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Question?: Adhd Test

Mandy asks…

Does AD-HD get passed down generation to generation or can it just happen?

I just took a adhd test like thing, and so far im getting tested positive, does adhd just get passed down from generation to generation, or can it just happen like oh look you have adhd but not alot of people in your family have it.

admin answers:

Well, It depends. If people in your family have ADD or ADHD, you are more likely to get it.

My grandfather has ADD, my dad has ADHD, and I have ADHD.

ADHD is a mental issue, you can’t just tell by looking at a person that they have it.

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Question?: Adhd Lyrics

Maria asks…

i cant study as i cant stop listening to songs?

i am studying in 11th grade, and i really need to study hard this time of the year…..and i am a good learner too but nowadays i just can’t stop myself. i am not able to study. i mean i dont play the whole day, i listen to songs, every type of song, and i cant stop listening to them
every time i sit down to study i hum those songs and hence am unable to concentrate as i do that on the lyrics….what do i do?

admin answers:

Try turning the music off and sitting quietly for 30 mins. Or so! See if your mind quiets down first. Or you could try playing classical music at a low level while you study. Something with out words, and down low almost to the point you can’t hear it. Like just background noise. If that doesn’t help, check out ADD/ADHD!!! Good Luck!!! Happy New Year’s

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Question?: Adhd Medications

Charles asks…

Does adhd medication shift your cause of distraction to love?

Since hyperactivity is caused by being too sensitive to what you see and hear, fidgeting etc. does adhd medication make you more distracted by cuddly pets puppies children? Since they are same class drugs as ecstasy (love drug making you want to hug everyone)
Since they are stimulant could they have same effect as caffeine which helps me sleep?

admin answers:

There is NO drug for ADD or ADHD that is even safe! It is only used to get lots of money illegally into doctors pockets and drug companies. “under the table”
Hyperactive is Nothing close to ADD. It means the child is un able to sit still for long and runs a lot! Often with bad tempers. ALL it takes to get it under control is ones decision to want to be under control! Once one decided to and uses the effort, their hyperactivity and tempers are soon all gone! It is a temporary condition!
ADD is a permanent condition. No drug can help ADD! Everyone who really has ADD has three major symptoms! 1. The problem of keeping ones attention. Deep breathing in just the right pattern, and fast will temporary stop it for 12 hours! 2. Everyone that has it is a terrible speller! 3. Ones memories only remember the “strange and unusual”! Unless being tutored!
If you do not have ALL three of these, your do not have ADD. IF you are not as I described for Hyperactive, you do Not have it!
Nobody can have” ADHD” because it si a fake condition dreamed up for $$$$$$ by drug companies! You Research news! It was dreamed up about 1980. Before they dreamed it up, those two condition are never slightly even compared!

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Question?: Adhd

Mary asks…

What are some things that I can do to deal with ADHD during the summer?

I just found out at the end of last school (university) year that I have ADHD. I’m not taking classes now and am working on my parents farm for the summer. I am especially concerned with my social troubles, but do not have any access to social situations here (REALLY small town and all the people my age are gone for summer — plus I’ve never really had any friends to start with). What are some things that I can do now to make next year better?

admin answers:

There are tons of ways to practice social skills over the summer, even if you are in a relatively isolated area. One good way to do so is to by joining an online group or playing an online role-playing game. It may sound weird, but even this “virtual” interaction can help you practice conversation skills and other social strategies.

Here are some great articles about other things you can do:



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Question?: What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

John asks…

Can anyone reccomend a reliable, available and personable practitoner of biomedical treatment for Autism?

