Question?: Treatment For Autism 2012

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David asks…

Remember when Jenny McCarthy said her son had autism? She was lying!?

In 2010, Wakefield’s medical license was, thankfully, revoked. Later the same year, McCarthy came forward with the claim that her son was cured of autism as a result of treatments including aromatherapy, electromagnets, vitamins, a gluten-free diet and other such silliness. In truth, her son never had autism in the first place. He was simply misdiagnosed and is now a healthy 8-year-old kid, albeit with a dishonest dope for a mother.


admin answers:

But,but,but she said immunizations caused it,,,urrrrg now I confused.

If I can’t rely on an actress and her comedian husband for complex medical advice what I posed to do ?

Oh look Suzanne Sommers says she can cure me…..

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