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Question?: Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Michael asks…

What would you like to ask?How do I get an Adult diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome?

i think i may have asperger.s syndome. i been reading a lot on it and i think now i had it for years so how do i get a diagnosis what tests can be done?

what are the most prolims with Asperger‘s syndrome?

please help thanks

admin answers:

If you are sure you have Asperger syndrome you need to go and see your doctor and ask him to refer you to a clinical psychologist, preferably one who specialises in AS. It is possible to get a diagnosis of AS as an adult. I have a relative who we always thought was a bit eccentric, he was diagnosed as having AS at 69 years old. Is it worth getting a diagnosis when you have managed all these years without one? Also a diagnosis of AS will not change you in any way other than to give you a label. I wish you good luck.

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