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Question?: Adhd Medications

Ken asks…

Is there a way I can get cheap ADHD medication without insurance?

Right now, I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford it. Not only that, but I also have ADHD. I’m really trying to bring it under control, but it’s very hard. Is there any way I can get cheap ADHD medication without insurance?

admin answers:

Partnership for Prescription Assistance lists initiatives sponsored by drug manufacturers and by government and local organizations to help uninsured people with medication costs. See the link below.

Your doctor may be able to help with samples, but that won’t last you long.

Most ADHD meds are stimulants, so it may help to “self-medicate” with caffeinated products like coffee or coke. Obviously this isn’t a long-term solution, but it may help you ride out the bumpy times.

P.s. I had already checked the Walmart site and didn’t see any of the typical ADHD meds listed.

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Susan asks…

Is there a better adhd medication than vyvance?

I know a lot about adhd medication and have taken many different medications trying to find the right one to ease my adhd a little with out having an overwhelming amount of side effects. I am currently taking vyvance and it works great for school work, tests and quizzes but outside of school i dred being on the medication. Is there any adhd medication that works as well as vyvance in aspects of school work?

admin answers:

I have major depression and anxiety and I attend a weekly support group for people with depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc. One of the first things I learned is that a medication that works wonders for one person might not be helpful at all for someone else.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and it is still trial and error for doctors to figure out what medications work the best for an individual. I have lost count of all the psych meds and combinations of meds I have tried for my problems.

People on YA can make guesses on which meds might work best for you. However, the sad truth is that you will probably have to experiment with different meds to find out what works the best. This can be be VERY frustrating. I know this from my own experience.

Below is a list of the most common ADHD meds. Maybe something in the list will give you some idea. Otherwise, you can try googling “ADHD medications” or “ADHD medication lists” and do some research. It would be nice if the doctors did all the research and knew all the answers, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, at least not at this time.


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Question?: Adhd Symptoms In Adults

Michael asks…

How to live “functioning well” and think study organize plan, get anything on earth done with ADHD, no meds?

I am “planning” to get info on neurotherapy, brain map, vitamin B’s, etc
soon, but for “now”, the next few days/couple weeks, how I and my son should survive and “do our stuff”, before we adjust in new life without meds for treat adhd?
I am think its time for us quitting tomorrow cold turkey for good, unless someone now say no! We seriously “need” our meds, and I have try two time before atleast, unsuccess to stay off mine, and son is wild donkey basket case-and-a-half without his, and 6th grade, what about school? How he do anything? But we “need” stop our meds, it has give us both
recent heart problems, mine permanent and his, too new to know; I get atrial fib, he get 10% in day his ventricles adding extra beats. I know this from our meds directly; my daughter doesn’t have adhd – no meds – no heart problem. Oh my land, I am not looking forward to coming days after
med-free, I’ll have buzzing head and ringing my ears! This happen before,
ok but I am worry how I spend all life.

admin answers:

First and foremost have you spoke with the doctor who prescribes your son’s and your ADHD meds about your concerns and heart issues? There are many new medications for both adult and youth who have ADHD. I would most definitely start by setting up appointments and discussing possible alternative medications.

Next, the best you can do for your son and yourself should you truly drop all medications….not that I recommend it, though. Get rid of any gaming devices (game boy, play station, etc…), eat three nutritionally balanced meals a day. Drink 3-5 servings of a caffeinated beverage daily…spread out over the course of the day. (This will conteract the ADHD like Ritalin might….but, may not be as good and higher amounts of caffiene may worsen the ADHD symptoms.) Set up and stick to a very predictable daily schedule for both of you. This schedule should allow for some flexibility but should also be very simple and precise. For your son’s homework and any diligent chores or work you do, ensure that you work in an area that is free of any possible distractions. For example, your son should be given an area free of tv, radio and other noises as well as people doing other things….to put him on the living room floor while you walk through to do housework is not gonna work. Neither is having a radio on in a room adjacent to where he is working.

Again, I must assert that I truly believe that you and your son would be better of talking with your doctor(s) about alternative medications first.

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Question?: Adhd In Children

William asks…

What’s the difference between a strong willed child and an add/adhd child?

My friend told me that some parents give their strong willed kids add/adhd meds even though the doctor never diagnosed them with add/adhd.

So what’s the difference between a strong willed child and an add/adhd child?
Well then how does a child who doesn’t have add get the doctor to say he/she has add? does the parents LIE about the symptoms?

admin answers:

If a strong willed child finds an activity he likes he can pay attention to it

a n adhd kid will often still have difficulty paying attention and focusing even if its an activity he loves doing

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