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Aspergers And Adhd Medication – Guidelines For Parents

The problem with diagnosing Aspergers Syndrome is that the symptoms very often overlap with those of ADHD and misdiagnosis is quite common. Aspergers is a type of autism as some of the symptoms fit that disorder but it is reassuring to know that it is a mild form of autism caused by fundamental changes in the child’s brain structure. Aspergers and ADHD have very similar symptoms but as they are two distinct conditions, Aspergers and ADHD medication will be different.

Both conditions share the symptoms of hyperactivity or lethargy, impulsive actions, temper tantrums, difficulties in socializing and forming friendships and not appearing to listen when spoken to.

The child with Aspergers stands out in that he or she will have real problems in distinguishing between good and bad behaviour. There are problems too in communicating and very little eye contact. Play is often repetitive and limited to a few actions which are repeated again and again. There will never be creative play which you will notice in other children. A distinctive feature of an Aspergers child is the droning monotone voice and you frequently get the impression that they are talking at you rather than talking to you. They will rarely take delight in pointing out things to you like other children. Clumsiness is often noticed too in the child.

Aspergers and ADHD medication cannot be regarded as being part of the same equation. Because of misdiagnosis Asergers and ADHD children often end up being given the same sort of medication. The Aspergers child is put on ADHD medication like Ritalin or another type of amphetamine and there is no improvement. By contrast ADHD kids on Ritalin tend to show improvement of some of their symptoms.

Any treatment for the Aspergers child will be aimed at trying to improve social skills, reduce clumsiness and try to get the child off the repetitive routines. Sometimes psychsotimulants are used for the hyperactivity and Risperidone has been found to be useful for the repetitive actions. For the anxiety, Prozac or Zoloft is sometimes prescribed with some success. All these drugs which are typical of Aspergers and ADHD medication being prescribed today may carry a risk or have undesirable side effects.

In treating Aspergers Syndrome, many parents want to try herbal and homeopathic remedies which are free of risks and nasty side effects unlike the range of Aspergers and ADHD medication mentioned above. If a herbal remedy is part of a holistic treatment plan which includes diet, behaviour therapy and ‘green time’ then there is an excellent chance of improving the quality of life both for the parents and the child.

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Autistic Non Verbal – Autism or The Next Consciousness?

Autistic Non Verbal

I suffer gone over Indigo children as being an indication the current humans are evolving to the next amount of consciousness – Christ consciousness. These Crystal children often get diagnosed as ADHD. There is another state of these new kids the are making diagnosed with a supplementary complex condition. One the medical profession calls PDD or pervasive development disorders. Autistic Non Verbal

Better celebrated as autism. Autism, according to the Autism Society of America, affects approximately 1.5 million Americans and is growing at a startling rate of 10-17% a year. So why is this so prevalent now. Is it because it was misdiagnosed or is there another reason. We love to put people in a box and have a label for conditions and disorders that are outside the norm. Autistic Non Verbal

Could it be that these children are really just examples of the new humans who are merely wired differently. Do these children have the ability to see other dimensions. Possibly they communicate in a non-verbal way. Do they have the attributes of the new human that I have described in previous articles. Is there perspective on life just different. Does this “neurodiversity” make them disabled. Who gets to judge what typical is? Autistic Non Verbal

Autistics, as they are called, have been reported to be super intelligent, many having photographic memories. Even some adult autistics sometimes speak of themselves as being a superior species. I would call it an evolved species. There are lots of stories about great things being accomplished by people that have been diagnosed with autism. Maybe they are just being the bridges between the two levels of consciousness that I have described. Autistic Non Verbal

They are more entrenched in the new consciousness, making it harder for them to function in the old one. Maybe they are on a different wavelength. We label them as different or as having an disorder because they don’t behave in the typical manner. Are they simply a different way of being a human. These descriptions sound very similar to the description I have given of Indigos. They act differently because they are wired differently. Autistic Non Verbal

They have a different perspective on how life is to be lived. In duality consciousness, with our penchant for judgment, we will judge behavior like autism as “not normal” and treat the individual as such. We administer drugs like the ones given to children judged as ADHD and even lock them away from society under the premise that it is for their own good. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autistic Non Verbal program now!

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Is There a Connection Between Aspergers and ADHD Medication?

It has been noted that there is a strong connection between Aspergers and ADHD medication. The reason why is because people with Asperger’s syndrome experience many of the same issues as those with ADHD. The inability to concentrate and focus on one project at a time is one of the most prominent problems.

Other characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome are social awkwardness, an intense interest in only one or two specific subjects, difficulty catching onto humor, an inability to relate to other people’s feelings, fast and monotone speech, strange posture, and other very rigid behaviors.

