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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Test

Carol asks…

why do some people have mental problems while others dont?

i have aspergers syndrome, crowd anxiety, depression. my friend has ADHD. my aunt has depression.
why do some people have mental problems while others dont?

admin answers:

I am not saying there are no mental problems but one should ask why USA seem to be the most depressed country in the world? …while there is no medical objective test to prove someone has any of the psychiatry diagnoses.

This 2 minutes long video explains the difference between diagnosis in real medicine backed up by science and psychiatry diagnosis like ADHD backed up by personal opinions.

Psychiatry – NO SCIENCE-NO CURES (4:54min)
Can psychiatrists help you with antidepressants? Are there any cures in psychiatry today? How many people have been cured? What are your chances?
Check it for yourself – hear it from interviewed psychiatrists.


The Marketing of Madness:
Are We All Insane?

The definitive documentary on psychotropic drugging—this is the story of the high-income partnership between drug companies and psychiatry which has created an $80 billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs to an unsuspecting public.

But appearances are deceiving.

How valid are psychiatrist’s diagnoses—and how safe are their drugs?

Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal a dangerous and often deadly sales campaign.

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Diagnosis and Definitions for Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is known there is no specific diagnostic test for Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the best way to get a diagnosis is to make a multi-disciplinary evaluation.

A psychologist or psychiatrist experienced with Autism Spectrum Disorders can make a diagnose for adults, and in what concerns children, they must be tested by a number of professionals, which will provide the needed information to make decisions about program and treatment approaches.

It was seen that the age of diagnosis ranges, depending on the circumstances from approximately 18 months through to adulthood.

Autism Spectrum Disorder deals with several labels, for example at an end of the spectrum there can be diagnoses like “Asperger Syndrome”, “High Functioning Autism” and “PDD-NOS”, and at the other end, we can find labels like “Autism”, “Classic Autism” and “Kanner Autism”. Several labels place people at different points of the spectrum.

We can say that the term Autism Spectrum Disorder is used because there is a great variation from person to person, which depends on the severity and combination of each area of impairment. It is known that together with Autism Spectrum Disorder may exist also other conditions or disorders, like speech and language disorders, anxiety and depression, intellectual disability, epilepsy, attention disorders, Tourette Syndrome and Down Syndrome.


Usually, before the age of 3, in autism, clearly appear severe and sustained impairments in the social and communication areas. The child is observed as being different than other children, he is anxious, responds unusually to many different stimuli, has poor attention and motivation, and speech can be delayed or largely absent. The child can also have a range of ritualistic behaviours, like hand flapping, finger gazing or toe walking. It was seen that the child or adult with autism can be also intellectually disabled.

We can mention a loosely used term to describe a child or adult who meets the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism, but is not as severely affected as the more classically autistic person-High Functioning Autism.

Asperger Syndrome deals with severe and sustained social impairments, but the impairments in the language and communication area aren’t so severe. The speech develops within the normal age range, but effectively communication is impaired.

It was seen that the impairments become more evident as the child reaches pre-school and school age, being more subtle in the very young child.

There can also be given a diagnosis for children who present with some of the characteristics of either Autism or Asperger Syndrome, but not severe enough for a diagnosis of either of these conditions and this is Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified.

More informations about autism causes or about autism symptoms can be found by visiting http://www.autism-info-center.com/
More informations about autism causes or about autism symptoms can be found by visiting http://www.autism-info-center.com/
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Marriage and Partnership with Aspergers Syndrome

Marriages or partnership of a person with Aspergers Syndrome is often tough and demanding for both of them. Because of difficulty in verbal communication, social skills and reciprocity of feelings and behavior, those with Aspergers find it hard to start a friendship to ongoing relationship into an intimate one.

Asperger partner’s problem with communication, is that they know what they think and feel but they cannot express it and they are not aware of the feelings and thoughts of their loved ones. Those with Aspergers cannot connect with their special loved ones well as much as those without it. Another is having lack of emotion and emotional connection, they are viewed as uncaring, cold and selfish which can lead to misunderstanding, disappointment, anxiety, and even depression. It is difficult for either partner to have or want sexual intimacy especially those women who prefers to have sex when emotion is involved. This does not imply that those with Aspergers. It’s not that they cannot feel love, they just have difficulty to show or express care and love.


Those with Aspergers may have unusual behaviors like insensitivity, not maintaining eye contact, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, social anxiety, a preoccupation with specific items or areas of interest and hobbies. They have sensory issues like they do not want to be touched, dislike to a particular sound, light and taste. It makes the connection and relationship more difficult. This complicates the fulfillment of having intimacy and sexual relationship with their partners. With these problems, it can destroy their relationship or marriage and can lead to separation.

