Question?: What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Laura asks…

How will Asperger syndrome and PDD be Diagnosed in the future once the definition is Changed?

I heard that instead of 3 being diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (aspergers syndrome), PDD-NOS and Autistic disorder there will only be one type
but, what if the child have mild symptoms of Autism just like Aspergers, how will they be diagnosed? How will Aspergers syndrome and PDD-NOS be diagnosed differently under the dsm-5 if they have symptoms of an autism Spectrum disorder?

admin answers:

The proposal would have 3 levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The mildest level would probably include many people with PDD-NOS and Aspergers Syndrome. The moderate level and more severe level would probably be more classic autism. The different levels would refer to the amount of support needed at school, at home, or in the community.

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