Like ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome also affects the child’s ability to concentrate. It is not their fault, nor does it signify that there is anything terribly wrong with the child. The Aspergers and ADHD medication connection is very good to know about because it can help you to treat the child with similar methods and remedies.

A child with Asperger’s syndrome biggest challenge is relating to other people and understanding things outside their own world of specific interest. There is usually a chemical imbalance associated with these types of behaviors that can be corrected by using natural remedies.

The Aspergers and ADHD medication connection is very strong because it has been noted to be highly effective. The only problem is the side effects. Some of the Aspergers & ADHD medications can exasperate the symptoms of the disorder.

Rigid behaviors are likely to become more prominent due to the nervousness and worsening inability to concentrate that the child experiences from the medication. Why are children with this and similar disorders prescribed these medications? Because it is routine, especially if visiting a clinical physician.

The advantage is that all people are given the option to make healthier choices for themselves as well as their children in relation to Aspergers and ADHD medication. You can still obtain the benefits of the medicines used to treat the disorder, but you don’t have to deal with the side effects.

Some of the Aspergers & ADHD natural remedies available to you are omega-3 fatty acids, St. John’s Wort, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, 5-HTP, chamomile, and Melissa officinalis.

Treating your child with prescription medications only contributes more to the problem by poisoning their bodies, creating nervousness, headaches, fidgeting, diarrhea, etc. Do you want your child to have to deal with these things?

It’s pure torment, and what makes it even worse is that the children are the ones who have to experience this to feel better. What does this say? It says that the pharmaceutical industry is out for themselves. And parents wonder why their children don’t want to “take their medicine.” Most children do not even understand why they are being given medication in the first place.

So when you are looking for Aspergers and ADHD medication, keep this in mind: The truth is that children hate taking medication. Giving them natural remedies can provide a healthy example for them as well as give them a guideline as to how to live their lives – naturally and without torture.

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What You Need To Know More About Aspergers Syndrome

Asperger syndrome may be diagnosed by various teachers as ADHD and several parents may get confused as Autism and ADHD symptoms could have a closer definition to the physical symptoms the kid would be exhibiting. If you notice bizarre habits and tendencies that your kid has when they are still in their early childhood, it would be best to seek assistance as early as possible.

Understanding the condition of your child gives you the advantage of learning guidelines on how to handle them. Asperger syndrome will make a child show unusual behavior. A child experiencing the syndrome might seem withdrawn today and then have a complete turnaround the other day. Children with this syndrome have another way of perceiving reality, they could still mingle with other kids of their age but necessary precautions need to be undertaken to prevent unnecessary incidents.

As a mother or father you must understand the kid’s behavior, patience is needed for one to face the sudden outbursts a kid with Aspergers could have.

Parents must comprehend that kids with the syndrome reason out differently. Their comprehension of right and wrong is not set up on the usual guidelines that a normal child has. The stress level of the kid is not constant and they might react differently. Several people might need anti-stress pills so that they would go on and not feel so confused and tired during the day. It is necessary to get to know the appropriate steps that one needs to undertake.

The viewpoint and reasoning of a kid with Aspergers is varied. Children with this syndrome might seem rather disconnected with the rest of the world. Siblings who don’t have the syndrome need to be informed of why their brother or sister behaves that way. Information regarding the syndrome would do a lot to spare the hurt and frustration the family members will experience.

Children with the syndrome may seem to others as attention seeking. Kids with Aspergers have shocking ways on how to get what they require and it will comprise injuring themselves. So as to grow in a more secure environment family members need to take the initiative to get them what they require. Children with Asperger’s need your understanding. They aren’t so different once you get to comprehend how to face the syndrome.

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Know More About Aspergers Syndrome

Have anyperson heard in relation to Asperger’s Syndrome till you saw the recent TV show “Boston Legal”. On that program one among the main characters, an advocate, is diagnosed with it. He was an adult, an accomplished advocate, and a personality during a TV show. Generally, Asperger’s Syndrome is found in the children and most of the doctors will not diagnose it properly.

Asperger’s Syndrome falls into a category that the medical system calls autistic spectrum disorders, and/or the category called pervasive developmental disorders that each mean basically the identical thing. They include problems with conversation and social interaction. We can tell that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and also the symptom of Asperger’s Syndrome is very much similar to each other. They include such things as speedy talk, monotone speech, odd walk or gait, obsessive specialize in one subject like dates or statistics, moving awkwardly, and appearing to not notice or care about other people’s feelings. This list isn’t all inclusive.

Physicians are quick to purpose out that each children have their own individual eccentricities and simply because a kid is displaying some of the above symptoms does not essentially mean they need ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s when these behaviors interfere with social development like making friends, or interfere with learning that steps ought to be taken. These steps begin by 1st talking together with your paediatrician. He or she can confirm if a comprehensive evaluation is needed.

