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Question?: Adhd Medications

Ken asks…

Is there a way I can get cheap ADHD medication without insurance?

Right now, I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford it. Not only that, but I also have ADHD. I’m really trying to bring it under control, but it’s very hard. Is there any way I can get cheap ADHD medication without insurance?

admin answers:

Partnership for Prescription Assistance lists initiatives sponsored by drug manufacturers and by government and local organizations to help uninsured people with medication costs. See the link below.

Your doctor may be able to help with samples, but that won’t last you long.

Most ADHD meds are stimulants, so it may help to “self-medicate” with caffeinated products like coffee or coke. Obviously this isn’t a long-term solution, but it may help you ride out the bumpy times.

P.s. I had already checked the Walmart site and didn’t see any of the typical ADHD meds listed.

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Question?: Adhd Medications

David asks…

ADHD Medications and drugs approved by IRS for tax deduction?

Are ADHD medications and drugs approved by the IRS for any tax deductions?

admin answers:

Any and all legitimate medical expenses, including medication, are deductible. However, in order to deduct medical expenses, keep in mind that you must be itemizing deductions (which doesn’t make a lot of financial sense for many people, unless you’re claiming something like mortgage interest) — and also, you can only deduct the amount of medical expenses that *exceeds* 7.5 percent of your AGI.

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Charles asks…

Does adhd medication shift your cause of distraction to love?

Since hyperactivity is caused by being too sensitive to what you see and hear, fidgeting etc. does adhd medication make you more distracted by cuddly pets puppies children? Since they are same class drugs as ecstasy (love drug making you want to hug everyone)
Since they are stimulant could they have same effect as caffeine which helps me sleep?

admin answers:

There is NO drug for ADD or ADHD that is even safe! It is only used to get lots of money illegally into doctors pockets and drug companies. “under the table”
Hyperactive is Nothing close to ADD. It means the child is un able to sit still for long and runs a lot! Often with bad tempers. ALL it takes to get it under control is ones decision to want to be under control! Once one decided to and uses the effort, their hyperactivity and tempers are soon all gone! It is a temporary condition!
ADD is a permanent condition. No drug can help ADD! Everyone who really has ADD has three major symptoms! 1. The problem of keeping ones attention. Deep breathing in just the right pattern, and fast will temporary stop it for 12 hours! 2. Everyone that has it is a terrible speller! 3. Ones memories only remember the “strange and unusual”! Unless being tutored!
If you do not have ALL three of these, your do not have ADD. IF you are not as I described for Hyperactive, you do Not have it!
Nobody can have” ADHD” because it si a fake condition dreamed up for $$$$$$ by drug companies! You Research news! It was dreamed up about 1980. Before they dreamed it up, those two condition are never slightly even compared!

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Question?: Adhd

Robert asks…

How do you get ADHD medicine out of your system?

This morning I accidentally took my brothers ADHD pill. I didn’t realized it until an hour later when I started to feel strange. I feel so terrible, it a stranger in my own body. I tried to throw up the pill but it already took effect. How do I get this feeling this feeling to go away?

admin answers:

Oh dear Lauren,
If you are feeling anxious or stressed out, don’t worry. That is the way the medication can make you feel. You will be okay.

Tell a parent, teacher or doctor that you took one by mistake. This is specially important if you are taking other medications. You need to make sure that you haven’t combined anything that could cause you harm. It is important that you tell someone so that they can help you out.

Time is the only way it ill go away. Most ADHD medications will begin working within an hour and wear off after 6 to 12 hours. It may take until tomorrow to feel better and even a few days to feel completely normal.

Best of luck!

A skateboarder with ADHD that learned how to control his symptoms!

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Susan asks…

Is there a better adhd medication than vyvance?

I know a lot about adhd medication and have taken many different medications trying to find the right one to ease my adhd a little with out having an overwhelming amount of side effects. I am currently taking vyvance and it works great for school work, tests and quizzes but outside of school i dred being on the medication. Is there any adhd medication that works as well as vyvance in aspects of school work?

admin answers:

I have major depression and anxiety and I attend a weekly support group for people with depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, etc. One of the first things I learned is that a medication that works wonders for one person might not be helpful at all for someone else.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body, and it is still trial and error for doctors to figure out what medications work the best for an individual. I have lost count of all the psych meds and combinations of meds I have tried for my problems.

People on YA can make guesses on which meds might work best for you. However, the sad truth is that you will probably have to experiment with different meds to find out what works the best. This can be be VERY frustrating. I know this from my own experience.

Below is a list of the most common ADHD meds. Maybe something in the list will give you some idea. Otherwise, you can try googling “ADHD medications” or “ADHD medication lists” and do some research. It would be nice if the doctors did all the research and knew all the answers, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, at least not at this time.


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Question?: Adhd Medications

Linda asks…

What is the best adult ADHD medication?

