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Question?: Autistic Angry Outbursts

James asks…

is it normal to get angry with yourself for experiencing ptsd symptoms ?

im 30, have bpd and ptsd, iam awaiting therapy, i have lived a very tough, traumatic life.

i suffer with bad anxiety and panic which causes me to isolate myself….i only venture out if i have to go someplace.

i suffer with distrust and paranoia about people because of alot of bullying and victimization in my life.

i deal with anger, rage and aggressive feelings relating to bottled up anger when i was bullied earlier in my life…..i used to have aggressive outbursts in public an humiliate and embarress myself…pick fights with people…like impulsively go into a rage.

ive improved greatly and dont have rage outbursts in public anymore, but i still have the feelings that i need to address with therapy.

however im still a nervous wreck with my panic and anxiety…can be very unconfident whilst outside…hyper vigillant…panicky…if i perceive any threat it can ignite a rage attack…so i have to work hard to be in control.

i struggle to make eye contact & feel very anxious most
times….if i perceive a threat say outside i start to panic and feel out of control..and i feel scared.

i never manage to appear confident even though that is what i try desperatly to do, i feel i fail miserably and everyone can see that im frightened etc.

if another male makes eye contact i can perceive it as a threat, then i look nervously away, but then feel enraged and angry because i feel ive allowed myself to be manipulated.

and if im outside i feel that everyone can see im afraid or scared and are laughing about it or getting off on it.

this is when i start to lose it and get angry with myself and other people, it triggers rage…because in someway i feel ive been humiliated.

i get flashbacks to assaults ive suffered, bullying ive suffered, where i was shown up and embarressed in public.
how can i not feel angry if i feel ive let myself down in public or others are perceiving i look scared or frightened etc ?

is it because i care too much about my image and what others think ?
im constantly wrestling with my past and feel i suffer with a ” their doing it to me ” victim type mentality which i feel triggers the rage.

admin answers:

Yes it is. I have suffered alot of abuse and abandonment in my life aswell and suffer from ptsd anxiety bi-polar and used to struggle with my past alot. My little sister was sick when she was a baby and as a result is deaf epileptic slightly autistic and had alot of other health problems and my mother could not handle this and became very depressed which resulted in her drinking taking drugs going in and out of psychiatric institutions and bringing home alot of different unstable and at times psychotic men whom raped and physically assaulted me for many years and just as i had started to deal with the many problems that i had due to this i lost my only two children to SIDS (cot death) with in 2 years of each other and i was only 16 yo at the time and was angry all of the time after that for a few years. Since then i have been seeing a psychiatrist and have done alot of hours in therapy at first i didn’t think it would do any good but now i am alot better and can handle most situations without fretting too much in fact this is the first time i have been comfortable talking with someone whom i am not extremely close to other than my psychiatrist about these problems ever so i suggest that you go to see a psychiatrist about these feelings and stay in therapy and no matter how bad you think things are going just stick with it because eventually you will get there

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Question?: Autistic Symptoms

William asks…

How do they determine whether a child is autistic?

Is their like a test for it? Does it show up when they do a gene study? Or is it symptom based? I forgot to ask the doctor while i was there and god knows how long it will be for the referall for the actual tests so im just wondering if it shows up in a gene study?

Also when they do genetic testing is there basic things they test for or is it symptom based again on what they will test for?

Ok so the testing would be more to rule out other things then?

admin answers:

Here is a quick test:


You really should visit autismspeaks. Org.
There is alot of valuable info there,

Also another test:

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Mandy asks…

I need to know more about autism, my little sister who i never see?

