:

I work in a hospital and I recently worked with a schizophrenic patient. She was not logical or creative either. She was pretty much dependent on her room mate (who abused her) and from the stories she told her’s seemed to have derived from being abused and drugs. She had a rough life and her voices told her to blow her heart up on crack. And she had nearly went crazy when it first started because it was so sudden and she checked herself into a facility until they got her on some meds that were effective. But as I said hers was definitely triggered by sudden life changes bc of the horrific things that had been done to her. As for personality traits she was very cocky, yet quiet, very figgity, very very talkative, sneaky, but she was the sweetest person ive ever met. Hope this helped. If you want more info email me at coreyevans256@yahoo.com

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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Sharon asks…

What’s the difference between autism and mental retardation?

I’m curious. I have adhd and anxiety, and (I suspect sort of strongly) aspergers

I was watching vids on lower function autism, and some of the people were making disgruntled noises a lot, throwing fits/tantrums, sucking thumb, etc.

admin answers:

Mental retardation’s criteria is a low Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic criteria includes social deficits, communication deficits, and odd behavior (repetitive actions, self-stimulating – like you saw on the video.).

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Question?: Pdd-nos Checklist

Sandra asks…

can a child NOT BE autistic and yet cover his ears with certain noises or situations?

My 19 month old seems pretty much normal but since 6 months or old he has displayed a sense of shyness (covering his face) when meeting new people and also covering his ears not only when meeting people but also when watching cartoons especially when the characters sing. He’ll also cover his ears when mom and dad happen to argue around him…

his doc said during his 18th month well check that he can be anything we want but autistic… yet I dont remember telling him about this covering of his ears. He did refer us to our local developmental pathways for a follow up on his slight speech delay… any comments welcome
wow all of these are very good answers… and yes I think we should gather more details in his behavior… what sucks about being a new parent is that you just dont know what is normal… for ex. he loves messing with stuff if I bring him close to the sink to wash his hands he’ll either mess with the water or the light switch turning it off an on. He also likes to shut the doors on me and not let me open them… so it is hard to know if these behaviors are normal or part of a disorder…

admin answers:

Yes, a child can cover their ears with noises and not be autistic. I know of 2 kids, they are older, and are definately not on the autistic spectrum at all. Neither have been diagnosed with anything, possibly a sensory processing issue, but it has not been diagnosed.

It is hard to say, because many behaviors are typical of this age, its more about the pervasiveness of it. Cause and affect is very big developmentally at his age. With the lights, can he be redirected to do something else, or does he want to do this repetitively for hours?

Being particular about doors is something that both my autistic sons have done, but that need for routine is also anxiety based (a little OCD), so is it really the autism, or is it more the anxiety component?

Beginning speech is a great idea. I would ask for an OT (occupational therapist) to evaluate him for a sensory processing disorder.

This assessment tool is very sensitive to picking up kids on the spectrum. My middle son, diagnosed at 9 months by a pediatric neurologist with PDD.NOS (atypical autism) when 12 month old diagnoses are only 60-80 percent accurate, this assessment picked him up at 7 months old with a score of 49 (scoring 0-50 is no PDD), 50-100 is mild. My son went on to score as high as 88. He is turning 4 next month.

My youngest son, was diagnosed with a speech delay, and has some atypical behaviors, he is getting services for ECE, OT, SLP. His initial score at the same age 7 months was 23. His highest score has been 29. He has an encephalopathy diagnosis, and ADHD diagnosis (since 24 months)

My oldest son, age 8, has had a PDD.NOS diagnosis. This currently is disputed depending on who we see. He does look PDD to me, however, he attends school with children who were previously diagnosed on the autistic spectrum that are completely typical and have been by kindergarten. The spectrum isn’t static, if you get a diagnosis, this does not in any way mean that it is accurate.

I find that other autistic children and adults are the best at evaluating if a child is on the spectrum. I am an autistic adult, I have known that my youngest son who will be 3 and has never gotten an autistic diagnosis that he is not autistic. The speech/language pathologist (whom is not a clinician and can’t diagnose) disagrees with this. She believes he is also autistic and tells me things like his eyecontact was better today.

And, I have known that my middle son was autistic spectrum since 6 months old. My father (asperger’s, and a clinical psychologist for autistic children) has said by 8 months that child is asperger’s. I wasn’t buying it, till 18 months. Our highly reputable neurologist wasn’t buying it, till he turned 3 and developed hyperlexia (despite speech delays). Now, the diagnosis he is carrying is encephalopathy, however she believes he is asperger’s.

My oldest son, the neurologist dropped him at 6, saying he isn’t on the spectrum. The psychologist at 7.5yrs old says he is PDD.NOS, ADD, CAPD, dysgraphic/dyspraxic. My father has said all along, he is not on the spectrum. I feel he is, but he has alot of overlap and basically an ABC diagnosis. He does have anxiety, an ADD dx, has SPD, autistic features, and mood swings. I do feel he is bipolar, dyspraxic, dysgraphic, with SPD and PDD.NOS. My father feels he is ADD, SPD, dyspraxic.

My oldest currently scores betw 47-52 on the childbrain assessment, middle son scored 82 last time some months ago. Now scoring a 71.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Older Children

Betty asks…

Can a normal child still develop autism after 18 months?

Or is it more like hereditary and clear from the time they’re one year old?
My daughter babbles and points to toys etc so she’s fine. But all the media stories are keeping me worried it might still hit her.

admin answers:

Take a deep breath…..

Autism is usually detected around two years of age. Most people notice it at this time because their child has not yet begun to speak, plateaus, or forgets words they once knew.

Gaining attention by babbling is a good sign. Actually seeking your attention is any way is a good indicator that your child is developing normally. Sustained eye contact and responding to name are something else to be on the lookout for at a young age. Pointing at toys and reaching for objects when she wants them is a great thing. These are all signs that your child is “on the right track”.

It is my firm belief that you don’t develop autism. Children are simply born with it, but the signs that something is wrong don’t become apparent until later in life. If your child falls on the mild end of the spectrum it may take even longer to recieve a diagnosis.

Here’s the thing. If you are worried to the point of anxiety have her screened. I think the CDC is now recommending that all children be screened for autism twice before the age of two. If you really want it, don’t take no for an answer.

Good Luck.

I just wanted to edit this in order to add that no childhood vaccine (save some versions of the flu shot) currently contain thimerisol, the mercury additive everyone is so worried about. It was taken out a few years ago and rates of autism still, unfortunately, continue to climb. I only mention this because another poster brought it up and I feel it is dangerous not to vaccinate your children. Especially when you are basing your decisions of facts that are not exactly correct.

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