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Linda asks…

is there a car disability company in ireland that’s lets u pay monthly,my little girl has retts syndrome?

i have been told that i do need a disabilty car with ramps,so her wheelchair can go in the back but no-one tells you where you are supposed to get the money from,im a single mother to 4 kids and on benefits so there is no way i could get a loan.

admin answers:

Ask the Wheelchair Association in your area
or phone the headquarters in Clontarf, Dublin Tel: 01 8186 400

My brother in law is in a wheelchair and advises that there are grants available, and you (the driver) may get more than the disabled person herself. The Wheelchair Association no longer gives out loans but they will have good info about your entitlements.

From my own experience, I can recommend credit union for a loan. They are firmly on the side of members, and not just out to fleece you like many other financial places. You can have up to 5 years to repay the loan, and they try to match repayments with what you can afford to pay without hardship. There are credit unions all over Ireland – find your nearest one, and ask about the benefits of membership.

If your little girl (or her brothers and sisters) are at school, ask there for help to organise a fund-raising function to help provide this needed car. Irish people are great about supporting needy causes, and helping someone close to home in her own community should get a positive response. The Wheelchair Association do fund-raising too, and may either help in some way or give you ideas that you can use to fund-raise.

Good luck !!!

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