Ok, im 16 and my little sister Lexie lives with her real mom , we both have the same dad but different moms. I havent seen her since she was like 3 or 4 and shes now 8. shes very tiny and underdeveloped, but adorable., her mom told me she has learning disabilities and mild autism, i was gonna see if she would let Lexie come stay with me for a week so i can get to know her, but i just wonder how shes like.
any info??

admin answers:

My son has PDD-NOS which is on the Autism Spectrum. The Autism Spectrum is what they call a Spectrum because the severity and symptoms that children have differs greatly. There are five diagnoses that are under the Autism Spectrum Umbrella. These are Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s, childhood disintegrative disorder, and Rett syndrome. PDD-NOS is the most common diagnoses. Asperger’s is the highest functioning of the Autism Spectrum Disorders which are also called Pervasive Development Disorders. Autism is more common in boys than girls, except for Rett Syndrome which affects mostly girls. I have been told by specialists that they have a saying that “If you have seen one child with Autism you have seen one child with Autism”. By that saying they mean that no two children with autism present the same.

Let me tell you a little about my son. When he was a baby I knew something was different. He was my third child so I just knew something was not right. He did not like to be held like my other kids did. He would let me feed him, but look at the ceiling fan while I did instead of into my eyes. When he was done eating he would want to get down. He did not like to be held much. As he got older I noticed that he did not play with toys like my other kids did. He liked to take them apart instead. He was a head banger and rocked side to side alot. When routines changed he always got very irritable and still does. He would play with his toys the same way all the time, and line them up. He began talking on time, but always talked about what he was thinking without holding proper conversations. His voice is monotone all in one high pitch. He does not understand others feelings, how his actions affect others, or facial expressions. He takes everything very seriously and does not understand sarcasm or jokes. He has high anxiety, gets frustrated easily, and has been agressive since he was two. He has sensory processing disorder which is very common with PDD. He has always had sensory issues and hated things too bright, too cold or hot, certain clothing, certain textures, etc. He has problems making friends, and does not play age appropriately.

What has worked for us: My son gets Sensory Integration therapy at his school where he has an IEP and is in a special classroom. He has been in counseling since he was three to help him understand his feelings, others feelings, and ways to better control his emotions. He is on medications to help him control his rages, anger, and sleep issues. I have found that schedules and routines are the most important things for us. I made him a picture schedule that works very well. If you want to email me I can send you more information and even pics of our picture schedule. I have gotten valuable information by getting my son several diagnostic tests such as a speeech evaluation, neuropsycological evaluation, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician Evaluation, an EEG, an EKG, and even genetics testing. I think that the two most important things to do are to see a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician because they are the doctors that most specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Also a neuropsych evaluation will help understand how she thinks and how her brain works.

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Question?: Pdd-nos Checklist

Jenny asks…

5 year old’s social skills and behaviour?

Hello, i have a son who has just turned 5. He started reception this year. He is not very talkative, when it comes to having conversations. He has very good vocabulary but does not talk to his teacher or the children in his class. He is quite shy but most of the time i feel like he just cant be bothered. He never askes questions about others and just doesn’t seem interested in other children. He will shout for attention if he has something to show but not very interested in others talking. He is easily distracted in class and has to be told 5 times before he follows instructions even at home. He does not mean to misbehave and really hates upsetting others. If i ask him how his day has been, he will ignore him and if i keep asking he will say he doesn’t want to talk. He hates answering questions even at home and cries if you keep asking them. He is very sensitive and gets frustrated easily and cries easily. He is very capable of making friends but doesnt seem interested. He is also very bright and creative.
He did go to full time nursery last year and was the same. He would play for hours on his own in the sand pit or waterplay. He would only talk if he had something interesting to show. It’s funny because he does have the vocabulary. They noticed his creative skills at nursery too. I am very much in touch with his teacher and she has the same concerns, she has suggested his assessed and i agreed. He is very playful and talkative at home and has a great sense of humour. But even at home he hates being asked questions or having conversations that do not interest him.
He does show alot of asperger’s traits. Particularly his lack of social interaction. The confusing thing is he gets sarcasm too, for example if i say ‘thanks for making the mess’ he’ll say ‘sorry mummy’. Maybe that doesn’t mean much. I will definately have him evaluated, for my own peace of mind if nothing else.
He does show alot of asperger’s traits. Particularly his lack of social interaction. The confusing thing is he gets sarcasm too, for example if i say ‘thanks for making the mess’ he’ll say ‘sorry mummy’. Maybe that doesn’t mean much. I will definately have him evaluated, for my own peace of mind if nothing else.
He does show alot of asperger’s traits. Particularly his lack of social interaction. The confusing thing is he gets sarcasm too, for example if i say ‘thanks for making the mess’ he’ll say ‘sorry mummy’. Maybe that doesn’t mean much. I will definately have him evaluated, for my own peace of mind if nothing else.