I have been taking Vyvance 40mg twice a day and it only works 3 hours at the most per 40mg. I know everybody reacts differently to different types of medication but what seems to be, in general, the most effective ADHD medication?

admin answers:

First, some corrections to this statement:

“If you’re not sensitive to amphetimes (Adderol, Ritalin) then those are the most effective. However, Straterra and Concerta are non-amphetimes.”

1. There is no “most effective” medication for ADHD. Individual neurochemistry is the biggest factor, and no one can predict which medication will work best for an individual.

2. Ritalin is not an amphetamine. It is methylphenidate, which is milder than an amphetamine class medication.

The methlphenidate class medications for ADHD are Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin, and the Daytrana patch. These are all, essentially, the same medication but in very different delivery systems. The choice of delivery system can make a huge difference.

Adderall is a mixed-amphetamine salt and is in the amphetamine class that includes Dexedrine and Vyvanse.

The general rule is that for about 40 percent of the population, one class works better than the other.

In general, the newer formulations are designed to produce a smoother delivery, eliminating the problematic “roller coaster” effect of the quick-release medications that can start abruptly and end abruptly (Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, etc.)

3. Strattera is a norepinephrine-reuptake inhibitor. Anecdotally, many people with ADHD and their physicians find it less effective for ADHD symptoms than the methylphenidate or amphetamine class medications (considered the first-line treatment), though it does help some people with mood.

As to the original question, you need to define the term “works.” If you are going solely by how “buzzy” you feel, that’s not a good indicator. You need to be using objective measures and rating scales. If your physician is not using rating scales to measure progress, ask him/her to start doing so. Your treatment should have been initiated on the basis of targeted behavior, such as challenges with reading, driving, temper, listening, etc. In other words, proper medication treatment does not consist of the doc asking, “How are you doing?”

If you are doing all that and still find Vyvanse works for only 3 hours, you might be a fast metabolizer. This is typically related to a genetic mutation. But there can be other factors.

Good luck,
Gina Pera, author
Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?


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Question?: Adhd Medications

Betty asks…

Does anyone know the number of child deaths caused by adhd medications?

I am very concerned and would like to keep my child off any adhd medications.

admin answers:

There have been something like 14 deaths. This is a very low rate. And as far as researchers can tell, ALL DEATHS WERE IN CHILDREN WITH HEART PROBLEMS. So your child should have a physical exam before taking meds. If he doesn’t have a heart problem, there’s nothing to worry about. These medications have been used for 50 years with very little risk. Read the label on the medication – there is a warning about this.

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Question?: Adhd Diet

Sharon asks…

What are ways to curb the behavioral problems in children with adhd without medications?

My son was seen by specialist and does not complete all the symptoms of adhd. He has only half, but this does not make dealing with his oppositional behaviors everyday any less difficult. He undergoes occupational therapy and sees a child psychiatrist as well as a develomental pediatrician. I would like to try other non medical intervention like maybe discipline/ control techniques we can do at home. I have heard of things like the Tomatis method. Has anyone heard of any other thing I can do besides medication. My son is very difficult to feed and I heard that one of the side effects of medication is loss of appetite. help me. I have no one to speak to about this besides our doctors.

admin answers:

ADHD in many cases has been linked to diet, which includes food allergies and nutritional deficiencies…simply eliminating certain foods or adding others may reduce symptoms or eliminate them altogether. Hyperactive children are especially vulnerable as they are ‘hyper’ sensitive to sugar and other stimulants.

Consider buying certified organic products…these are foods which are grown without the use of potentially harmful long-lasting pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Since organic foods are also grown without genetically modified seeds, sewage sludge or irradiation, some people feel that this is a more wholesome choice. If you choose to adopt the strategy to “cleanse” the body first to reduce symptoms of ADD, this may be an option you would like to consider.

If you search ADHD Diet you will find tons of articles on how to adjust food for someone with ADHD. Good Luck!

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Daniel asks…

Will I definitely lose weight on any ADHD medication?

Do all adult ADHD medications act as an appetite suppressant or is it just Ritalin and Adderall. I’ve been diagnosed recently and I’m happy with my body/weight I’m trying to find a medication that won’t make me lose.

admin answers:

My way of losing weight is priceless and more practical. It will save energy, time and most of all, medical bills. Simply drink 12-15 glasses of water each day PLUS 1/2 glass of lukewarm milk before going to bed to make your bones and teeth healthy and strong. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE, TEA, LIQUOR, CHOCOLATE AND SOFTDRINKS. Eat your regular meals. Eat only fruits and vegetables. DO NOT EAT SPICY, FATTY, SWEET, JUNK FOOD AND SALTY FOOD. Do 20 sit ups every morning to make your muscles firm. Try these for 3 months.

I lose weight in 3 months from 75 kilos to 62 kilos. I am on my 5th year now and am maintaining my weigth from 56 kilos to 58 kilos. So, as I have mentione, try these in 3 months.

Have a nice day and GOD BLESS 🙂

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