Sign Of Autism In Toddlers – 4 Easy Tips To Effectively Deal With Early Signs Of Autism

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Sign Of Autism In Toddlers

There are 4 easy tips to consider in the beginning about dealing with early signs of Autism. These are things many times parents of adult children with Autism do not think to talk about with younger parents. These tips can help parents with the confidence they need early on.

1. If you have older children you have children you can make comparisons between them. Yes I know everyone told me not to compare my children too. While that is true on many levels this is a little different situation. You are using your gut instincts to judge if there is a problem that needs further investigation. Sign Of Autism In Toddlers

2. If you do not have older children find some. You can usually find younger children at the fast food play ground or Mother’s Day Out programs. Ask relatives with children a little older what they think.

3. Even though all children develop differently it can give you a rough idea of what should be going on. Now and later in you and your child’s life you will want to know older children with and without Autism.

4. Make a list of the similarities and differences. This list will come in handy. Parents will be able to use it with doctors and therapist and even with the early intervention system in their state. You will want to update your list every 6 months or every year. Years from now you will want to keep a record of what was happening during this time. Sometimes it is hard to see how far we have come if we don’t keep a written record. Sign Of Autism In Toddlers

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