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Question?: Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Susan asks…

How to cope with my daughter with asperger’s being depressed?

My daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with Asperger‘s Syndrome at age 6. She is now 16 years old. She’s been depressed because all these years, she’s never actually had a social relationship with others. She really wants friends. But, I don’t know were she can develop peer interaction with others now that school is out. Any tips on her coping with depression?

admin answers:

Look to the autism support network,there are kids with aspergers there and can help support each other.Can also get advice from adults with it.Look at the books Gut and psychology Syndrome and Balance Your brain balance Your Life,and look at reviews at Amazon.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

Michael asks…

Any suggestions on Gluten Free Casein Free diet for a toddler?

I’m getting my son evaluted for Autism in a few weeks, but as I’m researching autism and treatments I’ve noticed alot of links between Autism and Gluten allergies. I have a couple of friends that have Celiac disease and they have given me pointers on items they eat, but my perdicatment is alittle different because I’m dealing with a picky 2 year old. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Only serious answers please, If your friends friend has a toddler with this condition please don’t answer, I’d like answers from someone who knows about this first hand. Thanks =0)

admin answers:

Here are my toddler friendly GF suggestions: I do NOT know if they are CF bc I only eat GF!

Glutino Breakfast Bars www.glutino.com (similar to nutrigrain bars)
Envirokidz Vanilla Animal Cookies (health food stores and www.amazon.com) ONLY Vanilla is GF.

Glutino Honey Nut Cereal (like cheerios, also has Apple Cinammon)

Glutino has lots of other good cookies, bagels and breads.

Kinninnicks makes an AWESOME pizza crust. In stores and not sure about online. THey also make great donuts and breads.

Liek I said I am not sure if these are CF, but might i suggest you check out the Yahoo Group “foodallergynetwork” bc many of those members avoid Gluten and Casein and can probly help you more than me!!

Best of luck,
Chairperson La North Shore Celiac Sprue Association

PS Feel free toe mail me privately I have taught Early Head Start and Head start and worked with autistic children before.

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Question?: What Is Autism In Spanish

Lisa asks…

What is the fastest, easiest, and book/CD/video/whatever to learn *basic* Spanish?

In college, I have a class called “basic Spanish“. Unfortunately, the teacher is terrible — he’s careless, sloppy, and is so odd that he seems to have some sort of autism. So I have to learn basic Spanish in another, better, faster, easier, etc, way. I’m sure there is a DVD, CD, or Book out there that will give me what I want. So help me out.
I prefer something visual or audio.

admin answers:

Try Pimsleur. You can buy it off Amazon. It’s audio, I used to listen to the discs while driving and it helped a lot.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Children

Ruth asks…

What’s the best way to reach parents of autistic children about AutismPro – software that can help them?

The company I work for has created a software program called AutismPro that allows parents, teachers and therapists to plan and begin treatment programs for children with autism. The therapeutic content comes from some of the world’s leading autism experts and the program’s monthly subscription rate makes it much less expensive than most other options. It’s a great product, but how do you get the word out there about something like this? How do you inform parents especially?

admin answers:

Get the local health departments to back it. Contact support groups and phone special needs schools let some test it for free. Sell it on amazon or ebay

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You need a purpose and something to work towards

Just wanted to let you know that my book on Setting Goals “Goal Setting Success Secrets. How To Revitalize Your Life. Setting And Achieving Your Goals The Smart Way.” is available free as a Kindle Edition @ Amazon until september 28/2012.

If you download and enjoy the book I would appreciate an honest review on Amazon in the near future. :-)
I can sure use your help!

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Autism Store – 10 Great Toys For an Autistic Child

Autism Store

Have you believed a toy for autistic child? Regardless if a child has autism, another disability or not, all children love toys. Of course, no child is alike. Therefore, what may be enjoyed by one child may not hold the financial of another. Thus, the trick is to figure out which toys your autistic child will enjoy tinkering with, and will help them develop skills. The following are 10 great toys for autistic children. Autism Store

The first 5 are suggestions are for children age 3-7 and the second 5 are for children age 8 – 12. Following each basic toy description is examples of where you can find them – Ages 3-7

1. Paints and/or coloring pencils with large paper – This is a great way for an autistic child to express him/herself in color. Knowing what colors your child responds to may be helpful when it comes to learning. Check Toys R’ Us, Sears, or Wal-Mart.

