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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Causes

Chris asks…

Is the recognition of personality and neurotic disorders a good or bad thing?

I understand that its beneficial for people who need medication. The reason I ask is that my Mum reads a lot of psychology books and has a very good understanding of various psychomatic ailments, but I think because she knows so much about such illnesses and disorders she has tried to “label” me and my siblings in a sort of “psychological hyprochondriac” kind of way. I was diagnosed with depression and as having Aspergers syndrome when I was 10 and I think the Seroxat I was on for ten years may have caused further problems. Also, my brother is 9 and she has successfully had him diagnosed for Aspergers Syndrome and Attention Deficity Hyperactivity Disorder – as far as I’m concerned has is a perfectly normal 9 year old. I’m just worried that my brother will grow up into the personality that she’s labelled him as like I did.
I am being ungrateful for my Mum’s help or do you think ignorance can be bliss with these sort of things?

admin answers:

The problem you’re describing is not with recognition of disorders, but their misdiagnosis.

That is, it’s a very good thing to be able to recognize disorders. Seeing them where they don’t exist, not so good, in fact, as you suggest, it can be harmful.

It’s not that ignorance is bliss, it’s that a little knowledge can be dangerous — that is, when it isn’t really knowledge, but is information being misapplied.

Wish I had some advice for you, but I really don’t know what to say.

I’m surprised that the people she took your brother to, who agreed with her “diagnosis” did so. I hope they know what they’re doing.

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The Advantages Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Treating Autism

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was used for centuries. But its popularity gained momentum from the twentieth century. This method was used effectively to decompress the divers of their sickness. More recently, this was thought to be a viable treatment for poisoning by carbon monoxide and other ailments. In the 1990s scientists and other medical researchers began to realize that there was more to this treatment than previously thought. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was found to decrease the neurological inflammation and facilitate faster metabolism with the increased blood flow.

This therapy is not limited to the divers and the poisoned. Increased oxygen in the blood has been found to maximize the production of the white blood cells which staves away other diseases. This means improved immunity with a healthier life than that of the average Joe. This therapy’s augments the healing process of the individual. Serious accidents with severe hemorrhages can lead to disabled life. This therapy has the inherent quality to improve the value of life. What prevented the individual to continue with their professions, this treatment can now endow them with improved abilities which would confer them to continue their way of lifestyle.

Today the hyperbaric chambers have their own set of purposes. They have their own usage in the cosmetics industry as well as for other preventative measures. One of the most researched, this therapy has been found to benefit the individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The positive impact of the oxygen in the deprived areas has shown to have significant improvements in speech of the individual, socialization, eye contact and ameliorate the sleep and behavior of the affected person.

There are different procedures to go about this treatment. The most common of them is visiting the clinic where one can undergo the therapy. The chambers used by the clinics are known as the hard shell hyperbaric chambers. The atmospheric levels can be varied as per the requirements. The scale can be adjusted from one atmosphere to two+ atmospheres.

The other option available to the patients is the inflatable chambers. Portable, they can be set up in the homes or even be rented. The chambers can mostly reach up to 1.2 atmospheres or 1.5 atmospheres. This is considered a preferable option for children of the autism spectrum. The treatment can be availed from the comforts of the home and greatly benefit those who need regular therapies.

The oxygen spectrum also varies in these two types of hyperbaric chambers. The clinics would have 100 percent of pure grade oxygen while the ones at home usually have 50 to 75 percent. In the home, for the portable chambers, the air is cleansed and converted to pure oxygen by the filter. The home hyperbaric chambers still continues to be the favorable choice for the autistic children.

Autism is one of those diseases that do not have any treatments available which would eradicate the problem from its roots. However, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy at least shows some positive hope for the individuals with autism. Research has shown some improvements in the brain activity after children undergoes some hours of exposure. The benefits of this therapy surmount its detrimental side effects of dizziness and ear blockages. The therapy should be only taken with proper consultation.

Mark Zubaric, a reputed writer, evaluated the great potentialities of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy especially for the individuals in the autistic spectrum disorder. She acknowledges the availability of the clinical hyperbaric chambers and the inflatable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for those who wish to avail the therapy.

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