Medicine has not yet determined the reason for Asperger’s Syndrome. They know that it is linked to abnormalities in several areas of the brain, and that they grasp that genetics are a factor. The exact reason behind the condition is still somewhat of a mystery. It’s necessary to perceive the cause of any condition because that helps find a treatment. Nowadays we do not understand what causes Asperger’s Syndrome, and today there’s no absolute cure for it.

Even nowadays, the sad reality is that no drugs or surgical operation can cure Asperger’s Syndrome, but, at the same time anyone will help the diagnosed person to manage symptoms. There are few medicines which will scale back the effects of specific symptome. This will be simply a management procedure but not a complete cure. If the drug is stopped, the symptom will return.

It is very similar to drugs for high BP. If the person stop taking the medicine, the blood pressure will undoubtedly increase. Additionally to medicine to reduce the results of the symptoms, behavior management training, communication coaching and exercises, and stress coping awareness can facilitate the person with Asperger’s Syndrome  learn to measure a better, additional productive life.

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Asperger’s Syndrome Explained In Detail

Like autism, Asperger’s syndrome belongs to a set of disorders known as pervasive developmental disorders. A kid with Asperger’s will usually have problems with social skills and will find it tough to interact normally with other children. Like a kid with Autism, Asperger’s children usually prefer rigid routines and dislike change. Not like a child with Autism, a child with Asperger’s syndrome can typically begin to talk before the age of two years old, following the traditional pattern of speech development. Asperger’s syndrome is extraordinarily rare, affecting only regarding 3 people in 10,000. The causes of Asperger’s syndrome are largely unknown, though it does seem to run in families.

Some symptoms to look for are:

• Issue expressing feelings, or difficulty noticing the sentiments of others.
• Likes rigid routines and has problem with change.
• Could not understand social norms, like not looking at others, keeping personal area boundaries, and making good eye contact whereas speaking.
• Could speak in a very formal style or in an exceedingly flat and inflectionless monotone.
• Might have trouble with each fine and gross motor skills.
• Could be bothered by robust sensory stimuli, like loud noises, bright lights, or strong smells or tastes.

If you suspect your child might have Asperger’s syndrome, you ought to discuss your considerations with your kid’s doctor. She will go over problems in your child’s development. Your kid may be observed by a specialist who will check your kid in numerous areas like IQ, speech and motor skills, social skills, and more.

Treatment for Asperger’s syndrome typically involves varied occupational and behavioural therapy techniques. Therapy will be tailored to the individual kid depending on the symptoms he is exhibiting. Several children with Asperger’s additionally have other conditions, like ADHD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which require medication. Schools are required by Federal law to give special instructional programs for children with special needs. These programs will help an Asperger’s kid to better cope with his or her symptoms.

At home it’s best to play to your child’s strengths. Strict routines ought to be adhered to so as to supply a sense of security and to avoid tantrums. If your kid is particularly advanced in an field, like reading or art, offer lots of opportunities to relish those skills. Role-playing is also important to help your kid practice the social skills those with Asperger’s syndrome are missing.

Long-term prognosis for Asperger’s syndrome is good. Though there is no cure for Asperger’s syndrome, with early intervention children with the syndrome usually go on to be adults who can manage well in society. Adults with Asperger’s syndrome have gone on to be successful within the fields of math, engineering, and science, among others and have often created nice contributions to human history.

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Signs Of Autism In Toddler – How Autism Is Different For Every Child

Signs Of Autism In Toddler

Many times people ask ‘what are the signs of Autism?’ Although I try to answer them, I am always concerned at the question. Asking what the signs of Autism are is not as simple as it would seem. It also leads me to believe that many people think there is one set way that children with Autism should look or act.

That definitely is not true. One child with Autism can be dramatically different than the next child. Some children with Autism talk and some do not. Of those who do not speak some can understand and use alternative types of speech and of course some do not.

Many children with the various types of Autism can deal with their personal needs like toileting on there own. Some children will need various levels of support. Of course there is the group of children that continues to use diapers into adulthood. Signs Of Autism In Toddler

Some children with disabilities make eye contact and some do not. There are children with Autism that can and do use humor appropriately. Although there are many people with Autism who do not make eye contact.

Just the same way there are various levels of understanding in all children, it is the same with children with Autism. Autism can be complicated with other disabilities which makes the subject even more complicated. Common co-occurring disabilities can be ADHD or cognitive disabilities. The question ‘What are the signs of Autism?’ is so complex, I worry I do not do it justice. Signs Of Autism In Toddler

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