I work with a lot of families who are interested in pursuing biomedical treatments for their children with Autism Spectrum Disorders as part of their treatment/intervention/support plan. Until there is more comprehensive, peer reviewed research I am not comfortable with making reccomendations myself either for or against biomed options. However, should parents/carers/people with ASD ask for referrals, I would like to get an idea of who in Australia comes most highly reccomended.

admin answers:

Associate Professor Verity Bottroff (PhD) from Flinders University Adelaide:

Head of the Department of Disability Studies, School of Medicine, Flinders University, Australia. Coordinator of undergraduate & post-graduate courses (internal & external) in autism spectrum disorders. Vice-President of Autism SA & Chairperson of the Professional Committee of Autism Council Australia.

The Pfeiffer Treatment Center Melbourne are pioneers in reducing the symptoms of behavioral and learning disorders – including ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders

Some of the latest research into Autism has shown that there are 2 main subcategories of autistic children. These are over-methylators or under-methylators. Determination of which category the child is in allows more specific treatment for that individual. This can easily be determined through specialist metabolic testing. Therapy can then be individualised for the patient.

For an appointment, please phone Mark on: 0417 831 055.

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Question?: Adhd In Children

William asks…

What’s the difference between a strong willed child and an add/adhd child?

My friend told me that some parents give their strong willed kids add/adhd meds even though the doctor never diagnosed them with add/adhd.

So what’s the difference between a strong willed child and an add/adhd child?
Well then how does a child who doesn’t have add get the doctor to say he/she has add? does the parents LIE about the symptoms?

admin answers:

If a strong willed child finds an activity he likes he can pay attention to it

a n adhd kid will often still have difficulty paying attention and focusing even if its an activity he loves doing

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Question?: Adhd Diet

Sandy asks…

What is the best way to treat ADD/ADHD Diet or drugs?

My son was recently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD a combination of both. After researching the medication his doctor prescribed for him, I decided not to give the medication to to my son. The side effect of the drug could damage his heart in the long run.

admin answers:

Diet definitely, there are many cases of medication for ADD/ADHD causing other conditions. Drugs don’t create a healing environment in the body, natural foods and herbs do. Consult a naturopath and read Patrick Holford. When I was in school there were no kids with ADD or ADHD.
I think it is being over-diagnosed, either out of laziness or to sell drugs. Doctors are given incentives by pharmaceutical companies to sell their products.

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Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers – Autism Symptoms For Children

Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers

Understanding chosen of the Autism Symptoms for children will help to supply appropriate intervention as fast as possible. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder which reportedly effects up to 1 in 150 toddlers. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized as a spectrum disorder while the concentrations of the disorder can vary dramatically. Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers

ASD presents in the forms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Aspergers and critical Autism. To date there is no known cure of Autism, with research continuing there are suggestions that genetic pre curses to the disorder may exist. Early diagnosis and intervention offers the best outcome for the child. Parents who are concerned that their child may have signs of the disorder should seek a diagnosis as early as possible.

It can be very difficult for parents of babies and toddlers to see the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as they are still developing but there are some definite early warning signs that parents can look out for. Signs of ADD and ADHD are a little more obvious for parents to detect. Children suffering from ADD and ADHD often have very short attention spans, are extremely over active the majority of the time and very difficult to feed. Their world just seems to have too much in it and not enough time to see and touch it all. Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers

If you are recognizing these early warning signs of ADD or ADHD in your child one thing that may be considered is their diet. There is much research to suggest that children with ADD and ADHD can be affected greatly by the foods that they consume. Chemical additives in the food and drinks they consume can have a dramatic effect on their disposition.

Not to be confused with a sugar high, some additives in foods can exacerbate their agitated and uncontrollable restlessness. Eliminating these chemicals from the diet and replacing them with fresh foods and natural alternatives will go a long way to helping toddlers control their behavior. Within the spectrum is Autism itself, this condition has no known cure and can affect a child dramatically for the rest of their life. Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers

This severity of this condition varies from very mild to severe. Some of the obvious warning signs for Autism include; your child not responding to his or her name, your child not responding to a smile with a smile, and an inability to be comforted with physical affection. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers program now!

Symptoms Of Autism Toddlers is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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