admin answers:

It is very obvious to me that this is asperger’s syndrome. Suggest the O.A.S.I.S. Guide to asperger’s syndrome by Barb Kirby. It is part of the autistic spectrum. Many of those with asperger’s tend to have a higher IQ. Social skills are delayed and its something that you will continue to work on with him. Those with asperger’s follow rules well. A great book by Dr. Jed Baker is the social skills communication picture book that depicts the wrong way and then the right way. Suggest setting some rules like stop look and listen, inside voice. Yes those with asperger’s are very aloof.

That is very funny to me about him not wanting the questions about his day. My son, who is 8 and PDD.NOS (autistic features that include typical features, autistic and asperger features) says all the time, mom no more talking!

The not talking to anybody can be anxiety based too though his typical demeanor is shy. Getting frustrated easily and crying can be anxiety. Anxiety is a component that usually accompanies those on the autistic spectrum but it also stands by itself a lot too.

He thinks differently, and probably has some amazing art work.

The distraction and difficulty following directions:
Attention disorders do go hand and hand with those on the autistic spectrum as well.

Language disorders, especially pragmantic do roll with this diagnosis frequently too.

Auditory processing disorders also accompany the symptoms.

My son who is 8 has been diagnosed with all of these. Does he really have all of them, doubtful, but there is significant overlap.

He is diagnosed
PDD.NOS (atypical autism)
ADD.NOS (features of an attention deficit disorder)
CAPD (central auditory processing disorder)
Pragmatic disorder, mixed expressive and receptive language disorder

So does he really not understand spoken language (receptive) or is it the auditory processing?

Is he really ADD or is it bipolar, or SPD (which he has as well) sensory processing disorder or the CAPD

here is a good PDD assessment (PDD is the umbrella term that encompasses all of the autistic spectrum disorders)

the sand pit and water play, excellent, that is code for sensory processing, both are sensory based and he is giving his body what it needs, precisely what an OT would do for him

A pediatric neurologist is the way to go, developmental pediatricians don’t give as much feedback, child psychologists/psychiatrists-some are good, most are not and would try to convince you he needs medication and there is nothing here at all that suggests that to me.

Conversations are learned and it takes time. My 8 yr old loves to answer the phone, but continues to abruptly hang up on anyone that is boring him. He easily gets annoyed with chit-chat and I don’t get it myself being autistic as well. He asked me why is it that everybody everywhere always asks How was your day or How’s it goin but they don’t want the real answer. They want you to say fine, good, ok but if you tell them how you really feel they act as if you turned into a martian. Funny to me how someone with delayed social skills, who is poor at reading nonverbal behavior including facial expressions can get it and be so perceptive. And I have no answer for this, and feel its fake, yet its rude of us to ignore these q and not give the expected response.

For his day, ask specific questions and you will get a response and he won’t be agitated by it. Ask what was the letter of the day? What game did you play in gymclass? Who did you play with during free time/recess? My son’s favorite q is who got in trouble today? He loves to dish on who threw up, got hurt, said a bad word, broke a pencil etc.

The autism asperger’s publication co.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Ruth asks…

Just a Reminder-Please Read?

