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Early Diagnosis Of Autism – Identify Autistic Signs at an Early Age

Early Diagnosis Of Autism

No parent wants to contemplate who their child may be having from autism, a devastating developmental disorder that is prepared to effect a good deal more than one in 150 children in the United States. The affliction is knew to affect children from birth or the very principally few months of life, and primarily results in an abnormal development in the districts of slang and communication, activities, and social interaction. Early Diagnosis Of Autism

Whilst there is no cure for autism, there are very various different therapies and regulations available to godsend mitigate its effects; early diagnosis is very important. As it is often very difficult for parents to analyze the intricate behaviors of their newborn child, it is also extremely difficult to determine whether the child is autistic or not.

As all elements of behavior are immature in young babies, including the ability to communicate, to form relationships and to participate in general day-to-day activities, it can take time to identify deviations from the norm. There are also a wide variety of symptoms, other factors and possibly other illnesses present, further complicating the ability to diagnose. Sadly, if autism is present in children with above-average mental ability, unusual behavior or related abnormalities may be dismissed. Early Diagnosis Of Autism

Whilst there is no absolute cure for autism, its cause also remains unknown. Most experts believe that prenatal damage to the brain is the most likely culprit. Some believe that the condition is not present at birth, whilst others believe that it can be caused by external factors, such as the introduction of chemicals during routine vaccinations, for example. The importance of early identification cannot be over-stressed.

Should behaviors deviate far from the normal pattern of development, treatment and adjustment may be difficult. The child can resist any efforts to change behavior. It is rather unusual to achieve a diagnosis of autism before the age of two years. Thus, many experts are calling for specialist training to be given to primary care workers and family doctors, to enable them to recognize signs at the earliest possible age. Parents, especially those with no other children, do not know what to expect and can often not judge whether or not the baby is developing “normally”.

Studies suggest that there could be two distinct types of autistic infant. On the one hand, there is a very quiet and undemanding child and on the other hand a very troubled baby who cannot be pacified and exhibits tantrums and behavior outbursts. The child may show aggression, anger, or may kick or hit others or animals. Early Diagnosis Of Autism

Other behaviors may be displayed, such as banging heads, constantly rocking back and forth, or scratching at blankets. The child may be fascinated by shiny objects yet appear to be disinterested in the majority of regular stimulants – objects or people. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Early Diagnosis Of Autism program now!

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Facts On Autism – Basic Facts You Need To Know About This Condition

Facts On Autism

They say ignorance is bliss, but I beg to differ. They say what you don’t know cannot kill you, but I insist that what people do not know is killing thousands of human beings all over the world today. Ignorance about autism disorder is surely not bliss and can cause more harm than good.

There isn’t that much in fact that is known about autism today, except that we don’t know precisely what causes the developmental disorder, or how it can be cured. But we do know that the disease itself is not characteristically a killer disease. Except for Rett’s syndrome, a kind of low functioning pervasive developmental disorder on the autism spectrum, which sometimes kills the female patients suffering from it due to respiratory complications, autism generally does not kill. Facts On Autism

However, living in a shell of your own, unable to communicate with the entire world, and being unable to be communicated with is a fate that I would personally consider to be worse than death.

Autism development disorder strips you of your ability to learn, to communicate, to make friends, or grow in any manner besides physically. Those who are suffering from it do not know how bad their condition is, but they have to live with it. However, the condition is perhaps worse for the loved ones and family members of autistic patients. They have to live with the sufferers and clean up after them when they mess things up, not that this happens very often.

There are treatments and medications for this condition. However, since no treatment or therapy can really provide an absolute cure on the condition, a combination of procedures can really help to deal with the situation. Facts On Autism

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