They have a chance to love and be loved. It is a matter of quality in a relationship with a person with Asperger syndrome. Those with Aspergers never seem to learn that their wife or husband cannot feel their love if they did not show and demonstrate it. They are giving their best to maintain their relationships but they have trouble in sharing their thoughts and feelings. They need a partner that would really love, care and understand them in the best that they can. Well in this world, if you really love a person, you would be with him in sickness and in health. A bond that should not be taken for granted.

For those with Aspergers, in order to save their relationship and marriage, partners must seek professional help through marriage counseling. Through counseling, the asperger symptoms can be dealt with. It can also help them learn to overcome feelings of anger, disappointment, and depression. Another is social skill training; the partner with asperger will help them to communicate or verbally interact and associate with others especially with their partners and loved ones. It will also teach them to recognize facial expressions and learn body language skills to interpret what is being said by others. They can also conquer feeling of isolation by joining group therapy sessions.

With all the patience, understanding and acceptance of the conditions of their partners and willingness on the part of the person with Aspergers syndrome to undergo a therapy, this can be a great help to save the relationship and marriage. Aspergers is possible to manage with help. If you or a loved one has Aspergers, get the help you need now before it is too late.

Dr. John E. Neyman, Jr.Christian CounselorDr. John has reared 3 children, Philip, Laura, and Matthew. Dr. John has been teaching families for the last 30 years. He is a family coach that specializes in parenting. Dr. John’s motto is “Empowering parents to transform their homes.” Dr. John was a pastor for 25 years.Dr. John has been serving as a Counselor/therapist for 30 years. He is currently a Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist in Western PA. Dr. John also is the director /Owner of the Renewed Life Counseling Center. Dr. John is a bestselling author entitled Wake up Live the Life You love: Success and Wake up Live the Life You Love: Freedom.Dr. John has developed a strategy that parents are able to use immediately, and effectively. It is entitled Power moments with Your Children. It takes less than 1 minute to put a strategy into place. Dr. John holds degrees from Liberty University and Rochville University.Dr. John has a passion to teach principles that transforms lives. He has spoken to audiences from 4 to 4 thousand. Dr. John’s teachings are practical, pointed, and powerful.
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Aspergers Syndrom in Teenagers

Aspergers syndrome is a developmental condition that is believed to be an autism spectrum disorder.


Aspergers affects the way a person thinks, communicates and relates to others.


The changes which occur during adolescence can be stressful for most teenagers.


But for teenagers with Aspergers syndrome, these changes can result in severe anxiety, depression and mental health problems.


Teenagers With aspergers syndrome may find it difficult to make and sustain friendships. They lack the ability to mind read and will often miss important social cues, like facial expressions and be unable to read another’s body language.


So what is a teen with aspergers syndrome like?


Some adolescent with aspergers may prefer to be alone whist others will crave friendships.


Some teenagers with Asperger Syndrome will enjoy talking about subjects that they are interested in, sometimes to the point of obsession, and may find more general conversations quite difficult.


Some Asperger Syndrome adolescents may also find difficulties with social situations; for example being reprimanded in college, although they never intended or believed that they were doing something wrong.


Asperger syndrome in teenagers; As with autism the aspergers adolescent will like repetition; for example following the same routine daily, keeping everything the same, without alterations.


These needs for sameness and routine can hinder their social progress and make them less likely to try or attempt anything new.


Teenagers with Asperger Syndrome can also have a lot of strengths, such as being very exact, good attention to detail and having expert knowledge on their own special interest.


Many asperger teens will also exhibit an excellent memory for particular things; for example, the words to a song or rhyme or maybe an advert or a tune from the radio even.


Some teens with aspergers syndrome will exhibit anti-social behaviors, or may well be solitary or even considered odd by their peers, this can cause stress and be a trigger for anxiety in the young person with aspergers.


As with autism asperger syndrome in teenagers has it’s problems social misunderstandings and communication problems can lead to social mistakes.


For example; a social kiss…aspergers adolescents may not understand the difference between a social kiss and inappropriate wanting to kiss their friends or others… Using asperger social stories can be like throwing the asperger adolescent a life line


Studies have shown that by using asperger social stories you can help your asperger adolescent to find coping mechanisms, and strategies. That can help them understand, and deal, with various situations and activities, or events. That they may find confusing, frustrating or stressful.


Asperger social stories are an excellent tool which can be introduced at any time and used for all situations your asperger teen is struggling with. These short exact pieces of text include visual images appropriate to the story.


Using aspergers social stories will help you asperger adolescent become more socially aware. And will answer the who, why, where and what questions they may have.


Asperger social stories will give your adolescent more understanding of situations and make them more comfortable in certain situations as well as giving them clear social cues they will help them identify when and where certain things are and are not appropriate.


To obtain specific aspergers social skill stories please visit us at:



I am a behavior and developmental advisor, you can find me at www.autismsocialstories.com/asperger_adolescents.
Where you can instantly download asperger social skills stories packed with coping methods and stratergies to help your asperger adolescent better understand and cope with stressful and challenging situations and issues
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