October Is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

I know this isn’t really a question, but being that there are alot of parents on Y/A I really just wanted to bring it to everyones attention
If you are interested in learning more please take the time to follow these links

If nothing else please pray for a cure for these beautiful silent angles & their families

thanks you

admin answers:


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Question?: Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

James asks…

Please read & pass along?

October Is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

I know this isn’t really a question, but being that there are alot of parents on Y/A I really just wanted to bring it to everyones attention

What is Rett Syndrome:

Rett syndrome is a neurological and developmental disorder that mostly occurs in females. Infants with Rett syndrome seem to grow and develop normally at first (first 6-18 months) , but then stop developing and lose previous skills and abilities.
For instance, they stop talking even though they used to say certain words. (95% can’t speak & those who can only say one or two words) They lose their ability to walk properly. (over 50% are wheelchair bound) They stop using their hands to do things and often develop stereotyped hand movements, such as wringing, clapping, or patting their hands, making something as simple as playing with their toys practically impossible & signing for communication also impossible.

If you are interested in learning more please take the time to follow these links

or go to Youtube & type in Rett Syndrome to see first hand what this devastating disease does to these innocent kids =(

If nothing else please pray for a cure for these beautiful silent angles & their families

thanks you
* not trying to take away from Breast cancer awareness-they can share the month! Also with breast cancer the rate of surviving is very high-thanks to in large part research & awareness
Thats all I ask for is awareness & hopefully a cure =)

admin answers:

I thought it was breast cancer awareness month

but thanks

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children

Lizzie asks…

How to get a child onto the GFCF diet?

I have a child with ASD who is extremely picky. I have been doing alot of research and was interested in starting him on the GFCF diet but not quite sure how too as he doesn’t eat much? Any ideas!!

admin answers:

You might want to network with GFCF parents. The foods can be pretty bland, not to mention expensive. Did you try these resources:

Autism Network for Dietary Interventions provides help and support for families using a Gluten & Casein Free diet in the treatment of autism and related developmental disorders.

The Official GFCF Diet Support Group is a free informative website for dietary interventions for Autistic Spectrum Disorders, PDD-NOS, Celiac Disease and Gluten & Dairy Allergies/Intolerance

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Question?: Autistic Symptoms

Betty asks…

is ear infection responsible of the delay of talking and showing some autistic symptoms?

my 2 and a half year old son don’t talk at 2 i putted for him tubes in his ears to allow him to hear perfectly so now he don’t have ear infections anymore i also removed amigdale (it means in the throat )also the extra in the nose i don’t know what’s it called ? but still after 6 months he don’t speak he just say words like monkey horse bee (sometimes)and he counts to 8 but of course with some misspelling but i am worried that he may be autistic? please help?

admin answers:

He doesn’t sound autistic, just delayed due to his past deafness, etc. I’m surprised your doctor hasn’t filled you in on all this.

If he was autistic then he would show no interest in people & would just be in his own world. If you tried to get his attention he would ignore you, he would not look or smile at you or enjoy your interacting with him. He would not want to play with you or anyone else. He possibly would not talk at all so the fact that he counts to 8 & says monkey, horse, etc, says to me that he is NOT autistic.

It sounds like you are pressuring him too much, he’s only 2 & it sounds like he’s been through alot so far. Just chill out & let him be & get some advice from your doctor. Just enjoy him the way that he is, I’m sure he’ll appreciate that!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to have Autism and not be diagnosed until adulthood?

I am 23 years old and I have been reading alot about autism. Alot of symptoms fit me though I have a normal life. Is it possible to have an undiagnosed mild form?

admin answers:

Absolutely. This is because there is an “autism spectrum,” with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Movies such as “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman portrayed a high-functioning, but relatively classic case of autism (in other words, NOT mild). Many people with mild symptoms are not diagnosed until later in life. The most important thing for you is to get tested by a qualified professional. If you live in the state of California, you can go to your local Regional Center (look them up online or in the phone book) and get a free assessment, even if you are an adult. You can also look up organizations such as Cure Autism Now to obtain more information.

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