2. Building blocks – any toy for autistic child that can be stacked helps them improve their motor skills. Great toys to consider include “Lego”, alphabet blocks, colored shapes, etc. Check Toys R’ Us, Sears, or Wal-Mart


3. Stories with Repetition and/or Rhyme –These books help in the development of speech skills. Good book examples you can consider include “Dr. Seuss” and “Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes”. Book stores, online at Amazon.com, or your local library.

4. Mix and Match toys – Toys that involve sorting and grouping together matching numbers, colors, shapes, etc. help improve cognitive skills. One interesting toy for autistic child is “Match & Spell 3 – Letter Word”. This game teaches a child how to spell basic words by putting together matching colored cards that create a picture of the word. This game can be found online at the autism toy store stars4kidz.com. Autism Store

5. Toys that light up – Toys such as the “flashing molecule ball” are good for visual stimulation. When the ball is squeezed, the colorful balls light up and flash. Check online at stars4kidz.com or Toys R’ Us.

Ages 8 – 12

1. “Calculator Cash Register” – This is a perfect pretend toy for autistic child. This particular toy comes with a working calculator, pretend money (bills, coins and credit cards). This toy encourages creativity and math skills. Check online at Stars4kidz.com or local toy stores.

2. Musical toy instrument – If your child has an interest in music, consider getting a toy instrument such as drums, guitar, recorder or piano with sheet music. These toys teach cognitive, motor, creative and sensory skills. Check local toy stores, Toys R’ Us or Wal-Mart Autism Store

3. Picture books – Picture books such as “I Spy” are great ways to engage your child’s imagination. “I Spy” has a collection of picture riddle books based on different themes. Check your local bookstore, online at amazon.com, or library. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Autism Store program now!

Autism Store is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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Toys for Autistic Children: A Gift Giving Challenge

Holidays, birthdays, graduations, special events, all are important milestones for children, and relatives and friends of a family quite naturally want to be a part of these special occasions.

But what if the child is autistic and presents with the range of disorders commonly associated with the syndrome? What if the child has behavior problems? What if the child has language problems? Attention problems? Gross and fine motor skill issues? All of these are common symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). And, they can make gift giving a real challenge.

Although giving toys to autistic children can be daunting, like most other issues in life, a little common sense can go a long way. Here are some tips on choosing toys for autistic children.

First, don’t be swayed by what’s popular at the moment, especially, if the game or tape contains violence. Many experts say that autistic children have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is fantasy. Just don’t take the chance.

Second, don’t be swayed by age recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Autistic children develop atypically and what might be suitable for a “normal” five-year-old might be the perfect toy for a ten-year-old autistic child.

Third, don’t give toys which have many pieces, particularly pieces with sharp edges or pieces that are small. Autistic children often put things in their mouths and toys with many pieces can pose a danger of choking.

Fourth, use resources that are available and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. Many large sites, including Amazon, organize toys by category, including “toys for autistic children.” Use the tools that can help you find a toy easily and then be sure to read the customer reviews.

Fifth and most important, don’t be afraid to ask the parents. Many people when confronted with a situation about which they know little are insecure and have a tendency to just ignore it.But it’s too easy. If you’re in a quandry about what to give, ask the parents. Committed parents of children with autism are keenly aware of what their child needs and if you ask, they won’t hesitate to tell you. Another option is to make a list of toys in the price range you want to spend and ask the parents to select a toy. (In the last decade or so, interest in autism has grown so dramatically, that a variety of manufacturers are making toys for autistic children in a variety of price ranges.)

One final thought. Your sensitivity in giving an appropriate toy to an autistic child is something that will be remembered long after the child has outgrown or discarded the specific toy.

April T. Wagner is a homemaker with an adult child with autism. For many years she has volunteered with special needs children and is often asked about appropriate toys for autistic children.
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