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Joseph asks…

Is autism genetic? I just saw it on the news.?

I just saw a blip on the news that the most recent study has revealed that it is a genetic disease. The scientists are happy because now they can work on a medicine to cure it? Please tell me if this is true.

admin answers:

I think you may be talking about the study on Rett Syndrome which is in the autistic spectrum. RS was found to be genetic in ’99 and there is actually a genetic test for it (my daughter has RS). It is believed that autism is genetic because of its similarities to RS and that it tends to run in families. Yes, a “cure” is possible and RS symptoms have been reversed in mice in this study. You can’t reverse the gene, but you can reverse symptoms with treatment…at least in mice. Its still probably many years before RS becomes treatable and even farther out for autism because they still have not find the gene that causes it yet.

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